Did you know that I help people with fertility and reproductive issues?

Diet, lifestyle, emotional stress, functional health imbalances and environmental exposures play a huge role in our increasing fertility issues in this modern world.

Our governments and large agencies are monitoring this (e.g. the CDC National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals) and world authorities in health, toxicology, environment, medicine, nutrition, and alternative health are all speaking out regarding our increasing body burden of chemicals impacting fertility among all mammals. Add to this poor lifestyle choices, an increasingly stressful life, and widespread malnutrition despite surplus calories and you are looking at a big mess. Our fertility is a telling tale.

It is so sad to me that we are struggling with our health and fertility often unawares that this is one of the consequence to our actions in our world as a species. It is not your fault, nor mine; but of all of us to some degree. Pollution, pesticides and herbicides on our food, synthetic additives in our food, chlorine and flouride in our water and swimming pools (for good reason; but a downside), the after effect of our use of medication and hormonal contraception, processed food, unclean water, electromagnetic radiation and wi-fi, heavy metals used ubiquitously in industry as well as for example mercury in amalgams, aluminium in vaccines or copper in pipes and lead in old paints, a cosmetic, toiletry and cleaning industry that is unregulated, the use of non-stick coating in cookware. The list goes on and on. 

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Affect Reproductive Health

Obstetricians–gynecologists cannot afford to ignore the growing body of research suggesting that common chemicals can affect reproductive health, according to Marya Zlatnik, MD…. read on….here

My own heart sinks a bit thinking about it all. I can only do so much to protect my own health and that of those I love. My knowledge about it all can bring sadness, OR

I CAN CHOOSE TO DO WHAT I CAN, and advice clients to make simple manageable changes. To do something, which is more than nothing. To step by step clean up our lives and environment in the ways that are acceptable to each one of us as an individual and trust that this is ok. The stress of trying to do it all is too much; so making heavy hitting changes is a good place to start…. and then keep evolving from there.

The female reproductive system is a sensitive gauge of health; and the male reproductive system similarly so. Sperm however are remarkably sensitive to environmental exposure to fertility impacting toxins, to stress and to nutritional deficiencies coupled with oxidative stress.

In essence our fertility problems are a big shout out to us to pay heed to something that is going on. Mother nature is smart. Whether we have structural and physical issues going on, or imbalances within the body or from our external world our fertility success tells a story and gives us a nudge to go deeper…. for our own benefit and that of our offspring.

Infertility, reproductive issues, menstrual cycle problems, sperm health and many male and female health conditions can often be directly related to diet, lifestyle and stress.

Stress can be physical, emotional, chemical, electrical/ electromagnetic, or infectious for example. I am not using the word “stress” lightly to say that you must chill out; stress in the body is a very real thing impacting hormones in multiple body systems.

Whether you decide to try for a baby “all natural”, or with assisted reproductive technologies I highly recommend exploring your health balance, nutritional adequacy, hormonal balance and multiple organ function (did you know that gut, liver and gall bladder, thyroid and adrenal health for example are related to hormone balance?), and exposure to environmental anti-fertility “factors”.

A multi pronged approach that combines the very best of traditional medicine and holistic medicine is recommended. Get the medical tests, speak to the experts, explore your nutrition and lifestyle with an expert, get functional diagnostic tests done to explore other suspected imbalances, seek advice on how to clean up your home and environment. You can achieve such a lot with the support and guidance of people who know how to put the whole picture together.

It sounds like a lot; pretty overwhelming to be honest. But seeking the right support system can take the burden off and allow you all to work together as a team.

To make the changes that you are ready for and go from there.

No change won’t achieve much so yes you may need to make some changes, and perhaps consider exploring your daily routine, the foods you eat, the exercise that you are taking and maybe also shedding a few pounds. It may be recommended to up-skill how you deal with stress or how you cook your meals, and it may be worth adding in some helpful therapies such as acupuncture and reflexology, yoga and mindfulness. And you know what? All of this is helpful for you in the long-term regarding your health, your partners health and that of your family.

If you like to chat more please do contact me as that is what I am here for; supporting you on the journey. Even if all you want to do is pick my brains for a bit and continue on on your unique journey. It is a pleasure to help.

Andrea x

PS I know that it is all easier said that done. It is not. This is a very personal issue and experts butting in on your journey can feel invasive and unwanted. There are so many emotions wrapped up in all of this, never mind the dance that we get invited to with shame and guilt when something isn’t working in our bodies. I’ve experienced a lot personally. A menstrual cycle that was “stuck” for a long time. Experts saying it was x,y,z when I had a deep feeling it was something entirely different: a safety and trust thing. I had a gut feeling always that a perforated appendix op as a kid created damage and that for me children wasn’t a part of my journey. So I got on with it. I have a greater desire to help others, support others, and sort of be the mother to many if this makes sense.

But I did also go through the heartache of an ectopic so I feel the pain now also of not only the women told that they cannot have children, but of those that face losing / or have lost a child also. So many women silently carry this pain. Often many painful miscarriage losses.

This knowing has opened my heart even more, and given me a greater desire to use my knowledge of medicine, functional medicine, herbs/ supplements, and science, my wisdom from 20 years working with clients, and my love which gets channelled in my energy healing work. If you feel nudged to work with me please do. Spirit babies have a way to guide us that I can hear; your body speaks volumes in what he/ she needs in support and the love of the universe wants your dreams to be achieved. Love, Andrea.

Getting your diet back on track

Kona ironman nutrition

Our most recent coaches corner podcast discussed “getting your diet back on track” as the intro topic.

I did my best to give you some practical tips, sensible questions to ask yourself, and actionable advice for bringing your diet back inline with your training goals.

This topic is something very relevant to those athletes in the midst of their race preparation season; where the race is still a little while off, and motivation for diet dictatorship has slipped, resulting in a (slight) deviation from the clean eating you started off with.

None of us are perfect; and perfection isn’t something that I recommend as it is linked with obsessive eating and exercise tendencies and these are a product of unhappiness to be honest. When the balance goes obsessive tendencies start to appear. there is only so long that you can hold yourself to dogmatic diet practices; something gives.

What you…

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Nutrition, PEMF and many other rarely discussed approaches can help Traumatic Brain Injury

Here is a snippet of some helpful research that I do to help those with concussion, post concussion or suspected traumatic brain injury. it is far more common than you think!

This article here is eye opening:

Pop in and I can help.


Nutr Neurosci. 2018 Feb;21(2):79-91. doi: 10.1080/1028415X.2016.1236174. Epub 2016 Oct 5.

Supplements, nutrition, and alternative therapies for the treatment of traumatic brain injury.

Lucke-Wold BP1,2, Logsdon AF2, Nguyen L2, Eltanahay A3, Turner RC1, Bonasso P2, Knotts C1, Moeck A4, Maroon JC5, Bailes JE6, Rosen CL1.

Studies using traditional treatment strategies for mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) have produced limited clinical success. Interest in treatment for mild TBI is at an all time high due to its association with the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy and other neurodegenerative diseases, yet therapeutic options remain limited. Traditional pharmaceutical interventions have failed to transition to the clinic for the treatment of mild TBI. As such, many pre-clinical studies are now implementing non-pharmaceutical therapies for TBI. These studies have demonstrated promise, particularly those that modulate secondary injury cascades activated after injury. Because no TBI therapy has been discovered for mild injury, researchers now look to pharmaceutical supplementation in an attempt to foster success in human clinical trials. Non-traditional therapies, such as acupuncture and even music therapy are being considered to combat the neuropsychiatric symptoms of TBI. In this review, we highlight alternative approaches that have been studied in clinical and pre-clinical studies of TBI, and other related forms of neural injury. The purpose of this review is to stimulate further investigation into novel and innovative approaches that can be used to treat the mechanisms and symptoms of mild TBI.

Alternative therapies; Chronic symptoms; Mild traumatic brain injury; Secondary injury cascades; Supplementation

Full link here:

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Good articles on vaccines

Firstly this exceptionally honest and non biased medical article came into my sphere of awareness today. it is a good read.

This is the link here:

Vaccines are argued by people who hang on to an extreme view either side instead of a middle ground that accepts the pros and cons and that we have a lot more research to do. This specially relates to why some population groups are susceptible to side effects (? genetics? gut microbiome? impact of multiple vaccines, adjuvant side effects etc) and why the vaccines may be impacting the development of natural immunity to the right things and so on. We have a lot of questions in the field of vaccine science and to claim that vaccines are safe is not a done deal at all!

We don’t know enough… and we know quite a bit, and we need to know more to protect sensitive populations from extreme and life changing adverse effects. Period. Don’t argue here… just read and add it to your repertoire of knowledge…

Here is the link again:

Statement on Federal Vaccine Mandates

And this science article documents some of the areas we must keep exploring… it is also a good but complex read; because it is complex! This is the type of reading I suspect many on the PRO fence are not reading.

Adversomics: a new paradigm for vaccine safety and design

Jennifer A. Whitaker, MD, MSc,1,3,4 Inna G. Ovsyannikova, PhD,1,2,3 and Gregory A. Poland, MD1,2,3,4,*


Despite the enormous population benefits of routine vaccination, vaccine adverse events and reactions, whether real or perceived, have posed one of the greatest barriers to vaccine acceptance—and thus to infectious disease prevention—worldwide. A truly integrated clinical, translational, and basic science approach is required to understand the mechanisms behind vaccine adverse events, predict them, and then apply this knowledge to new vaccine design approaches that decrease, or avoid, these events. The term “adversomics” was first introduced in 2009 and refers to the study of vaccine adverse reactions using immunogenomics and systems biology approaches. In this review, we present the current state of adversomics research, review known associations and mechanisms of vaccine adverse events/reactions, and outline a plan for the further development of this emerging research field.

Full link here

Thanks for opening your mind.

Andrea x

Concussion and Traumatic Brain injury, could PEMF help?

Here is a very important article on Concussion and Traumatic Brain injury with a recommended suggestion of PEMF as a supportive therapy.

I believe that creatine and omega 3 may also be of benefit and would include bioavailable turmeric in this list. For more significant neural and inflammation sequalae which are common more complex nutrition protocols can be added. I have touched on the research in this blog here. Contact me for more information.

Please read on here:

If you are interested to book PEMF sessions contact me: