We are going to see an epidemic of complex health conditions….

We are going to see an epidemic of complex health conditions….

The coming months and years we will see an increased number of trauma, emotions and stress-related health conditions as a result of the coronavirus/ Sarscov-2 pandemic.

It will not be obvious to the medical system that this (pandemic) is indeed a major cause and trigger to the health conditions that they will see.

When you do not address the cause and trigger of a health condition and leap straight to medical interventions, surgery and the drug approach you are not going to have a massively successful “cure” rate; but a medicated and sick population that is sort of ok, but not really.

Morbidity and mortality and the cost of health care will go up. Health systems will not be able to afford this; and people will fall through the cracks. We will be sick, tired and fucked up; we should be healthy, thriving and happy.

People are going to have flares and an increase of conditions on top of the conditions that they first present with if we do not return to the obvious source. The “whole” patient must be “seen”.

It will be a complicated mess and a lonely journey for patients.

I personally feel very strongly about ensuring that my skills to take care not only of the physical health of my patients, but also their mind, body, and cellular-emotional-memory is of prime importance. Science and spirit as I somehow try to explain it!

Adverse baby, childhood and life experiences (“trauma”) will be coming to the surface during this stressful time and will further deepen our fight, fright and freeze response during these challenging weeks and months.

Emotions suppressed will find a place to sit in the body. Trauma not released will create havoc on the body’s physiology. The longer this is ignored the deeper the stress on the immune, nervous, and hormonal systems until the cup is full and your body can contain no more. Tissue, cell, and organ function will become pathologically “ill”.

“Trauma Isn’t What Happened To You, But What Happens Inside You.” Dr Gabor Mate

We are still not open as a society to accepting that trauma and life experiences are a trigger to physical health complaints; despite an overwhelming amount of science to the contrary.

Furthermore, we ignore the strong link to adverse events and trauma as a trigger to mental health conditions such as addiction, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and suicide.

This includes eating disorders, socially acceptable “addictions”, over-exercise, body dysmorphia, anger, and social withdrawal. Conditions that may not seem complex to the onlooker and significantly impact the life and earnings of the sufferer.

People are going to feel incredibly isolated with these health conditions; especially while our system is concentrated on controlling the coronavirus, preventing future epidemics/ pandemics and getting the economy back on its feet.

The coronavirus pandemic is going to lead to an epidemic of trauma related health conditions
The coronavirus pandemic is going to lead to an epidemic of trauma related health conditions

What I predict:

I foresee many will have challenges with complex allergies such as histamine, food allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity. Add this to a rise in eating disorders and disordered eating; gastrointestinal and liver related conditions; heart and chest diagnoses; chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and complex pain; and mental health challenges.

Childhood allergies, asthma and anxiety is going to be at an all time high. Children will lack focus and concentration and school and behaviour will be an issue at home. The child is not the problem; what they experienced and how they were supported through it is. None of us are prepared for this; no parent or teacher can be expected to have the skills to firefight this.

The health conditions are going to run deep; and hurt.

But mostly I foresee complex and confusing health complaints that will not be adequately treated by the medical approach or the drug approach.

This is because the cause will not be physiological, but psycho-somatic. In other words the trauma, emotional upheaval, and stress of our current pandemic is going to lead to an avalanche in physical and mental health problems. How this presents will depend on the individual and our coping skills and stress response layered on top of our history.

This is a great sketch; the final option engage and face is an option so few of us have the skills to follow.

An individualised approach to health will become increasingly important. To work with the person, their life journey, their pandemic experience added to their childhood experiences, their environment, diet and lifestyle.

We will not be able to heal our patients if we skip to a blinded focus on medical tests, diagnoses, genetics and aggressive drug therapy.

The same rings true for a diet or supplement plan; nutritional therapists only focused on this will not be addressing the full picture either. Nor will the herbalist, homeopath or counselor that only looks at one part of the equation.

The cause and the cure must be compatible with one another!

This will take an integrated approach: energy healing, trauma release, movement and breath work, functional medicine, nutrition, herbs/ homeopathy/ flower essences, lifestyle advice, life skills education, medical support, psychotherapy and other counselling modalities. It will take a few of us working together.

What I am doing:

I am preparing for this so that I can help clients better with a whole-body, mind and spirit approach.

I already see things this way AND I have the opportunity now to look ahead to see a little more clearly and improve on how I can be of service.

I will be linking in with my professional colleagues gifted with skills that I don’t have so that I can offer complete care for clients that seek my help.

My existing skills as energy healer, empath/ medical intuitive, functional medicine and nutrition expert, pharmacist; my education in herbs, supplements and plant essences, and experience working with many of these health conditions already positions me to help. There is always room for growth.

In a nutshell I am focused on doing everything that I can to be better; while observing what it is we are all experiencing and processing my own emotions and traumas.

Finances are going to be tight for people and just maybe the world will also start to believe in the power of food, herbs and lifestyle; accept the gift of energy healing; the power of talk and trust in their ability to self heal when given the right support. These modalities are more affordable AND work.

When the world got fast and complicated the old ways that work got dismissed and now we need them more than ever.

Reach out; you are not alone.


PS This is what you are looking for: here or here OR lets create something new, within your budget and that works for you.

PSS after writing this piece I serendipitously had this land in my inbox:

Could the coronavirus trigger post-viral fatigue syndromes?

Conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome have been linked to viral infections, so it’s possible that the covid-19 virus may go on to trigger similar conditions

Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg24632783-400-could-the-coronavirus-trigger-post-viral-fatigue-syndromes/#ixzz6KN8M4sKk

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