To heal means getting kick ass honest with ourselves

To heal means getting kick ass honest with ourselves

Today’s musings.

We keep being told that someone can heal us; that a diet or supplement or test is the magic that can remove us from a need to take responsibility for our health and healing journey. 

I am sorry to say, but when you read as much research as I do (several papers a day) you will see that the world of medical health science is full of conflict.

Science is the process of asking questions. It never promises a clean cut answer!

The body is complex, dynamic, interactive. It responds to what we throw at it, in a nutshell. 

So…that means to heal we have to figure out the journey that got you here and from here what we can do to create change.

Health requires the basics: nourishment in every meaning of the world, resilience through learning how to cope with and release stress through the nervous system, management of our environment, sleep, movement, relationships, challenge.

…health also requires us to connect with and heal our microbiome…the alien world within us created through evolution to assist us…and look at how we treat it!

Are you ready to start being curious?


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