Are you confused about what to eat?

Are you fed up of the game rules changing every year with diets like keto, paleo, carnivore, vegan, Dukan, Atkins, vegetarian, Mediterranean, low-carb high fat, low fat, high protein, cave-man and more switching headlines like a revolving door?

It is confusing, I agree. Every second newspaper and magazine article seems to conflict; even the damn scientists I hear you say! Everyone is telling you a small part of the picture and each part seems to double back on itself leaving the consumers like you utterly confused and buying into one diet after the next based on false promises.

My goal is to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and wisdom to make the right food choices for you based on:

  • your body.
  • your phase of life.
  • your lifestyle.
  • your family environment.
  • your health.
  • your goals.
  • your sport
  • your environment and what is available to you (i.e. I am Irish so it is easiest and most economical for me to buy locally produced foods when possible).
  • your budget (I mean in all fairness who can afford a 100% organic diet with expensive “super-foods).
  • your ancestry.
  • your beliefs.
  • your cooking skills and time commitments.
  • and anything else that is important to you as an individual.

My job is to find a way of eating that will work for you, your body, your family and most importantly your daily life.

A diet that will meet the demands of your lifestyle, training, individual genetics and build on what you have already learnt does and does not suit your system.

One that will feel enjoyable to eat, remove and not add stress to your day and provide your body with what it needs to stay healthy and thrive.

But also I believe that as human beings on a planet challenged with environmental and climate problems we also have a duty to make our food choices less costly on the earth. I aim to factor this in to what I recommend to you; while also keeping things as simple as possible.

If you are interested to learn more about how to eat well, in the challenges of this modern world then I can help you. If you are keen to discover ways to achieve healthy balance in an ocean of confusion and conflict when it comes to diet then we can work through this and formulate a plan for you. If you have concerns about your health, family history or managing weight then we can find solutions. And if you are interested to do things in a way with minimal environmental cost to your health and the planets then we will discuss this also.

I won’t fib, it will take a little bit of effort and commitment to create change yet when you understand why you are doing this, and understand just how important our food choices are and have a strategy for how to make these changes; I promise you it will be truly worth it.

I live in a busy house; we manage a long day of work, a busy training schedule and are short on time also. I have plenty of tricks and problem solving solutions up my sleeve to share with you that we use to ensure that our daily food choices and meals are working for us to keep us strong and healthy and resilient to the stress life throws at us.


I look forward to working with you; check out my Instagram for daily food tips to build on our work together.

The pic is poor; but the flavour and nutritional value of this meal was spot on for a Winters evening.
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