Yippee I have FINALLY completed writing and spell checking my latest e-book titled Prepare for Christmas Detox Plan.


I get so excited when I complete my e-books and just sent off copies to some of my closest training and professional friends so that they can have a sneaky preview peak.

I think the main reason that I get so excited when I have finished an e-book is that even though the plan is simple enough, 7 to 30 days of cleaner eating; I always sneak in strategies that educate, inform, and most of all address the major triggers for chronic health in clients that attend my clinic. For example this plan is gluten and dairy free, it is balanced and addresses the more common nutritional deficiencies, it is abundant in antioxidants and omega 3, packed with super foods for cancer prevention and longevity, and all the while addressing your more aesthetic concerns such as energy, skin vitality and shedding of trouble body fat sites such as the waist, hips and thighs. Bonus!!! You are addressing all this while following this simple plan to get you feeling and looking awesome before Christmas!

“This plan will have you feeling AND looking awesome for Christmas.”

 To read more about the plan please click here: Prepare for Christmas Detox Plan.

And to order the plan you may follow this link or email the office on achealthsolutions@eircom.net  

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