Be thoughtful, it is often all the difference

Life has a way of getting busy; people, stuff to do, commitments, places to go, work to be done, deadlines, cleaning, you know the drill.

However it is important to let go of the sense of self-importance that comes with all this rushing around and to just be mindful and aware of what is around us. Sometimes those closest to us are hurting, they are lonely, afraid, or need someone to talk to. If we are too busy, we cannot see.

sad eyes

Very often illness and symptoms are the result of

emotional stress and being able to talk it out can be so very helpful to remove the physical pain which most often is an emotional pain. Children can be so very grown up in their needs too, yet find it very hard to locate the words to verbalise how they are feeling.

Make quiet space for the people in your life that you love. Before I nod off to sleep every night I think about all the things I am grateful for in life, and my friends and family are the people who I hold most dear to me; they are always in my thoughts and i send healing thoughts and grateful thanks into the universe for them. I don’t remember the designer jeans, flash cars, expensive handbags or cute shoes (well maybe a little!), I remember the thoughtful gestures, the hug when I needed one, the laughter, the joke; and most of all I give thanks for their time. Time is our most precious commodity and when someone chooses to share their time with you it is the greatest gift.


Time too is the most precious thing i can offer my clients.


I saw the other side of ill-health back in 2008; I know only too well what it feels like when nobody listens and most certainly nobody cared.

I care


Love and light


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