From ‘There’ to ‘Here”

By Andrea Cullen
Nutritional Therapist, Pharmacist and Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

On Sunday, May 2nd, I spoke at an event hosted here in Castletroy, Limerick; Irelands first water solutions event where we discussed water, fluoride issues, electrolysed reduced water for human and veterinary use, and also water filtration systems as used by NASA to remove all common toxins, bacteria and chemicals from drinking water.

I was absolutely honoured to share the podium with Dr Peggy Parker, Naturopath and Biological doctor; Dr Tim Crowe, one of THE most qualified veterinarians in the USA; and Michael Pederson water filtration specialist and founder of Aquaspace water filters.
We had a packed room in the sunny Castletroy Carlton hotel; and once the nerves flew off me I thoroughly enjoyed my presentation. This is the link describing the line-up for the day:

My goal was not to stand up and tell everyone to drink Kangen water; for a start I am not an expert in Kangen. My goal was to stand in front of everyone and speak from my heart with a metaphorical pair of jump leads to get everyone going within to find their own answers about how to heal themselves and protect the health of their loved ones. So I did just that, microphone in shaky hand I spoke from the heart; and I have learnt one thing lately; when you speak from the heart, everything changes!


There was a lovely energy Healer in the room, whom I had met on a few occasions previously, and during our lunch break she approached me and asked me what had changed in me? That my energy was totally different from when I have presented lectures before, and that I literally transformed the energy state of everyone in the room. I was blown away.

So what has changed in me? If I am honest, it is that I am now choosing to work from a heart space, one of honesty, as much purity as possible, and using more of the gifts that have for most of my life terrified me. Gifts that are opening up as I chose to like myself and feel solid in who I am; gifts to see energy, know intuitively what is wrong, to see past life traumas stuck in cellular functions, and I feel a burning desire to heal. Suddenly my fear of acceptance matters less than the message I have to bring about health; AND to bring the truths on who should but doesn’t care about healing you; BIG PHARMA and the GOVERNMENT. I don’t care if I get in trouble for this anymore or if people don’t “get it” or don’t like it.

I am a VERY science brained person, with an ever-deepening knowledge of health, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and how the body works and my eyes have been opened to another dimension completely of health and energy, and also of the powers of the mind; and somehow this is where the path is now leading. And it is exciting, and I will never stop being a scientist in my approach, and no doubt things will continually challenge me, but this is small compared to my appetite to progress and learn. Being proven wrong is twice as exciting as being stuck in being correct. Life is a great teacher, when you choose to flow with it and approach it with a sense of intrigue.


There is nothing special about what I do as a therapist; I just have an intuitive knack backed up by a science knowledge that helps me figure which ROAD MAP is best for you to take towards health and wellness. I believe that my job really only is to empower you to start making the right choices for you, to look within at emotional junk, and to teach and encourage you to eat the right foods for you, move your body the best way to keep it fit, and to tweak your lifestyle to encourage wellness. Simple; the secret is just to know which map to use for you.


I started my path in pharmacy college in Cardiff, Wales. I qualified from a tough course and set out to make a difference and be the ‘best’ pharmacist that I could be. I managed many stores, locumed between permanent jobs all over the south of England and my last position saw me at the helm of a large concept store in Haselmere, Surrey, where I was allowed to develop a complementary medicine section to the store, along with health checks such as allergy testing, blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol testing and so on. I was also involved in medication dispensing to nursing homes and prescription to advice to these homes as well as the local GPs. It was a challenging role, but it was becoming apparent to me that my heart was more in health, than the dispensing. There were certain people along my path that I distinctly remember.

The first was an elderly gentleman in my first pharmacy in Ringmer, near Lewes. This old man was not well liked, he was doom and gloom and said very little. My job was to deliver oxygen bottles to his home. I was hell-bent on creating a smile so over my year in Ringmer we struck up a friendship. I wanted to ask him so many questions about his POW injuries and his story; apparently he survived the camps in Japan in WWII, but I never had the courage to ask. I did however see a smile on his face the days I dropped oxygen to his home, mission accomplished; it must have been my Irishness, I always came in through his door with the conversation guns blazing :-)

The second customer that stands out in my mind was a man I met while doing locum pharmacy in Hove, Brighton. This young man, shy of thirty had massive sores all over his body and clearly wasn’t taking care of himself. The dispensary was chaotic and the pharmacy busy; I told the girls I would be back, much to their disgust, and sat in a corner with this young man and we chatted. I just wanted to give him my time, talk to him about nourishing himself and trying to get him to at least avoid the bottle until midday and get a breakfast into him. I sensed such deep sadness, and I felt then (not knowing that usually when I feel something about someone’s health I am correct), that he had HIV, and not long to live. I wanted to make even a little difference to his day. I felt such deep emotional pain from this man, and a sense of sadness and isolation, that it traumatised me a little and I had a wee cry hiding out the back behind the medicine shelves. I just hoped that somehow, I had made a difference.

Oh and I am totally forgetting that in Ringmer we had our own resident Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Beau-kay)!

Hyacinth Bucket

I used to frustrate her no end by handing her plastic biros for signing prescription forms (she only used Parker pens), and all her shopping had to be repacked into Harrods bags. She delighted my day and amazed the staff.

The third was a man who was a regular in my last pharmacy in Haselmere. He was suffering leukaemia and had to do frequent blood harvesting. He was taking a nutrient supplement that was baffling his doctors; this was enough to finally push me to want to learn more, and so I went back to school: 3 more years in college studying Nutritional Therapy while managing the pharmacy part-time.

It was January of 2003, 9 years after I moved to the UK, that I was flying back from Ireland to the UK and like a voice in my head, I just felt I had to move back to Ireland. It is odd, because most of my life I ran from my inner guidance but this time I didn’t question it. It felt like something I just had to do. It meant leaving the most important friends that I ever had in my life, and an amazing boyfriend. To this day I miss them. It just didn’t feel like an option; something was calling me back. So after exams in July, close to ten years ago, my life changed again and I moved back to Tipperary, Ireland. After 9 years of independence and being my own boss, I was back home, squashing my life into what was the play room in my parents’ home; and I mean everything, bed, books, sofas, a whole home into one room. I was grateful; it is never easy to start again. I had done it many times before as I moved around the UK; but this move felt like the hardest one.

So off I started again, at the bottom of the nutrition ladder, setting out to establish myself in a new world while also self-training in sports nutrition. There are many times I speak out against the world of pharmacy, as I will here in a moment; however, having a proper medical qualification behind me has been all the difference in my career, being accepted (sort of), and the best platform to learning. With a good set of brains behind you and a strong foundation you can learn anything; the key is to set yourself learning the right information, to follow and be inspired be the correct leaders in the field, and to keep your mind open and your ego minimal. I think I had some divine intervention at the beginning of my career as my first ‘athlete’ client was Gerard Hartmann and my second Sonia O’Sullivan and shortly after a gig with Munster Rugby that lasted 4 years and saw them win two Heineken cups. Someone believed in me, and many friends pushed me; my own self-belief was not the best.

I have met and worked with many amazing athletes, after Ger and Sonia I have been blessed to work with Derval O’Rourke, Ailis McSweeney, Rob Heffernan, Paul Hession, Gordon D’Arcy, Johnny Sexton, Patrice Dockery, Eoin Rheinisch, Colin Griffin, numerous GAA and rugby teams, the Irish sailors, Irish rowers, the FAI, and so on.

What stands out most in my mind? Well I won’t mortify myself (or them) but the first time I worked with Ronan O’Gara and Donncha O’Callaghan they came as a double act and I could barely keep them focused on the conversation let alone in my clinic room as they took matters into their own hands. Another great moment that I will never forget was the Christmas party one year when I learnt that rugby was not the only talent of the Munster boys but singing. I mean real singing! As Barry Murphy, Freddie Pucciariello, and more took to the floor and belted out more notes than Cara O’Sullivan. I couldn’t believe my ears; the icing on the cake was the wives led by Olive Foley singing a skit based around a musical (I think it was the sound of music); priceless.

I think to keep things in the realm of nutrition I have to give Jerry Flannery, Ian Dowling, Eugene Govern and a fourth that I really should remember (if my memory stands correct) a mention, as I will never forget the cooking classes in my kitchen when it took a military operation of all four of them all to remove a lasagne from my oven. In all fairness lads I will give you all a shout out; you all turned Nigella on me as the months went by and the change visibly in your fitness, physique and careers was testament. Every cooking lesson we did someone fell asleep at the table!


The job however was not always easy and there was more than a fair share of bullying and being put in my place from the powers that be. My approach, firmly based in science, and my ability to apply out of the box thinking was more often than not, misunderstood. It never has gone down well that I am a pharmacist with a nutrition diploma and not a dietician. I was sadly, back then, not always able to stand my ground. I had knowledge and not experience and the lack of self-belief meant that constantly having to stand my ground about what I believed in for the players was incredibly tiresome. Time has changed this, with fifteen years’ experience, and knowledge that I will constantly progress, I now fight tooth and nail for my clients and what I believe in. The results I get are testament to my knowledge and experience, I keep an open mind, work from all ‘boxes’ and leave my ego at the door as much as I can. I don’t let people knock me anymore; it isn’t personal; their stuff not mine .

Sports nutrition is such an intriguing and progressive area of research. I started on the IOC sports nutrition diploma, back in ’05 if I remember correctly. However between many career opportunities and what I felt are certain areas that lack in sports nutrition I never completed the course. I think more than anything I was doing it for the letters; so many times I felt like I was writing an answer down that I felt would tick the correct box rather than what I had learnt to be correct. I think really I was just doing it to keep the nutrition feds off my back; and this no longer felt important. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many areas that are accurate in sports science and things must start in a lab environment, but I find that except for a few rare and inspiring leaders in the field, MOST are unable to combine health and ‘whole’ body science with sports medicine, exercise physiology and sports nutrition research. To bring an athlete to optimal once MUST apply functional diagnostic medicine and applied nutrition to create health, and then sports science and sports nutrition to support optimal performance, and then, what often is missing is addressing energy from a holistic approach, harnessing the power of the mind, and also working on their individual rest-recovery balance using specific functional tests.

An example in point is that many sports dieticians are not assessing adrenal health and liver detoxification function (the former important for recovery, the latter for body composition), or have the knowledge to deal with food poisoning incidents from foreign travel (very frequent and places a huge burden on the athlete’s immune system), or know how to spot gluten intolerance (accurately), and many are still over-promoting carbohydrates, advising on the use of sports drinks for energy, advocating too few fats and low in cholesterol, and insufficient protein; for a start. It is such as shame to see that various medical doctors and dieticians are unwilling to embrace the new paradigm for dealing with the athlete. I remember being shot down once for recommending creatine for the rugby players; and then my qualifications again became a point of argument versus a dietician. I think being ahead of the game got me in trouble more often than not; and I didn’t even feel that far ahead of the game to be honest!

My athlete and famous clients make me look important (written with a laugh); however it most definitely is the school of life that has taught me best. I have learnt the most from my own personal journey, the pioneering people and scientists in the field of healthcare that I have met along my path, and from my patients. It is the normal client, with all your worries, health niggles and symptoms of ‘life’ that touch me the deepest, teaches me the most and makes my day incredible.

Last week I received the most touching thank you card from a client that every time I read will bring tears to my eyes, and make what I do worth-while one thousand times over. She saw how much I give each and every one; and although I do not do my work to get something back; she saw what it takes out of me physically and emotionally, and thanked me from the bottom of her heart. She asked me to never give up on my patients because what I do is so important. Wow; and there I was wondering if I make a difference.

carina card

I thought when I started out as a pharmacist, in 1997, that I could make a difference; however I quickly became disillusioned with my career choice. Why? Well:

• Drugs are “chemicals” end of day; they are NOT natural and they are NOT working with the body. For every medication that we put in our bodies there is a metabolic consequence.
• Many topical skin products sold in pharmacies contain additives that are toxic to our health, for example parabens, sodium lauryl or laureth sulphate, triclosan, -PEGs, and phthalates. We are often applying these to the delicate skin of infants.
• Many medications contain multiple additives, colourants and sweeteners; especially children’s antibiotics.
• Most vitamin supplements sold in pharmacies are terribly poor in quality and not healthy for the body; pharmaceutically manufactured health supplements are cheap, poorly formulated and contain more synthetic versions of nutrients in more often than not, suboptimal doses.
• Big Pharma is more like “Big Brother”
– Over prescribing
– Over vaccination
– Disease “invention” to increase medication sales
– Regulation of HERBAL medicines
– Regulation of health SUPPLEMENTS
– Regulation of health CLAIMS
– Health education bias in university medical and pharmaceutical degree courses
– Eliminate the competition
– Third world countries (waste medicines, Bill Gates foundation, vaccine trials, etc.)
• Environmental contamination; most drugs excreted via the urine enter the water supply unchanged or at best only partially metabolised.
• Impatient patient system – patients are not listened to
• Medical ‘ego’

Preventative medicine

For a superb review with some home-truths please follow this link where Jon Rappoport talks about the big pharmaceutical cartels; fascinating reading!

Drugs side-effect incidents are far greater than reported; fraud on a massive scale is common; pharmaceutical drugs deaths, when medications are prescribed correctly are one of the main causes of death in society; pharmaceutical drugs are 62,000 times more likely to kill you than supplements; and when companies are found out, the financial rap on the knuckles is mere pocket-money compared to their earnings. And in the past 6 months information is emerging about children in Chad, Africa being forced an unlicensed meningitis vaccines that had not been completely through clinical testing, which resulted in a high percentage of serious side effects. The pharmaceutical company team of vaccinators fled and later the government paid each family an unconfirmed sum of £1000. How can this be right?

Big Pharma are seriously misleading the general public. How? In brief a few home-truths as presented in my lecture:

• Chronic life-long medication, customer for life $$$$$.
• No incentive for a cure or to heal.
• Squashing of competitive and progressive research, e.g. cancer cures, etc.
• Striking off of MDs and GPs involved in alternative healthcare; ceasing and banning of alternative treatments; e.g. IV Vitamin C here in Ireland.
• Insufficient long-term safety testing + monitoring, gross under-reporting of side-effects.
• Manipulation of statistics & conflicts of interest.
• Answer to whom? Big Pharma seem to set the rules; NB swine flu madness in Ireland led to high percentage of vaccinations and government agreed indemnity with the pharmaceutical companies should side-effects be discovered at a later date (and they have been, and patients are unable to claim).
• Chemical industry (toxins) and pharmaceutical industry (treatment) are one…..
• Flawed theories; e.g. cholesterol, stomach acidity, depression, mental health for starters.
• Mistruths and inaccuracies regarding success of, and need for, and side-effects of, vaccination
• Inappropriate over-medication and failure to address the true underlying causes, e.g.
 Anxiety, depression, mental health
 Sleep disorders
 Viral illness Vs. bacterial infections
 Cholesterol and statin over-use
 Syndromes – CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia
 ADHD, learning disorders
 Neuro-degenerative and neuro-cognitive conditions
 Musculoskeletal and auto-immune conditions
 Gastrointestinal diseases
 Infertility
 Pain relief, headache and migraine
 Osteoporosis
 Thyroid
 Etc.

My question however is
• Are medications upsetting the delicate bio-energetic balance of the body?
• And our ability to feel and think clearly and heal fully?
• Are we somehow being over-medicated and dumbed down?

This question is increasingly on my mind as I become more and more aware of how I feel when I am surrounded by medication when I work as a pharmacist. As the day proceeds my body becomes weaker and weaker, my vitality drops, my creativity and brain function drops, I feel like my head is spaced and my body drained and well my will to be in the pharmacy at all tends to go. I believe there is an energy vibration within these medicines that it not always ‘good’ and this goes back even so far as the intent with which the medicines have been made. And you can trust that this isn’t to make people well, but to line pockets with money. I can appreciate how this must sound if you are a left-brained thinker, however I am sure that many versed in the science of energy and quantum energy and energy healing will agree.

Recently I heard published author, psychiatrist, and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA, Dr Judith Orlaff ( discussing how she matches medication with the energy of her patients; as in she matches the energy vibration of the medicine to the patient, when medication is needed. I am convinced of this effect and this may be another explanation for why some medications suit patients more than others when there is no other rational explanation. However I think we must prescribe only when absolutely needed, and for the shortest time possible. I do not believe medication in many cases is the long-term solution; and I do believe that medication unsettles the sensitive energy balance of the body; not for the better. If I am sensitive to it just being around the medicines then how are these affecting the body electric?

Molecular Thoughts

It seems I have more questions than answers and I am sure that I will not be waiting long as the field of energy medicine grows. Did you know that the most prominent energy healers most often come from high-powered jobs such as within NASA, high-end physics, medical fields or similar?

I am intrigued about life and finding the ‘answers’ to health and how we give health away to ill-health. My mind is open to all possibilities and variables; there is no ‘ONE” answer. We must EVOLVE as healers and therapists and we must leave our egos outside the door and see this as a journey along with our patients – we are only a few steps ahead of them after all, if we are lucky! There is no room for a god-type ego, healing must come from the heart and embracing that there is much more that we do NOT know, than we DO know. I learn so much about life from every patient and I count this as a true blessing.

It is so hard for me to say the following, and that is that no one is going to fix it for you. Every patient with chronic ill-health is at the start of a journey to healing and I believe that looking all the following sequence of events all play a crucial role in healing.

1. Awareness
2. Acceptance
3. Willingness to heal; a desire to change
4. Education and empowerment
5. Finding the best fit for you (I should probably add to this: making a few mistakes along the way)

i order to change we must be sick and tired

It breaks my heart so often to see so many women sitting in my office, with absolute exhaustion and health problems such as insomnia, pain, and any of the following: thyroid problems, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, depression, lack of motivation, and well just feeling plain awful. Usually we have a good chat about all this and what stands out to me, is that these women are sitting there feeling ‘lazy’, and are confused at how they can be so tired when they are in fact juggling work, house-work, running a family and home, and in a nut-shell NEVER STOPPING and NEVER PUTTING THEMSELVES FIRST.

Women are trying to do so much in their daily lives that there is not one second left for ‘me’ time. There is no space for putting SELF first. Or more accurately there is no permission granted to self to take a time out and regenerate; instead there is massive guilt over feeling fatigued and most women feel like they are not doing enough.
I believe that, in addition to suffering from outright exhaustion from juggling more than a circus act clown, often the physical ailments are the body kicking out. In other words your physical body and emotions are telling you enough is enough; that to continue along this path isn’t right for you or sustainable. I believe that when you start to put SELF first, and when joy, creativity, and something meaningful is put back into daily life, then this spills over into everyone’s life. You must learn to be selfish, to become selfless. When SELF is put first, there is more SELF to share with others; and more energy, happiness, and vitality spills into everyone else’s life.

I am also seeing an increasing number of young adults and teens in similar situations. There is such pressure from within (and from family and teachers), that they are losing track of the direction that feels right for them. Life becomes too serious; encourage self-expression, creativity, and listen to what they need to say. Just listen, don’t advise, they know the answers. Watch out for throat clearing, throat infections, and disordered eating as possible communication problems.


The further I go along my own life-path, the more I see that many health problems come back to our emotions, perceptions, and beliefs. Our health is also deeply affected by our environment, and this is something many are not aware of and is something I will touch on here in this blog. We must all step up and make a decision to heal, and take responsibility back for our health. Sadly no one else, most certainly not our governments, are going to do this for us.

People often ask me how I can work so hard and why do I devote myself to my work; I guess in a nutshell my patients count, a lot. I can empathise with how they feel, I feel angry at the lies we are told; and I feel I haven’t come through all the experiences in my life or landed the education I have been blessed to get, or been given the ability to ‘see’, for nothing. I finally feel like I am moving along the correct path and although challenging; it is teaching me so much, about life, and more importantly who I am and how we are all connected. I feel that so many of us have lost the mind-body connection, we are living in our heads, dissociated from our bodies and when either our minds or our bodies start to kick out, we get ill and anxious. Medicine completely views health as a separation of the mind and body. When we lose this mind-body connection we see dis-ease and illness. Healing must work on reconnecting the mind and body, and work through addressing our perceptions, emotions, feelings, how we deal with stress and our belief patterns.

Why am I so passionate about what I do?
• Sinister intentions of corrupt big-Pharma.
• Governments don’t care.
• Disempowered public; lack of freedom of choice.
• Complete lack of unbiased and truthful information about the causes of ill-health.
• Urgent need for information to empower people in how to heal mind and body.
• Greed and disregard for health within the food & cosmetics industry.
• Vaccines mistruths and a system that forces people into making a decision without accurate information.
• Unsafe water.
• “Hidden” environmental toxins.
• “Invented’ illness: when we have an ‘illness’ then we can prescribe a medication; also it may remove responsibility from governments and big Pharma, e.g. Gulf war syndrome appears to be an illness when perhaps it may be due post-traumatic stress disorder greatly worsened by the medication and vaccine cocktails given to the troops.
• I have seen many sides; medical, functional, holistic, energy, mental-emotional, birth trauma, past-life.
• My personal journey.

The further I have proceeded down my path in functional medicine and applied nutrition the more I stared to see that something was missing in my healing philosophy. I was getting uneasy about this and my whole personal journey was waking me up so to speak about the power of my mind to create, and also how the flow of energy in life is a big key, to EVERYTHING. And so this year, I started to change how I was approaching my clients and how I understood and empathised with them. I was focusing more on talking, listening, being there; and I stopped every form of clock watching. If the consultation needed to take 3 hours, so be it! I could even see that my intention and beliefs centering around my patients was a key part of their healing; right down to how my fabulously intuitive PA Deirdre was handling their emails. I started to meditate before some of my clients, or after; this too has made a vast difference in what I intuitively picked up about them and their health. To my astonishment I have been razor-sharp on many things I never could have known. One of my clients asked me one day who was telling me all this, I just smiled (I am not sure i even had the right answer!).

Certain things started to move up the ranks in terms of priority in my healing system; and it is as ever my inquisitive nature and desire to try for myself and study the research, that has concreted the science in my mind. Electrolysed reduced water also known here as Kangen water is a crucial part of healing; the body energy field is an ever-increasing fascination; the power of the mind to manifest illness and create wellness, depending on how we chose to focus it is significant; the significance of the placebo effect; water science (cue my new inspiration Dr Gerard Pollack and the fabulous Mae Wan Ho); and the universal energy and collective consciousness. All these started to knock functional diagnostic medicine and applied nutrition a little further down the ranks and I guess you could say the following became my new philosophy:

my philosophy

My own journey through life being an incredibly sensitive person, has taught me that when we start to tune into ‘SELF’ we become aware of this inner voice guiding us. Yet to speak out about this to friends and family members and most certainly to the vast majority of the medical profession will result in the diagnosis of mental health problems; so we don’t talk.
We cannot open up about how we feel; we feel frightened, we keep busy by doing, eating, shopping and effectively we run from our emotions or we get lost in anger depression, and utter fatigue. All to stop ‘feeling’ what truly is the problem. Most often we aren’t aware and don’t even know why we feel or act this way. It takes a special therapist that is aware to see what truly is going on.

In order to heal, we must start looking at why we are ill and how to heal another way; what we are currently being told clearly isn’t working. I believe that health is the interconnection of all the mind, body, spirit (or soul) and our environment (nature).

I believe our health is related to:
• Environment Vs. inherent defence system; when the body is healthy it is naturally resilient to most environmental attacks such as bacteria, parasites, or toxins.
• Physical function; how well the body is working (mitochondria, cells, tissues, glands, organs, etc.).
• The food and beverages you consume.
• Nourishment (what you are absorbing).
• Your emotions – how you interpret and react to life.
• The people in your life.
• Soul path – Finding your place in life.
• Exercise – how you move your body.
• Quiet time – finding inner peace amongst the chaos.
• Love, connection, and SELF-worth.
• Environmental awareness – doing what you can to minimise toxin body burden and support a green planet.
• Spirituality – your belief system; also beliefs about health and illness.
• The media and advertising industry – we are bombarded, most often NEGATIVELY.
• Variety – fun, play, adventure, growth, learning.
• Learning to accept and to let go. When we can graciously forgive others, it is actually ourselves we are setting free.


Ultimately consider who it is that controls our lives, thoughts, beliefs, fears, needs, and determines “who we should be”? Have we given someone else permission?

I love this quote by Michael Garrett, from his book Walking on the Wind:
“Every living being possesses inner power referred to as “Medicine,” or way of life, which connects us to all other living being through the heart
….being in harmony means being “in step” with the universe…”

Modern medicine tells us that medication, chemo, radiation and surgery are the ways to heal; if we are lucky we get an open-minded practitioner that may recommend some holistic treatments in the mix. If we are responsible we endeavour to eat better and exercise; and when an illness like cancer occurs we shake our heads and wonder what did we do wrong? We tell ourselves that it must be bad luck and a bad roulette deal with our genetics. This is not so, our genetics do not rule our health, they merely indicate where our own individual weakest link may lie should we not take sufficient care of our health.

Our genetics are influenced by our food and key nutrients, our environment, and even our thoughts and beliefs. Yes our thoughts and beliefs can alter our genes; this IS science proven and is absolutely astonishing. Only recently scientists are documenting that what we were told was ‘junk’ DNA are sections of DNA that may be programmed by our consciousness; if you read this correctly you should be pretty amazed by this!

So IF, we are born with a tendency towards cancer, then whether we believe this or not may make all the difference. This is WHY, I believe genetic testing, such as for the breast cancer gene, can be such a profound death sentence should we not be told that we have a power to control this (somewhat). The medical system must start informing people that they can alter the path, and provide correct education in the areas of diet, lifestyle, mind-set and how to minimise environmental toxin exposure. Instead they recommend butchery. Removing the breasts as Angelina Jolie did, does nothing to change cancer triggers. Cancer can still happen somewhere else, only this time not in the breasts IF changes are not made to the diet, lifestyle and beliefs.

genetics slide

My main gripe with the medical and government systems is that they are not being truthful with us about many of the factors leading to disease, nor are they doing anything to protect us or create solutions; frankly this gets me pretty angry and is why, with a passion I will do all I can to educate my family, friends and clients so at to empower them to start taking the reins back into their own hands. We are not told for example, that many of the following may be responsible for ill-health and triggering our weakest genetic link into chronic health problems: medication; vaccines; toxic chemicals in food, beverages, cosmetics, and toiletries; agri-chemicals; agricultural pollution; genetic modification; polluted ‘drinking’ water; industrial pollution; EMF, Wi-Fi and microwaves; geopathic stress; radiation; air quality, etc.

ill heath

I don’t want to start speculating here as to why our governments and the medical system don’t wish to really help people; all I can assume is that there is a lot of corrupt and financially driven reasons; the money is on the side of illness rather than disease prevention. I mean think about it; why would anyone want to cure a condition? Far better to prescribe something that sort of holds you there; that neither kills nor heals.


So what does happen in the body when we are unwell? Well most illness and conditions have the same things going on in the background, the condition name gives the illusion of most conditions being separate entities, however when you get right down to it we tend to see three things going on, regardless of whether it is something-it is, or psoriasis, high blood pressure, or dementia. Dr Parker today beautifully described this as “the deadly triad”: Oxidation, Dehydration and Inflammation. If we can address these three things then the wheels are in motion to heal, provided that a good therapist can also get to the bottom of WHAT is driving this triad of destruction.

I may be a nutritional therapist and so nutrition and supplements are my tools, however I am doing my patients a gross injustice if I do not look deeper at what is causing the problems. While I am supporting the bodies’ innate healing system with food and nutrients, I must also get to work eliminating the root problem(s). This is where many therapists go wrong; we all have different tools, however we MUST get to the core issues; be they the emotions, environmental toxins, infections, system dysfunction and so on.

And so to Kangen water, seeing the conference was all about water, well I guess I need to touch on this a little!!!

plants and water

Where is Kangen in the bigger picture of my healing model? Well it is pretty high up to be honest. Through the antioxidant effect of kangen (free radical donor as a result of the platinum plated electrolysis process), it supports the repair of the cell membrane; a membrane constructed of a lipid bilayer that is highly sensitive to life’s daily internal and external free radical attack. Through the repair of the cell membrane and restoring the cell to optimal hydration we can restore cell structure and biochemical function which can then permit diet and nutrition (herbs and homeopathy) to heal the body. Healing and energy therapies will also heal more effectively. And once we have restored health, Kangen will help keep us there. Don’t forget that 99% of the molecules in your body are water; it makes sense that this is healing water, and not dead toxic water. As Dr Tim Crowe so enthusiastically exclaimed, electrolysed water is ‘God’ water, it is the same restricted or 4th phase water as that found in grapes and watermelons and all fruits and vegetables; it the water in clouds; and it is the water at source tumbling against rocks in a mountain stream. It is not that the Kangen machine is the miracle; the machine is creating the type of water that should be available to us all the time in nature. Only what we get through the taps, is dead, polluted, oxidised water. It essentially steals life from our cells, and not the reverse. Kangen is as Dr Parker says “technology that meets biology”.

Lightening creates electrolysed reduced water naturally; isn’t nature incredible.

The first step to healing is improving your water, by drinking Kangen water. Yes this is a pricey intervention; however, how much are you currently spending on therapies that cannot work optimally? When the cell is oxidised, dehydrated and inflamed, it is much harder for other interventions to work optionally. I see Kangen water as one of the platform steps to improving health which means I do not need to rely so heavily on nutritional supplements or for as long as previously.

When I first heard about Kangen water I could not wrap my head around why people were reporting such rapid and dramatic improvements to their symptoms. I was scratching my head; I was told that Kangen was an alkaline water and I knew this would help restore optimal pH to the body; however this alone did not explain just how quickly people were healing. As I have learnt more about Kangen, the answer became obvious, for several reasons. The healing in Kangen is in its high antioxidant free electron donating power, its vibrational frequency, and the fact that also it is reducing exposure to the tap or bottled water that you were previously consuming.

Kangen was becoming a very important and increasingly exciting piece of the health jigsaw puzzle.

So here we are, at the end of my long ramble; I hope that I have started to rattle your brain and open your mind a little, and pushed you to start asking questions, and seeking answers and to do what feels right for you and your loved ones.

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