Andrea Cullen – Depression and psychological healing

Thanks so much to Keegan for highlighting my comments. Depression, mood problems, anxiety, sensitivity, and feeling lost are emotions that are close to my heart. As a sensitive I feel what is going on for my patients, it goes right through me. This is not always easy to feel, this however is so very important to me gaining true empathy. Some day i will write more about my journey and how this can be of help to others, and help you feel that you are not alone. Your aren’t. For the moment i will say folks, sit with the emotions as they come up, it may be too intense for you alone so then ask for help. Ask your body and emotions what is trying to come up for healing? What are you being told?

Emotional health may be imbalanced for many reasons: nutritional deficiencies (macro and micro): poor diet: meal skipping: stress: functional imbalances (e.g. thyroid, inflammation, gastrointestinal problems, liver congestion, oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage); biomechanical imbalances and pain; viruses, parasites and infections; environmental toxicity (e.g. toxic heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, food additives); medication side effects; life circumstances: people around us; and traumas. Never discount the power of a trauma as a source of dis-ease. This trauma may be in your present, recent or distant past, even a birth trauma or a past life trauma is highly significant (yes my work and life has thrown me several curve balls to lead me to not doubt this). And although the incident may seem small and insignificant the power it has when it triggers a cellular memory can not be discredited. What happens then is that you really start to feel like you are losing a handle on it all, and shut it all off feeling like no one will understand. The right people will. A problem shared truly is a problem solved. If we hold it, we literally hold it. But it will be present and affect us somehow; it may appear as anxiety, insomnia, anger, fear, fatigue, depression, over-eating, under-eating, over-exercise, gastro-problems, throat infections, itchy skin; somehow it will try to get your attention. Trust yourself, follow the path to healing that feels right, go gently it is a learning journey, and in the meantime know that there are people like me and other amazing therapists to help. I have not touched on all the possible underlying factors for feeling ‘low’ or mental health problems, these are a few less obvious but very deep and powerful ones. love xx


My parents have been there every step of my journey; family has taught me the biggest lessons in life. The power of love, connectedness, gratitude, and forgiveness; love knows no limits (thankfully 🙂 ).





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