In the News Today More Reminders we live in a Toxic World and how this has implications for Your Baby, even before you are pregnant!

There is no two ways about it, we sadly live in a terribly toxic world. Scanning the research that came into my inbox today is a chilling reminder of how seriously the state of our world is harming not only our health but that of the unborn next generation.


Excellent book

Here are a few article headlines and their links.



The devil is in the diagnosis

I lately have begun to wonder if one of the biggest flaws in medicine is that it gives us a diagnosis for our symptoms. We then have something real, to believe in, and build around. Once we have a diagnosis it is much harder to undo it; unless you are one of the fortunate ones that believes in the power to heal and turn it all around.

This concept hit me hard while visiting my parents and catching the end of Greys Anatomy


The scene was unfolding where a lady was



Be thoughtful, it is often all the difference

Life has a way of getting busy; people, stuff to do, commitments, places to go, work to be done, deadlines, cleaning, you know the drill.

However it is important to let go of the sense of self-importance that comes with all this rushing around and to just be mindful and aware of what is around us. Sometimes those closest to us are hurting, they are lonely, afraid, or need someone to talk to. If we are too busy, we cannot see.

sad eyes

Very often illness and symptoms are the result of



From ‘There’ to ‘Here”

By Andrea Cullen
Nutritional Therapist, Pharmacist and Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

On Sunday, May 2nd, I spoke at an event hosted here in Castletroy, Limerick; Irelands first water solutions event where we discussed water, fluoride issues, electrolysed reduced water for human and veterinary use, and also water filtration systems as used by NASA to remove all common toxins, bacteria and chemicals from drinking water.

I was absolutely honoured to share the podium with Dr Peggy Parker, Naturopath and Biological doctor; Dr Tim Crowe, one of THE most qualified veterinarians in the USA; and Michael Pederson water filtration specialist and founder of Aquaspace water filters.
We had a packed room in the sunny Castletroy Carlton hotel; and once the nerves flew off me I thoroughly enjoyed my presentation. This is the link describing the line-up for the day:

My goal was not to stand up and tell everyone to drink Kangen water; for a start I am not an expert in Kangen. My goal was to stand in front of everyone and speak from my heart with a metaphorical pair of jump leads to get everyone going within to find their own answers about how to heal themselves and protect the health of their loved ones. So I did just that, microphone in shaky hand I spoke from the heart; and I have learnt one thing lately; when you speak from the heart, everything changes!


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Endurance Race and Triathlon Preparation E-Book
Endurance and Triathlon Cycling

Endurance Race and Triathlon Preparation E-Book

Finally, after weeks of saying it is almost done, I have finished my e-book titled ‘The Definitive Guide to Endurance Race & Triathlon Preparation”.

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This comprehensive e-book weighs in at 53 pages, I am very happy with how it looks and it is jammers with helpful tips and practical advice covering different strategies, all about which carbohydrates, proteins and fats to choose all the while keeping the diet gluten-free and healthy; no trash, junk, sugars, etc. This diet is as close to Paleo/ Traditional as a pre-race strategy will permit.



Andrea Cullen – Depression and psychological healing

Thanks so much to Keegan for highlighting my comments. Depression, mood problems, anxiety, sensitivity, and feeling lost are emotions that are close to my heart. As a sensitive I feel what is going on for my patients, it goes right through me. This is not always easy to feel, this however is so very important to me gaining true empathy. Some day i will write more about my journey and how this can be of help to others, and help you feel that you are not alone. Your aren’t. For the moment i will say folks, sit with the emotions as they come up, it may be too intense for you alone so then ask for help. Ask your body and emotions what is trying to come up for healing? What are you being told?


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Rants on Vitamin D :-)

April 2013

Dear Dr. XXX

I am writing to follow-up on your phone call this week to me as I am deeply upset by the tone of the whole phone call and how it ended. It is not in my nature to hang up however you were bordering on abusive to me on the call and I could see no point in listening to this. I apologise for my termination of the call and if this upset your day; this was not my intent. I do not allow my clients to permit people to speak to them this way, nor do I feel I should be subject to this either. Nor should I do similar to you and we were both going nowhere fast! Saying this, I do understand from where you are coming from, and I would like to explain more about me, my qualifications and my approach. We both have the same issue at heart; that of patient care, research driven advice, and the importance of CPD and qualifications. So yes I understand where you were coming from and perhaps we both could have handled the call better.

I take offence but absolutely understand your remarks about my


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