Support for recovering after the loss of a baby, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

This consultation is one from the heart. There is a lack of support provided to women that have been through miscarriage, ectopic or the loss of a baby regarding healing their physical health, emotional health and spiritual health. Topics that we cover include food and movement to support you, strategies to release grief, trauma, pain, and loss from the body, and anything else that you feel is important to support you on your healing journey.

No one can understand the personal journey or pain that you have just been through. I will not say that I understand, but I promise to offer you support, compassion, empathy and to understand to the best of my ability.

Miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy loss, and the loss of a baby through termination or other is an incredibly tough experience to come through.

My personal experience is that the body takes a massive beating on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Speaking personally I was astounded at just how much I felt physically, all the while struggling with what I was feeling emotionally, never mind the questions that I had spiritually.

I came through a complicated ectopic that required methotrexate therapy and although I am originally trained as a pharmacist nothing prepared me for the utter wallop for months afterwards. (and many of the medications used to support fertility can be quite hard on your system physically and emotionally; we can support healing and recovering this). I am a very active person I race half ironman triathlons, half marathons and marathons; and I was utterly floored in terms of energy and how my body worked for months. If I had not known how to heal myself, I am not sure how I would have come through the other side. Thankfully I did.

So, I dived headfirst into learning from my journey. How could I heal my body, how could I support the emotions that were stuck deep in my being, how could I heal my heart, how could I let the sudden surges of anger or depression out of me, how could I connect to my baby spirits and somehow gain meaning and insight from what I was going through. I wanted to face it, to learn for you. And I will admit that some days I just stared at the table and wondered why and how; i just felt lost and blank.

I learnt a lot; and yet I am also acutely aware that your journey may be so different to mine.

In this consultation I will spend a lot of time listening to you, so that I can guide you intuitively with support and strategies that may help. Sometimes just talking helps. Sometimes having a chance to speak allows you to find your own path.

I did learn this; and it is my intention to help you develop simple strategies and skills to support yourself should they feel right for you. (Note the strategies are simple and I recommend starting with one or two, because to be honest you are too damn tired to do much).

  • We aren’t taught how to eat to heal; nutrition is tremendously important to support healing, and also should you wish to try again for a baby good nutrition supports improved fertility.
  • We aren’t told that it takes time to heal physically and emotionally, significant time. Like 6 months!
  • I will repeat that, we aren’t told that this take time.
  • We aren’t taught how to move; to move to heal and release emotions (ie yoga, stretching, dancing around the room and having a big cry. Physical and emotional movement helps us to release).
  • We aren’t taught other ways to process emotions; like art, creativity, nature, music. Not all of us want to attend therapy; sometimes slowing down and doing something creative allows the healing to begin. I painted an old chest of drawers.
  • We aren’t told of how emotions nest themselves into the body leading to physical pain, soreness, stiffness, fatigue, anxiety and more. Sometimes these emotions can run so deep as to impact the thyroid (e.g. auto immune thyroid, or low thyroid), the female hormonal system (e.g. messed up cycles, infertility), the muscles (e.g. pain, stiffness or even fibromyalgia), the immune system (e.g. being run down, frequent infections or irritations like cold sores or acne), and also our energy systems (fatigue, chronic fatigue); never mind the hormonal crash and depression, anger and all over the shop emotions.
  • We aren’t taught how to heal medication side-effects and long-term effects. For example, fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, weight issues, thyroid issues etc. There are things that we can do to heal and rebalance ourselves.
  • Sometimes herbs and homeopathic medicines can provide helpful support, and after the first month post methotrexate specific supplements to mitigate the methotrexate side effect. I personally found tremendous support in herbs and homeopathics and using herbs in homeopathic doses; I call these my herbal allies.

I hope that I can support you, and if so, thank you for trusting in me.
Andrea x

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