Clinic address

The clinic is newly located at the Square, Newport, Co. Tipperary.

If you add this to google maps it will take you into Newport, you will drive past the school, the church, dip into the village and pop over the bridge. Immediately after the bridge turn right and you are at your destination.

You can park anywhere in the centre of the village in the marked spots (Newport locals have a habit of crazy parking, be warned!). My entrance to the clinic is the door to the left of Gully’s Daybreak store. The entrance is also shared with Ursula Jean Communion Wear and Vaiva Kreitenberga, Play therapist and Psychotherapist.

You can also park just beyond the square in the village car park on the right just before the Co-Op on your left and the garda station on your right.

When you arrive:
Pop me a phone call, whatsapp or text message so that I can come and meet you at the entrance and let you in. The door, for safety, is generally closed.

If you have any physical disability or problems that may be caused by stairs please contact me and we can find a solution or alternative venue to meet.

Skype: achealthsolutions

Or complete this contact form

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your journey

My girl and running buddy Trinity
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