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There are a number of services listed below that are created out of a desire to address the needs of clients that I see in the clinic. I use a mind-body-soul approach. If you are dealing with a health challenge, long-term health condition or have had a recent diagnosis then it will be my honour to assist and support you.

Please have a read through the services offered and if there is something that I have missed and you feel that we should work together please do contact me on: andreacullenhealthsolutions@gmail.com

Healing in the NOW, using the new science

Science has advanced massively, if you are interested to explore your health issues from a new point of view and harness the body’s self-healing capacity then this appointment is for you. We now know that the mind is intricately linked to the health and function of our body. We know that the body operates through light patterns and energy (as well as chemicals and electricity), we know that the body is deeply connected to everything in its environment and that cellular health can be related to emotions, beliefs, memories, past trauma, and more than just the physical. Curious?

We are tired of being told what is wrong with us and we are fed up of feeling dis-empowered and helpless in the journey of our own health. Intuitively and instinctively we know there is something more. We have had enough of being viewed as separate sick body parts and multiple diagnosis. We aren’t taught how to heal! We are shown how to tolerate being sick.

That is not good enough. I was once told I had an enlarged heart and should not train, I was another time told that I have chronic fatigue syndrome and will never heal, I was once told I could never have children. None of these felt like the truth to me so I healed myself. I don’t have any of these conditions now; nor did I for long!

I believe, and know, as do many that there are ways for us all to heal or at the very least significantly improve many health conditions.

Bring your problem (and lets solve it) 

People say that I am a great listener and have a unique knack of helping people. In truth you have all your own solutions (held deep within) be they in the language of the physical body, emotions or in the language of intuition. I am a good listener in all aspects of the senses. Our time together can address issues that you may have in health, life, your professional life, emotions or spirit. If you feel that change is ahead, or have been feeling lost or sick, in the wrong job, or if you are hitting a wall; that’s what I help with.

My clinic is a safe peaceful space for us to work together on a problem that you may have. You have the floor to talk, share, and for us to dive deep into pulling the solutions and insights, learnings and intuitions out from the problem that you have.

Problems guide solutions, challenges guide opportunities, symptoms guide strategies, a safe space and environment allows the discussion of things that may be holding us back such as fears, limiting beliefs, gut feelings and more.

I am here to support you. For us to have a really good rumble around and figure the best path, actions and solutions for you.

Functional medicine assessment & intuitive diagnostic energy screen

If you have been struggling with chronic or complex health issues then this appointment is recommended for you. This is a full functional medicine assessment combined with intuitive diagnostic energy screen. This is a comprehensive dive into your current symptoms and recent and longer term health history, diet, lifestyle, emotional, stress and environmental triggers. You will be sent paperwork in advance to complete and return before your appointment for analysis. At the end of the session we write a plan together to commence the healing journey.

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Functional Diagnostics Testing service with interpretation 

Many people contact me to enquire about whether I can do health or allergy testing. The answer is yes. However there is one premise; normally I will have a quick chat with you to ensure that you are indeed ordering the best test for your concerns and not wasting your money.

For example, many people contact me to order food allergy tests because they are suffering with gut health or digestive symptoms. Nothing wrong with this conclusion I hear you ask? And you are correct only that the food intolerance test may not actually help you identify the true source of your health problems. What it will do is tell you what foods you currently are having an IgG reaction to. But this is more than likely due to other causes. So, as a result of the food intolerance test you will narrow down your food choices but not actually solve the cause of your problems and you may risk further food intolerance developing thus narrowing your food options and risking nutritional deficiencies. It becomes a vicious cycle of more and more food allergies.

Food allergy symptoms are most commonly a symptom in their own right and not a condition; they are a symptom of other problems such as a gut infection, complications following foreign travel, gastrointestinal inflammation, a hyperpermeable gut or a more serious intolerance such as gluten or lactose intolerance (which then lead to inflammation, hyperpermeable gut and further food problems. Gluten intolerance is not measured by an IgG food allergy test, nor is lactose intolerance). IgG food intolerance tests will not diagnose histamine intolerance or gut infections.

So, what I often recommend is that we actually choose a different test to identify the true causes of the digestive problems if I feel this is more beneficial to you.


The above example does not relate to all the queries I receive. Many clients have thoroughly investigated what functional medicine tests are correct for them, and after a quick chat to verify this we go ahead and order the test.

Functional medicine tests are only available through a practitioner. I act as the facilitator for ordering the test, and the clinical interpreter and advisor when the results come back. Testing is available via Genova Diagnostics, Forth Biotracking and monitoring, Invivo Clinical and Microtrace Germany. (click to read more). Tests are interpreted using a functional medicine approach; diet, lifestyle, supplements and herbal medicine advice given

Functional diagnostic tests are fantastic to provide more insight and a greater depth of clinical insight into the causes of, or the imbalances presenting, in physical and even emotional symptoms.

In the clinic my most frequently used tests are the GI map (from Invivo clinical) and the GI effects (from Genova diagnostics) comprehensive stool profiles.

As of January 2020 I have added a very exciting test into my range of diagnostics services: the Phylo-biosciences GI-EcologiX test.

Please click here to lean more about How to Heal your Gut

I could not treat patients with the success that I do without the answers provided by these two tests. I also frequently use hair mineral analysis tests from Micro-trace in Germany and the adrenal and hormonal health profiles also have helpful insights into clinical symptoms.

Functional medical tests drive solutions and practical strategies; and in the long run save many years of guessing what the problem is and prevent the need to trial numerous expensive supplement protocols or extreme diets. Functional medicine diagnostic tests fill a gap left where conventional medical diagnostic tests may have failed to provide clinical insight.

If you really don’t know what it is you seek then I suggested an appointment first where we discuss your current health, signs and symptoms and decide from there. (If you are unsure email me on andreacullenhealthsolutions@gmail.com and we can take it from there).

If you would prefer to use a different company or already have test results and seek guidance I can provide advice and support.

1 hour follow up-appointment/ Q&A appointment

This appointment is for clients following up on longer appointments, or simply booking in for an hour review, BodyStat assessment, PEMF appointment, simply a supportive chat, or focused Q & A session (e.g. checking in again after many months or with specific questions, or for support for various new or other health challenges).
Appointments can also be facilitated via Skype for international clients or those unable to travel.

Health coaching 4 consultation package special

This is an excellent option for those committed to making improvements to their health and wellbeing or as a more thorough follow up to the Functional medicine assessment & intuitive diagnostics energy screen. The format is of 4 x 1 hour appointments.

Many of us prefer to follow the path of slow steady changes and to follow a more “mentoring” type approach and this appointment option is to accommodate this. It also allows for time to implement change, room for thinking and exploring, and gives you a place to ask your questions when we meet such that you can learn and grow as part of the process.

Your experiences in between appointments are valuable to guide us along. Everyone is unique; it is normally a fun journey working together as we get to know one another and the more you throw in the more you get out. I have so much information and experience stored up from over the years and this really comes to the fore when you drive the process with curiosity and questions.

Appointments may be 2 week to 6 weeks apart as preferred; you will be guided through a process of health & lifestyle changes to nurture mind, body and soul and stimulate healing. We will set specific goals in our first consultation and from here I will guide you through a process to best support our agreed goals. This is team work so at all points you get to be involved in the decision making and to provide feedback to ensure we keep focused. You may avail of energy healing and intuitive cell feedback sessions, PEMF and Bodystat 1500MDD diagnostics during your appointments also.

This is a great way to really go deep into making consistent and permanent changes to benefit your health and wellbeing.


So there you have it, if you find something in this list that calls to you please don’t delay in investing in your health, your path and your happiness.
Andrea x

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