I am utterly overwhelmed and grateful for the feedback people give me. These words are not about how good I am, but how can I also help you. So whether you wish to improve your health, change your lifestyle, learn more about yourself or take your sports performance into new territory; maybe I can help you also…..
So if anything these testimonials are inspirational stories about the hard work clients put in to achieve the changes that they speak about here. I was just the messenger.

My clients are my greatest teachers.

It would be remiss of me to not mentioned my first athlete clients and the ones that paved the way for me as a therapist working in the arena of sports nutrition; I am eternally grateful to Ger Hartmann and Sonia O’Sullivan for their trust in my abilities and for them opening doors for me and sending referrals my way.

I am grateful to every athlete for their trust in me, as well as sports organisations such as Munster Rugby and Athletics Ireland. If you read on you will learn of some of the amazing talents and insporational people that I have been blessed to work with and whom now give back themselves in the world of health and sport.

I have mixed up the testimonials that follow with stories from clients struggling with serious health complaints as well as athletes with stories of performance success.

Change is always possible it just depends on how bad you want it, how hard you are prepared to work at it, and how much you believe in yourself….


Hi Andrea,
Thank you so soooo much for all your time, research and sympathetic listening to Ais.
We have spent years going from consultant to consultant but had never gotten to the bottom of her issues. Indeed, we’d got to a point where I felt they thought we were making the pains up or imagining them.

You however had a totally different approach accepting that she was indeed suffering from something and that with time and patience we would unravel it. Finding out she was gluten intolerant will serve her well for the rest of her life and knowing she had gut dysbiosis was important to building up her immune system and digestion. But the arsenic poisoning is something I think few other medical people would even have thought of testing for.

To see my daughter returning to being a “normal” teenager (i.e. tired after a day’s college and activity rather than exhausted from a day unable to do anything) is something I was beginning to fear I would never again see.
So thank you so much for everything, the talks, tests, herbs, tests, empathy, advice etc We can never thank you enough for giving Ais her life back.

I am more than happy to share this testimonial or take a call from anyone interested in seeing you. M

Fiona Doyle Olympian. Multi-medalist at World University games. Coach. Medical student

“Healthy eating is probably one of the most important things in swimming. I would rank it just as important as training itself. If you are not eating right it can effect how well you train but also how well you recover. I know we all hear about how important it all is, but most of us take it on the chin and say ‘well I can still do well without it’. However, from personal experience I can tell you how wrong you are.
Healthy eating especially during hard training periods can boost your energy levels but also your general health and can help prevent you from getting sick during this period. Since improving my diet the intensity at which I can train has increased and I have become less tired as the week progresses.”

I meet Andrea through a friend who going to see her. I am adventure racer and always struggled to gain muscle, I also want to be a little lighter for TransAlp MTB Race. Not asking for much! Also for my long adventure races like 24 – 60 hours some help with food etc would be great.

I stayed going to Andrea for nearly 5 months and in that time she helped and supported me. She explained to me a lot about food when to eat and not to, making good choices. For sure her help over those months really help all round with the Beast, and TransAlp which is a 7-day stage race. My food intake was bang on for all this and I felt it help with my recovery also. Not only was Andrea there to help with food but it was also like a sports counselling session, also the mix of herbs was amazing.

I can’t thank Andrea enough for all her help and time. We met all my goals, which was so important. Being an athlete herself she knew how important all the racing was to me. I have to say she helped me race hard and leave it all out there, been a shoulder to lean on and helped me achieve all my goals. You rock girl. Lorraine

“Andrea Cullen is one of those rare people that you meet and instinctively know, ‘this person can change the world.’ Her passion and knowledge in health are equally rare and I look forward to learning more from her in years to come.”

Keegan Smith owner of RealMVMT (check it out!).

Andrea’s course of action as a Nutritional Therapist is so much more than that normally encompasses.
Andrea adopts a practical style to the physical aspects, coupled with her open and knowledgeable approach to the many other aspects that make us sick.
This combined with her intuition, compassion and professionalism plus having her extensive knowledge at her finger tips meant I got a whole and comprehensive treatment in my sessions with Andrea.

E.G post covid patient.

Ailbhe Carroll – Triathlete

I booked an appointment with Andrea after 17 months of not knowing what was going on with my body.

I had been to hell and back not knowing why my body wasn’t responding to anything. How could I be in such a calorie deficit, and not losing any weight but gaining it? How am I the weight I am when I train 18-20 hours a week? Nothing made sense. Nothing added up.

Andrea took the time to listen to me. We dived back into my history. Andrea ran a series of tests on me and within a matter of weeks, once the results came back, we had answers.

I cannot speak highly enough of Andrea and her work. She leaves no stone unturned and gives you the time and individual support that you need.

After providing me with a ‘rehab programme’ for my gut health and body, I am feeling on top of the world. I cannot say thank you enough. Andrea is an absolute rock star and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Andrea 🙂

Please also read here: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1003382843444390&id=714933785622632&__tn__=K-R 

A client reminder!

By the time of my first consultation with Andrea I had been off work for over 12 months with was initially classified as Glandular Fever and then later as Post Viral Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue. Over that time I tried many different therapies ranging from Acupuncture and Homeopathy to BioResonace Screening and even Faith Healing!

While some of these therapies were beneficial, my energy levels and overall health did not improve as much as I had hoped. In fact my health started to deteriorate even further as those first 12 months drew to a close. So it is fair to say that I was at a real low point when I initially made contact with Andrea. I did my best to remain confident of a full recovery but I had come to the conclusion that it would almost certainly take longer that I had ever envisioned.

It has now less than 9 months out from that first consultation and my health has improved so much more that I would have thought possible in such a relatively short space of time. My energy levels are well on the way back to where they were, I have gained back all the weight I had lost and other things such as my stamina, digestion, clarity and mood have improved and continue to improve week on week. I may not be totally out of the woods yet, but I can certainly see the light!

I feel certain the reason for this dramatic improvement is down to the work I have done with Andrea. Not that it has all been plain sailing, there definitely have been many challenging periods over the past 8 or so months. Especially at the beginning when my body really was very depleted and fatigued. During this time Andrea was always on hand (via email or in person) to advise and offer support.

I have found her approach to be such that at the beginning of our time together she did her utmost to find out as much as she could about me, my life situation and my illness. She did this by sending out an in-depth questionnaire and food diary prior to meeting up. Then after having a lengthy consultation where she set out her initial recommendations, she carried out her own research as well as advising me to undertake specific extra tests (e.g saliva test & stool test). This allowed Andrea to learn as much as possible about what she and I were facing. Which in subsequent reviews aided her in devising a more detailed plan of action that tackled the illness from many different angles. This in turn increased my chances of making a total, and speedy, recovery.

I have come to realise how fortunate I am to have found a Nutritional Therapist whom I respect and trust fully. Furthermore, it became obvious to me from an early point that Andrea is extremely hard working and dedicated and that, perhaps most importantly, she cares deeply for her clients. I have learned so much from her regarding my diet, vitamin and mineral needs and general lifestyle changes that I will keep with me going forward. What’s more I am now confident that when I finish my treatment with Andrea I will be healthier than I been in a long time, even prior to my illness! And at the end of the day that’s as much as I could have ever hoped for! Tom

My experience/testimonial
Having suffered with a number of digestion health issues since childhood, my physical training demands on my body had led to a number of recurring injuries for a number of years, alongside general health problems. Physical therapy alone was not reaching a full recovery level and multiple trips to the doctors was not revealing anything that would explain my constant acid reflux, bloating, queasiness and tiredness, to name a few symptoms.

I was tired of the same old trial-an-error prescription approach, so was introduced to Andrea through my partner. I am still in the early stages of my work with Andrea, but I already feel like I know more about myself and my body than I ever have done. An initial OATS test and information that has been shared between us, has not only focused my treatment on very specific needs my body has, but brought to light a number of psychological ‘blocks’ that have been having an impact on my physical wellbeing.

I am very open to alternative healing and emotional wellbeing. But even then, my initial contact was an unexpectedly strong emotional response for me and it continues to be a very psychological journey. Things I thought I had dealt with long ago, were starting to come to light again and I can now see how this has been having a huge impact on my physical health. Andrea is not only open to this approach and allowing the journey to be guided by my response to it, but her ability to read my needs on a very deep empathic level, has  led to discoveries about my needs that I never would have imagined. 
I feel in the safest hands with Andrea on this journey and being able to work with someone who is both a highly skilled professional in her field and also highly intuitive and eclectic in her approach to healing, I can already see the progress with my health and look forward to continuing both the psychological and physiological elements of my needs. 

Andrea intuitively can guide you through what can feel like a maze of problems, to focus on each stage and unravel your needs as you approach them. For the first time in years, I truly feel on the right path to my overall health and wellbeing.
xx KL

“I began looking at nutrition very seriously when I was 22 with the help of Andrea. It was scary to see how little I knew about such a huge part of my sport.
After one year of gradual change and one year of precise nutrition for sport I saw first hand the benefits. I had gone from a fringe/squad player with Leinster to being nominated for world player of the year. I am now 32, recently signed a two year contract and believe that I am in better shape (mentally and physically) now more than ever.
I cannot emphasize how important nutrition is to my sport. It is the corner stone of everything we do, either in the gym, on the pitch, concentration or recovery which happens everyday.

If we don’t fuel our bodies it cannot perform, if we don’t help our bodies recover from exercise it cannot perform. So what we put in our bodies is so important as it is going to help you to perform on the pitch. For me only the best will do, I train harder than most but I also eat better!!”
Regards Gordon D’Arcy

HI Andrea
I just want to let you know that I had a serious of blood tests taken two weeks ago and got the results of those at the end of last week. I’m very happy to report to you that your recommendation of eliminating gluten from my diet has indeed paid off.

My thyroid seems to have stabilised, my Vit B 12 was normal which is great news so I’m hoping that in the next lot of blood tests this will still be the same so the need for getting Vit B12 injections quarterly will be a thing of the past.
My cholesterol was down two points; it was 8.4 after Christmas but down to 6.8 so going in the right direction. 

And the inflammatory marker that had showed up on my blood tests for the past five years is now in normal range!! All these things that you predicted would happen have happened. And more importantly, I feel very well, a lot more energy than before. My hair has stopped falling out in the quantity it had and patches of eczema that I had above my heels and mid-way to my knees has all cleared up.

I really want to thank you so much for being steering me in the right direction. And I’m so thankful that you were on duty that day in the Pharmacy in Raheen when I was collecting my meds as almost straight away, without a consultation, you had a remedy for my systems that had eluded my own doctor for the past 5 years. I haven’t made any of your referral appointments because I am feeling so good. My bowel movements have normalised and are solid which I can only imagine means that my body is absorbing more nutrients and my flatulence problem is a thing of the past.

So once again Andrea, that you so much for being so insightful and knowledgeable: it’s a pity more Doctors don’t have your thirst for improving their knowledge and your openness to think that illness is not just about the physical but the emotional well-being as well.
Best regards P.

Life changing is how I would summarize my experience with Andrea. I was very fortunate to have found her so early on in my life because she has shown and taught me so much more than I ever imagined possible.

I initially sought her out for nutritional advice which was excellent to say the least. However she ended up completely transforming my life. I was in the midst of a heavy depression when I met her and after only a few sessions I was completely lifted out of it. Andrea is a highly intelligent, highly empathetic human being who uses a multifaceted approach to healing. There is nothing I couldn’t come to her with. From medicines, to herbs, plant essences, and beyond, Andrea simply has an extremely effective and very unique way of guiding, teaching, and healing her clients.

There will never be enough words to convey how highly I think of Andrea and how much I would recommend anyone and everyone to see her. She has wisdom beyond this lifetime and the heart to share it with the world.” LD

For maybe 20 years I have lived with digestive problems which have caused me pain,  discomfort and really affected my life in a horrible way…and it became normal for me… It was only when my skin started to really be problematic (rosacea and acne like I was back in my teens and nothing topical was working for about 2 years) that I decided to do something…

So I went to see Andrea in A-C Health Solutions who after one visit suspected I might have had something in my gut that shouldn’t be there. And after a few simple tests she proved it… I had a parasite in my gut,  for who knows how long… She treated me with a dose of strong antibiotics and a batch of herbal remedies…. 2 months later my skin issues are gone,  and my digestion problems are 95% gone.

This girl knows what she is talking about and she has changed my life so that I am no longer suffering… I feel “normal” again!!!!
Thank you Andrea!!!! TD

I have been working with Andrea for the last 12 months.  When I say “I” I really mean us, the family, as she is the first person I turn to whether it is a question on teenager nutrition, or whether my 9 year old daughter should be a vegetarian. 

I initially wanted to detox to feel better/ sleep better and lose weight, with the cold winter of 2010 I had been unable to exercise and really felt quite down about it, turning to food as a substitute. Andrea devised a 6 week detox to help re–educate my nutritional needs and my attitude towards my food intake. I started with a 10-day gentle cleanse, eliminated all high sugar snacks/ alcohol, and finally got her to agree to me having one cup of good quality coffee a day. I gently increased my exercise from walking to running and included a protein shake which really took getting use to.

Andrea was great at working around my lifestyle, for example, I could not be seen to be substituting meals with the kids, not a very good example, so we put the shake as the mid-day addition, and left my breakfast of porridge on water alone, just adding soft fruits and a milled seed supplement. I worked on eating something small every 3 – 4 hours, and now take a pint glass of water every morning, as well as before my evening meal.

I now also make a pot of green tea every evening and sup on it while making the dinner.
What I mostly took away from Andrea was not so much the removing of items form my diet, but adding, for example, I aimed to have 10 portions of fruit/ veg a day, 5 at least being a green vegetable. I have really enjoyed our nutritional journey together, my husband is planning on running three marathons this year, and has automatically turned to Andrea for his advice, no point have the body ready but the wrong fuel!

I look forward to our road ahead, together. March 2012 JP

I have been involved in athletics for as long as I can remember. At school I was always a speedster, and I joined the local athletic club at a young age. I won my first All-Ireland medal at Age 13 and my first gold medal 2 years later. Upon entering university I had a decision to make…whether to let my athletics become a normal hobby or whether to crank things up a bit and see where it got me. Thankfully I chose the latter and the rest is history! I made the World Junior Championships and the European Senior Championships in 2002 and my eyes were opened to the world of high-performance athletics for the first time. This was a new world, one which I felt like I belonged in.

I won a silver medal at the World Student Games in 2003 and missed Olympic qualification by 0.02 seconds the next year. Looking at the 200m in Athens made me refocus. I was going to do everything I can to avoid a disappointment like that again.

Nutrition was something that I had not fully factored in up to that point. I knew it was important, but I had not realized the difference that it could make. That changed when I met Andrea. The changes I brought to my lifestyle from 2005 onwards were to be just as important as anything I had done in training up to that point. It was as much the mindset as anything else. Here, at last, I had found something that could give me an edge on my competition. The Jamaicans and Americans were more talented than me. However, I knew many of them had poor diets, visiting fast food places and eating at the wrong times. If I was to instill a good diet into my regime, I knew I could close the gap. And so it has been.

Since meeting Andrea in 2005 I have gone on to break the Irish record at every distance from 60m up to 300m. When the next Olympics came around I not only managed to qualify, but came one place from making that historic final where Bolt broke Johnson’s world record.  As I look forward to the European Championships in Barcelona and the 2012 Olympic Games in London, I know that my lifestyle and diet are still the aces up my sleeve. Paul Hession 2010


Matt is the founder of Evolved Health. which provides an elite offering in the field of health and performance. As much as Matt recommends me; I recommend him given his experience, knowledge and education.

In terms of feedback I have had a very positive experience with you and your appointments. You really gave me the right outlook towards diet, exercise, energy, definitions of success, timelines and toughness. You taught me how to support my body through balance, particularly with an approach in which less is more.

The person I was prior to the appointments versus the person I was afterwards were insanely different. I managed to work within my limitations and to some degree gradually abandon those limitations. I learned to remove my self pity and replace it with love for myself. Most importantly you taught me to listen to my body.

Your approach really helped to empower me and care for myself. Particularly when people are trying to deal with unexplained chronic illnesses this can be really important as you are your own doctor in a lot respects at the end of the day. I liked how empathetic you are and the fact that you have also been on journey yourself.In terms of negative aspects none come to mind to be honest.
Thanks, S

“Since starting my journey as an age group triathlete I have worked with and got a lot of support from some key people, for me Andrea is one of them. From the first consultation we had she completely put me at ease and I felt a great sense of trust, professionalism and understanding from her.

Nutrition was for a long time was the missing piece to the puzzle and from my very first consultation with Andrea she was able to identify and rectify key areas which I needed to change and work on.

Her ability to share her own experience and knowledge was key for me. I’ve really enjoyed our journey so far, both as athlete and nutritional therapist and also as friends.
I look forward to continuing to work closely and develop my knowledge and understanding of health, nutrition & general wellness further and perhaps even joining forces in our love for the outdoors & endurance challenges

Andree Walkin, Age Group Triathlete Bronze European Medalist

Over the past few years Andrea and I have been working on various things from sports nutrition to personal and spiritual support. Wow our conversations have changed my life in a huge way and a little way. Andrea inspires me to be my best self. Regardless of the challenge, struggles and success that happens in my life. I know that I can trust Andrea with everything, and also I know that I have her support to help me achieve the true Aron.

When I come into the clinic for a consultation. I know what ever is on my mind, emotion, energy, or struggles that the soul is finding, Andrea will pick it up. At times I would want to slide pass it, but she will stick on it to make sure I talk about it until it subsides. I sometimes don’t want to but she knows that it will help.

I feel safe in the clinic to talk about anything and know that it stays in the clinic and that we will find a solution to fix it and make it feel better and with ease. Which I love
I also love that it is an open conversation and not just about food or training and that we can just shoot the breeze.

I joke that Andrea is a food psychologist but she is; one that allows me to just talk and I can choose where we go and what I want to talk about and that Andrea will give me her insights and wisdom into what she sees.

Wow a couple of years have gone by and when I meet Andrea at the beginning to now, I have achieved a lot of massive things while working together. Success and achievements that I have not had with other people.

I am honoured that we got to connect because I think if we had not meet, I would not have made this progress and I may still feel lost.
With Andrea I feel that she is my cheerleader and kind of like a mother. At home we nickname Andrea “Mother Earth” because she believes in us like a mother would. She helps us to believe in ourselves and grow and be our own superheroes in life regardless of the challenges.

Andrea inspires me to be me and that is what love about her practice. I feel like there is no challenge that I cannot do and if I get lost I just come back into the clinic for a consultation to remind me and then I feel like I can rock again.
I leave feeling that something has shifted deep in my being and my cells and that I am ready to face life again feeling stronger and accepting of myself and my uniqueness and all the gifts that I have. Aron

I personally eat as much carbs in the form of brown pasta with a little sauce and maybe chicken as my main meal the day before the race (this achieves my goals of a meal rich in complex carbohydrates, lean protein with a non-fatty sauce). If the race is in the morning I will be loaded with carbs (glygogen) from loading the three to five days prior. I will just eat some bread and cereal the morning of the race, with amino acids to prevent muscle catabolism, I will avoid all juices and milk where possible.
I have found this strategy to work best for me personally with optimal results and minimal gastro upset.
At the end of the day most of my nutrition work has been done in the months and weeks of preparation prior to the event such that on race day the name of my game is being comfortable and above all psychologically prepared.
Being fully hydrated coming up to the event is of paramount importance also and I have worked hard on this strategy personally and with Andrea the past number of years to achieve a strategy that works best for me.

Robert Heffernan, Olympic and World Champion 50km and 20km race walker.

HI Andrea

It’s going really well, thank you. I’ve lost 1 stone 8 pounds since ditching gluten. Sleeping better, energy levels improved, generally feeling so much better as a result. I miss a few things, like marmite, coffee and real ale! But the benefits far outweigh these. My food diary looks completely different now. Loads more veg, beans, seeds etc.
Thanks for your help. Do not underestimate the difference it has made to my well being.

Kind Regards RT

Andrea has an immensely full artillery of knowledge and accreditation which are the foundation of her experience and heightened ability to communicate , problem solve and heal so many  people, from many diverse health and personal ailments both in the sporting and everyday lives we now all travel in daily.

Ronan O’Brien of OB Health the Corporate Wellness Group

Thanks so much Andrea. It’s been life-changing for us all as I’m sure you can appreciate.
It was this time last year that P was in Hospital in Galway with a severe dose of gout and it was in the New Year that we contacted you. So, after 8 years of trouble with his stomach, gout spells etc., within the year, he says he is pain free. …He’s going around telling everyone that you have cured him (that’s a lot from “Pessimistic P”).
We’re all thrilled to bits Andrea. Z

The following testimonials are following a lecture at Wesley College, Dublin.


This is a testimonial written by Gabriel and also Kevin several years ago about work that top class trainer Aidan Shanahan and I did together. I feel it is still worth a mention to remind you of the power of combining the services of a good trainer, with that of a nutritionist:

I would like to write a very brief note on how I found my experience with the Body Solutions team Andrea and Aidan. I thought long and hard before I signed up, but I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I am a 39 year old guy. I have been going to the gym since I was 21 years of age without ever seeing the results I had hoped for. Now at 39 I am in the best shape of my life and have finally achieved the body composition I have always aspired to but never had the knowledge or know how to achieve eighteen years after I first stepped inside a gym. Believe me I had tried all the latest fads down the years and none of them worked. It took two key ingredients: Knowledge and Dedication.

First and foremost, I have never met people who are as passionate about their jobs as Aidan and Andrea. Combine that passion with the skill sets and knowledge that they both bring to the table in their respective fields and you are on to a winner. I would also like to point out that the Body Solutions program is not just an eight week course where you lose weight and then at the end of the program you slowly pile the pounds on again. It is a lifestyle change that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Its four weeks now since I finished and I am continuing to put into practice the knowledge on nutrition and training I gained.

No matter how fit/unfit you are or how much weight you want to lose (or gain depending on your goals) this course will change your life as long you are committed and are prepared to implement everything Andrea and Aidan tell you. It’s not easy getting up and into the gym at six am three days a week but its hugely rewarding and I enjoyed training in a small group environment. I can even say I now enjoy the nutrition plan Andrea has given me although initially that may not have been the case. It takes a little time to adapt to but now there is no way I’m going back to my old eating habits.

Finally it was great to have Andrea and Aidan on the end of the phone or drop them an E-mail whenever I needed some extra support or information.
For me this is not the end of the road or journey. I’m setting new fitness goals for myself and I feel I’m now equipped to achieve them on the back of the information and knowledge I’ve acquired through my participation in Body Solutions.
Regards, Gabriel

And also Kevin:
Over the last 2 years I have come back to excercise and have lost over 30 lbs. however , this was hard earned through many hours of high intensity excercise and weight training everyday. I never imagined that nutrition would have such an impact on my training .once I signed on the the body solutions course I began to better understand the roles each food group plays on the body and dispelling all of the shit info on the net. Also the supplements were a big help. I teach 10 spin classes a week and without the right supplements it would be difficult to maintain.

Andrea and Aidan make a great team, very respectful and understanding when you begin to struggle and always there for advice to get you moving again. My goal 2 years ago was to get to 13 st 7 lbs and have get my fat % under 20%, and I did both. For me the beat thing is that I gained 8 lbs on holidays and didn’t panic when I got home as now I know how to get back on track. I would highly recommend. Kevin

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