Education and experience

I am a Functional medicine therapist, nutritional therapist and pharmacist also trained in energy healing, sports nutrition, and functional diagnostics. I have 20+ years experience working as a pharmacist and health consultant and have worked with hundreds of patients struggling with complex health conditions as well as world class athletes and Olympic standard athletes.

My patients get better (together we heal the causes and triggers of their health problems), my athletes get faster and stronger and achieve peak sports performance, and everyone of us, myself included, learns more along the journey: about ourselves, our bodies, our spirits and how to nurture these.

Every client that l work with learns new skills to deal with the challenges of this fast-paced, time-short world and is empowered and educated to navigate the stumbling blocks that may present along the way.

The key to thriving in health and achieving peak performance is 1) resilience and 2) the knowledge of how to make positive choices every day despite what may come our way.

If you have a chronic or complex health condition, then I have the experience and education to help you.

If you are an athlete seeking the performance edge I can help you.

If you seek cutting edge advice from someone who cares, I can also help you.

Doing the best job that I can for you, being of service to you, is what drives me every day to be more and it will be my honour to work with you if this feels like the right choice for you.

Health and lifestyle advice for high performance

I have dedicated a lifetime to what I believe is giving my best to make a difference to people so that they can thrive in life.

Over the past 20 years of working with people and through living my experiences with a curious mind, I have come across many insights, studied endless texts and courses, and developed skills and techniques to help people be better whether you are an athlete, someone struggling with a chronic illness, a couple looking to start a famiy, a curious traveller in life seeking answers, or simply want to learn more about yourself.

Life changing is how I would summarize my experience with Andrea. I was very fortunate to have found her so early on in my life because she has shown and taught me so much more than I ever imagined possible.

I initially sought her out for nutritional advice which was excellent to say the least. However she ended up completely transforming my life. I was in the midst of a heavy depression when I met her and after only a few sessions I was completely lifted out of it. Andrea is a highly intelligent, highly empathetic human being who uses a multifaceted approach to healing. There is nothing I couldn’t come to her with. From medicines, to herbs, plant essences, and beyond, Andrea simply has an extremely effective and very unique way of guiding, teaching, and healing her clients.

There will never be enough words to convey how highly I think of Andrea and how much I would recommend anyone and everyone to see her. She has wisdom beyond this lifetime and the heart to share it with the world.” LD

Sports nutrition for high performance athletes

Sports nutrition for high performance.

I work with athletes of all levels and provide several options for sports nutrition packages to meet your needs. If you don’t find an option then we can tailor one!

So whether you are attempting your first ironman, 1/2 ironman, marathon or 5km, then I can support you, or if you are an experienced athlete racing, competing or playing to a high level then I promise you there is still more that you can learn about yourself and implement in your daily routine.

Sport is an endless journey of discovery, about ourselves, about techniques that we can employ to better ourselves and about managing the delicate balance of nutrition, lifestyle, rest, recovery and mental skills to reap the best from our true potential. I believe that there is always something more we can do, and that in truth we are never “there” and always striving to get there. How exciting.

I have worked with many incredibly gifted and talented athletes and also less gifted but determined and hard working athletes. Every opportunity to be a part of the support team has enriched my skills. I also participate in sport, in part to learn, in part to grow as a person, and in part for fun.

Andrea racing ironman 70.3 Dublin 2017

Sport has taught me as much and more as any textbook, however I am always mindful that this is subjective learning and not objective and to not preach do as I do, but ‘lets find what works best for you’.

I also live with a highly competitive, exceptionally hard working ‘ironman’. So in ways our house revolves around managing eat, train, work, sleep and repeat. I understand that delicate balance of time management, cost – benefit, and all the practical challenges that a busy hard working athlete must face. And the challenges faced with international racing. My goal is to make it all easier with solutions that will fit your life, your sport, and your individuality.

I first met Andrea when I was preparing for the Beijing Olympics in 2008.
I was a non believer in sports nutritionists as I felt they didn’t fully understand the uniqueness of my sport (weight restricted lightweight rowing), so I spent most of my career doing my own thing nutritionally. Right from the beginning, Andrea got it and much of her advice and practice was very cutting edge and outside the box. Her advice was way ahead of the curve and she really helped us make our nutritional choices work. She brought us on a nutritional adventure and I could really feel the positive impact”. Gearoid Towey Irish Olympic Athlete and former World Rowing Champion, and Trans-Atlantic rower.

Intuitive functional medicine

Intuitive Functional Medicine.

What intuitive functional medicine means is that I combine my innate ability to connect with the energy of a person with the functional medicine approach to diagnosing, treating or managing health conditions.

For example, when face to face with a health challenge, just like in medicine there is a strategy that functional medicine uses: assess, use tests, give a diagnosis, create a protocol, treat and then reassess. A step by step approach from A to B to C to D to ……

I used this system for years (with good success) ignoring the significant intuitions that I had about faster or better ways unique to the person i was working with and the energy and information that the patient was showing me. In other words I would get a very strong sense of the problem in my mind and information through my body and I ignored this because I was afraid that it would all appear too weird.

However, this information and my intuitions fast track us to the real problems, and provide us with more specific solutions and strategies to implement for healing. I will “know” what test to use rather than a number of tests, or what herbs and supplements that may work best for you. This often saves you money and time.

I was getting shown the A to P to Z; bypassing so many steps that the patient just didn’t need. In other words the patient shows me their roadmap back to health…. how amazing!

Further more, over the course of our work together each patient often gains a deeper understanding for why they are where they are; we we then have the opportunity to discuss patterns that may lie beneath the health complaint such as stress, trauma, past experiences, belief systems and more. This is the transformation part; we are not simply healing a problem, but personally growing in our life journey.

Energy healing and transformational growth

Switch your mentality from “I’m broken and helpless,” to “I’m growing and healing,” and watch how fast your life changes, for the better.


“I have had a very positive experience with you and your appointments. You really gave me the right outlook towards diet, exercise, energy, definitions of success, timelines and toughness. You taught me how to support my body through balance, particularly with an approach in which less is more.
The person I was prior to the appointments versus the person I was afterwards were insanely different. I managed to work within my limitations and to some degree gradually abandon those limitations. I learned to remove my self pity and replace it with love for myself. Most importantly you taught me to listen to my body. Your approach really helped to empower me and care for myself. Particularly when people are trying to deal with unexplained chronic illnesses this can be really important as you are your own doctor in a lot respects at the end of the day. I liked how empathetic you are and the fact that you have also been on journey yourself. “SR

Solving complex health conditions.

solving complex health conditions and chronic illness

It must be part of my nature; but I will never give up searching for ways to be better at helping people, or ways to solve health issues, or the true reasons for why we get unwell and how to then solve these health issues.

Why is the patient ill? What are the triggers and causes? What areas of the body are not functioning optimally and how does this connect to everything else? How do we best address this? These are the questions that I ask for every patient and I don’t quit which is why I have developed a good reputation for solving, or at the very least assisting, complex problems.

I am eternally curious about how the big cycle of us, our environment, our planet, our mind, body, soul, experiences and beliefs all interplay in a complex web to create health or the lack thereof. We don’t all get diseases that are the same as everybody else, we are all unique and so the healing path must be likewise

I am a realist and optimist. I believe that if the body knew health, it can once more know health and that is the journey that we start together….. one of curiosity, learning and bravery towards something new….

” I feel in the safest hands with Andrea on this journey and being able to work with someone who is both a highly skilled professional in her field and also highly intuitive and eclectic in her approach to healing, I can already see the progress with my health and look forward to continuing both the psychological and physiological elements of my needs. 
Andrea intuitively can guide you through what can feel like a maze of problems, to focus on each stage and unravel your needs as you approach them. For the first time in years, I truly feel on the right path to my overall health and wellbeing.” KL

functional diagnostic testing service

Functional diagnostic tests and blood testing services.

I have access to a range of blood tests and functional medicine tests should we need to go above and beyond conventional medical tests. Tests play a role in answering questions; however I will attest to being rather conservative in how I ask you to spend your money and tend to only recommend tests when and if they are necessary and also require that they be necessary to guide treatment.

multifacted functional approach to healing complex health problems

Multifaceted approach to health combining conventional medicine, complementary therapies and energy healing.

The fabulous thing about getting older is that you start to accumulate not only experience but skills. I dip in and out of the various skills that I have developed over the years to best meet your needs. If science is your thing I will place a strong focus on this; if you are more drawn to the metaphysical then we go there.

I have a strong medical background due to my primary degree (pharmacy) and decades working in the retail pharmacy sector alongside doctors, consultants and nursing homes.

I have decades of experience working as a qualified nutritional therapist. I have certification and experience working in the fields of functional medicine, herbal medicine, and energy medicine. I also use aromatherapy in the clinic, and have created my own range of plant and tree essences (best described as energy medicine).

I have spent years honing my natural gifts of intuition, empathy, energy healing, spirit medium and energy channel. This is an innate part of who I am. It is not wooey wooey, these skills have strong scientific documentation. It is not something to worry about or fear; what it means is that I have a strong sense of things and this is to your benefit. Many of my clients are incredibly talented and have very strong natural healing and empath skills themselves and working alongside me allows such gifted persons to accept their true nature, shed the anxieties and insecurities and the burden their sensitivity played on their health and build skills to thrive.

energy healing and soul work

Heart-led patient centered services.

I provide several services that lie close to my heart:

  • Intuitive energy healing.
  • Healing plant and flower essence custom blends.
  • Nature quests.
  • Soul connection work (for you, for mother and baby, for the loss of a baby).
  • Empath/ highly sensitive person coaching.
  • Transformational personal coaching.
  • Miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and loss of a baby support. 
  • Transition year workshops.
  • Eating disorder support.
  • Lectures/ workshops with youth athletes.
  • Small group workshops to support men and women in these crazy times (nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, how to develop a connection to yourself and to the healing of nature that surrounds us).
Andrea Cullen health solutions clinic

I also offer a range of specialist services leaning on my experiences over the years from working with individuals right up to large businesses, schools and sports teams.

I provide far more than nutrition support, and I continue to grow my skills and stretch my knowledge so that it crosses and hopefully bridges multiple disciplines.

I don’t believe in boxes and see that we must start to blend conventional / modern medicine with that of old traditions and more forward thinking research in the realms of energy; that science does mix with the spiritual, and that food is not only nourishment but also our medicine.

I also believe very strongly that our bodies are dynamically intertwined with our emotions, our environments, and trauma memories of our pasts. Health and wellbeing is possible for us all.

If you feel a nudge to work with me, don’t ignore the call. It means that we are supposed to meet and work together and I would be so honoured to share a part of your journey…

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