Derval O’Rourke’s new cookbook ‘Food for the Fast lane’
Derval O'Rourke

Derval O’Rourke’s new cookbook ‘Food for the Fast lane’

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Hi folks,

It is YET ANOTHER FABULOUS SEPTEMBER DAY; wow I cannot get enough of this Indian Summer we are having here in Ireland, I am just back from my own little 19km canter around the block in the warm sun (ok 18.95 km my running OCD is kicking myself for the shortfall!). I think every athlete and active person in Ireland will agree that it has been the best ever summer for outdoor training.

I know that speaking for myself, while things are still up in the air regarding getting the new clinic up and running (read here) I have been outdoors a lot; to keep fit, to keep my mind clear, and to help me make decisions about the future. I personally find that decluttering your head with activities such as running, walking, hiking, or biking allow the solutions to float in…. minus the worry and over-analysis. This is probably due to the repetitive nature of these activities putting you into a state of heart sync, a sort of active meditation so to speak. If you have decisions to make get outdoors rather than on a hamster wheel of over analysis; your productivity will thank you for it.

If you are not familiar with where I live;


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My Wishlist Books for Dream Interpretation, Psychic Awareness, and Energy Healing..


Dream Interpretation:


There are many more books available dedicated to dream interpretation and also some helpful websites. I believe that our dreams can reflect several things, our subconscious working out ‘stuff’, our guides giving us symbols related to life events or people that require a bit of interpretation on our behalf, as well as dreams and desires….. Only you truly can interpret what your dream means to you.


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My Wishlist Books for Personal and Spiritual Growth….


My Wish Lists

The following books are ones that are “Next” on my reading list, OR are currently on my shelf waiting for me to pick them up :-). For these reasons I am unable to write a review, however they come highly recommended to me by clients, friends and fellow professionals, and so may draw you to their wisdom. They are not listed in any particular order.



My recommended Book and Movie list………

Recommended books that may help you along the journey of self-discovery……..


I have always been an avid reader; spending a whole day curled up on the sofa in between the franticness of an active childhood was nothing strange to me. My mum was and is the very same; only she quite literally devours books at the speed of lightening, and she is my go to person for a perfect spelling and grammar check.

My fabulous Mum Heather

Books are where you lose yourself as a child and live a double life. I travelled far and wide; Mary O’Hara transported me to the great plains of Wyoming in My Friend Flicka and other novels, I was transported into The Enchanted Woods by Enid Blyton and then became a member of The Famous 5; I travelled with Toad in The Wind in the Willows, fell in love with The Fox cub Bold and The Animals of Farthing Wood, and I sailed boats in balmy summers in Swallows and Amazons. And who forgets Peter Rabbit? My childhood is mile stoned by books when I wasn’t out creating my own adventures with my brothers.





“I think the irony is that as we become adults we lose ourselves to a double life of others expectations, should do’s and must be’s, only to later re-find ourselves in books.”

We all have a very personal journey with books, and so my list really can only reflect what I have been drawn to and found helpful for me or helpful for my clients. I am incredibly time stressed so my love of reading books and the amount read in the past years sadly isn’t reflected in the vast number of books I have on my shelves. I will someday, get through them all, they all speak to me and when the time is right I will learn their mysteries, lessons and insights.

Books that I have found helpful on my own journey and that I recommend to various clients include the following. I cannot promise to have read each from front to back; however I have found some gems within these books which helped me with what I was after in the moment.

The secret to the following books is to read what you are drawn to; don’t ask questions or analyse the front or back too much. With books there is a magic far more special than logic can define, I am convinced that the book chooses you…..


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