Can I support my health during Sars-Coronavirus pandemic?

Can I support my health during Sars-Coronavirus pandemic?

YES. There has never been a better time to step up your diet, life balance, mental skills and connection to your intuition and spirit.

Things are different right now as the world deals with COVID-19 and the sars-cov-2 virus.

Although we are being asked to social distance currently, I am still here to support you in health, mind and spirit.

Consultations by Skype are available.

I understand anxiety, fear, and overwhelm very well as have danced with them in my past; as universal wisdom would have it this puts me in a place of calm and peace with all the challenges rolling at us all right now.

However, I also sense the world as an intuitive empath. I am not immune to what the world is feeling right now. I can help you develop your skills to improve how you navigate these feelings and teach you ways to release these emotions from your body.

Diagnostic testing services, health advice, athlete training advice and chronic complex health assessments are all still available.

My areas of expertise are: * gastrointestinal health * chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia * health challenges resulting from adverse life experiences and trauma * energy healing support for pregnant mothers; to connect you to your baby * fatigue and over training syndrome in athletes * athlete nutrition and training support * autoimmune, neuro-degenerative, TBI support * empath and highly sensitive person support.

If anything, our current challenges present us with the opportunity to asses our lifestyle, diets, health, dreams and goals.

We are being shown the way by this virus; take a moment to think of the weak spots in your health and daily stress/ lifestyle.

If I can be of any assistance please do reach out. Don’t ignore this opportunity if your gut instinct is nudging you.

Appointments are available through or email me on

Supportive chats at no cost are available if you need to talk to someone and seek emotional or spirit support and are financially under pressure.

Take care and much love and light.

We will get through.


The clinic is still open; by Skype

I am still working to support clients and colleagues in health, mind and spirit as we navigate the unknown challenges that our current world pandemic presents.

There is never a better time than right now to take a step back and audit your health, diet, lifestyle, goals and dreams.

A healthy immune system deals with a virus better.

Health in mind and body builds a resilient mind and body; it is as simple as that when you take it back to basics.

Research shows us that health, diet, appropriate exercise and positive mindset is linked with immunity, balanced inflammatory responses, appropriate antioxidant balance, optimal cell, tissue and organ function and what we would also describe as a healthy gut.

That healthy gut comment is important; a healthy gut (diversity and abundance of health supportive symbiotic organisms) is linked with appropriate immune system function, and better immunity to viral infection in the lungs interestingly.

And yet when it comes to our health, it is also complex and challenging to know where to start and how to continue, especially if you have health challenges, energy problems, and emotions driving food choices.

We also face challenges with having to stay at home more. I have been adding helpful tips to my instagram channel

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New York, asthma, over training and being your bare-faced self. Today I am reporting from the floor beside my bicycle 🤣🚴‍♀️ after a nice little yoga stretch and then Zwift 💪 although I am not sure that this training in the right order 🤔. The frenzy after the calm. So topics today. 🌍 Hold New York in your heart. 👩‍⚕️ Easy tips to support asthma. This is just an off the cuff discussion on the surface if you need help please ask. In brief work on the gut if there are issues, feed the gut, add in polyphenols rich foods, probiotic foods and prebiotic foods. Vitamin E and omega 3 (rich foods) will be helpful now also (I forgot to mention that one). Remove any allergy provoking foods and clean up the diet with a focus on natural foods. Check that the house doesnt have mould or dust or any air borne irritants. Consider vitamin D and vitamin A. Cod liver oil is a great one to achieve omega 3, D and A. 🏃‍♂️🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🤸‍♀️ athletes now is not the time to over train. Pay heed to what some athletes that have come through or are coming through covid19 are saying. This isnt just a flu for the elderly. It has young people floored too. 😇 Shine your truth…time for us to be ourselves and not feel pressured into air brushed nonsense. love you all. Any questions please ask and I will address them. Andrea x #asthma #functionalmedicineclinic #achealthsolutions #andreacullenhealthsolutions #peakperformance #triathlete #athletesupport #sportsnutritionist #sarscov2 #coronavirus #covid19 #healyourbody #findtheopportunity

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Health is more than just immune resilience; it is linked with happiness, mental health and even our financial well-being.

So yes, I am still here operating the clinic and supporting peoples health, albeit by distance.

Do you have health, diet or lifestyle weakspots?

Have a think about this; is there anything that must change? NOW.

The Sars-cov-2 virus is showing us some truths about our health, lifestyle and emotional resilience. The tough truth!

Is your soul confused? Are your emotions overwhelmed?

Lets face it, is is all rather confusing and overwhelming right now.

It is also a fantastic time to start learning new skills, to develop techniques to listen to the messages than run deeper, to embrace looking further than the surface and to know when to shut off and go within.

If you would like a good ear and a kind soul to talk it through with please reach out. I have a bit of a knack of hearing what it is your soul wants to speak and from here helping you to start shining your own light. My work as an intuitive also helps me to know the strategies that will work best for you.

We are all in this together….

There is a role for each and all of us; if you would like support please reach out. The bravest thing, is to take those first few steps…. it gets easier after that.

Sometimes we have to leap over a few personal hurdles, to enable us to be there for others.

Being there for others makes a difference far more than you will ever realise… for the world… for us all.

Love, Andrea

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