Unfortunately due to Brexit changes (early 2021) this service is for now unavailable to Irish residents. I have reached out to Forth and they are looking at ways to once more provide this service in the coming year. I will keep you posted with any updates. This leaves us with our local GP services, a few limited direct to consumer options here in Ireland, and the specialist providers that I am connected to as listed under services.


Blood testing services – straight to your door

Phone app

The Forth Life app will display all of your biomarker results in an easy-to-understand visual format.

You’ll get tips from the Forth team of health experts on your app (as well as from me) on how to improve any out of range results, together with simple information on each biomarker, how it influences your health and a clear understanding of where you fall on the range.

Gain deep insights
into your health

Starting with a small sample of blood, Forth gives you an understanding of your body’s key internal biomarkers for good health. With scientific blood testing at accredited labs, tips from our expert team of healthcare professionals, together with the world’s leading results dashboard – our private blood testing will give you a deep understanding of your body, helping you to identify the areas you need to improve before they become problems.

Home delivery kit

Home delivery kit with finger prick testing saves you the hassle of going to the doctor, allows me to recommend specialist tests that can often be met with a negative sigh at the doctors office and allows you to be in control of your tests and results with their helpful app and live tracking.

I have created a list of the tests which I feel are best on the page linked below; and will meet your needs whether you are a patient struggling with health challenges, someone clued in regarding the importance of health checking or an athlete training in endurance, strength or HIIT training. Neat eh?

Specialist athlete testing from Forthedge

I have also teamed up with FORTHEDGE to provide a comprehensive list of athlete and performance specific tests all on the same platform page as linked here.

These tests provide invaluable information to the hard training athlete. I encourage all athletes to at least test yearly if not 6-monthly to keep on top of recovery, performance, your immune system, red cell markers, inflammation and more.

This is something that I learned a lot about while working with the high-performance Irish track and field athletes and the specialist testing services provided to them. To this I added my own knowledge of more comprehensive testing to cover more than just red cell and white cell markers.

The details….

I am delighted to partner with Forth, an innovative biomarker tracking service which helps you navigate your way to better health using simple at-home finger-prick blood tests.

If you follow this link it will take you straight to a special page that I have created with Forth that lists the best of their tests in my opinion to cover the needs of all the clients that I see, hence creating more simplicity for you when choosing a test.

Why Test? What it says on the tin…..

Life can be hectic and we try to make the right decisions about our health. However, it’s not always easy to know if and to what extent the actions we take are helping to improve our health & wellbeing. Forth’s at-home blood tests gives you insight into your internal health, by measuring your body’s key biomarkers for good health. We’re are all unique and what works for some may not work so well for others. By measuring your biomarkers you can discover what areas need most attention and track what lifestyle and nutrition changes work best for you.

[Fortheedge provides even more specific biomarkers for the endurance, strength or mixed sports (HIIT) athlete]

Gaining this powerful insight about your health is fast, simple and convenient. Order a health check kit online, then collect your blood sample at home and post it to Forth’s accredited lab. Your results will be reviewed by a healthcare professional and made available within days on your own personal biometric dashboard. Forth’s industry leading dashboard uses user-friendly graphics and simple descriptions to help you understand the areas that needs improvement together with hints & tips on how to improve your numbers.

So there you have it, home testing for a range of blood markers to give us a broad view on your health, and insight into your nutrition and training.

It would be my pleasure to cast my expert eye on these tests for you also should you wish. I have been reading blood tests from a high performance and a health perspective since 2004. There are a lot of clues in the specifics that can provide a wealth of functional and nutritional insights to inform future health, diet, and training decisions.

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