IFM Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice


Hi Folks,

I am currently in Phoenix, Arizona for the Institute for Functional Medicines AFMCP training. I promised that I would keep everyone informed so I have recorded a short message at the end of each day.

The course is being run from The JW Marriott Desert Ridge, and wow what a venue! I haven’t seen the half of it yet; I am lucky if I can even find my car!

Marriott Desert Ridge Resort-full

To be honest by 7 pm my brains are completely fried after the long day so please excuse the quality of the recordings as I cannot even begin to describe how much brain function has been used during the long day; I can barely recall the lecture titles when I get home!

I have been enjoying a good routine here and am up and out the door just after 6 for a short run and then lectures start at 8 am.

If you are nosy this is the street layout here, all my runs are in perfect squares and flat as a pancake; and i am still trying to get used to the giant cacti in people’s gardens.

The sun rise over the mountains is a sight to stop your heart and makes my day and no matter how tired I am calls me out the door to get the feet to the pavement in the cool morning air.

So here are my video blog posts and I will keep adding as I go. I will create a new post for my trip to Sedona and also Colorado.


I am placing my last day first as it contains the most important message to you all; enjoy.
PS I really wish YouTube didn’t freeze the clips on the ugliest facial expressions!!!

Small addition from the kitchen 🙂

Day -1

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Excuse the fumbling spiel about organic; I advocate the best quality that you can buy and am pointing out that if you cannot afford to buy everything organic that at least we have local and seasonal options here in Ireland that still are ‘good’ in quality.




PS: To learn more about my trip here in the USA read here:


What happens in Kona IronMan….

Changes people.


I keep meaning to get a blog up about my stay in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and my experience of watching the Ironman World Championships 2014…. and life is throwing so many fabulous experiences at me that I am failing to find the time. I am just back to Ireland now after spending three days in  Reno Nevada. It has been a fortnight of every emotion and now jet lag. (PS key to jet lag nutritionally is to stick with protein in the am and carbs in the pm).

It was super to get back to Reno; to reconnect to two precious people, to have some me time, and to indulge in some running time. Reno is at 4,400+ feet above sea level and so I was sucking oxygen on my runs and was grateful for the sun to offset the lungs 🙂

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Back to Kona

I had an amazing week in Kona watching my loved one, new friends, and all sorts of sizes, shapes, speeds, techniques and training gear flash by that was all the other competitors as they hit the roads in their final preparations. Just walking down the street or sitting in a café provided ample opportunity to watch the athletes train in the sweltering sun; while I knocked back another Kona coffee.

{Did you know they have a coffee here called peaberry coffee that due to its lower acidity is gentler on the stomach? If you cannot get to Kona this is available to buy online in addition to the real deal Kona coffee. I digress; back to the blog. Coffee has a way of diverting me in my writing as well as in person!}


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Kona IronMan 2014 Buildup….

My Kona IronMan 2014 experience…. Written by the biggest fan of a loved one….


My Number 1: Garron Mosley

Aloha Kona; what’s going on?

Picture this: a heady mix of athletes and supporters drinking Kona coffee laced with almond milk or iced coconut water, or sitting in cafes offering meal options named after the pros or walking through the town as she prepares once more for IronMan. Then imagine the procession of athletes in training passing on TT bikes or running half-naked showing off bodies that are deeply bronzed, fit, toned and yet showing unspoken vulnerability as they glisten drenched with sweat. Add to this the usual mix of locals and heady honey-moon love. Yep…. a potent busy mix!

A quiet Kailua village seawall; where it all starts tomorrow

A quiet Kailua village seawall; where it all starts tomorrow!

This place is buzzing; that there is no denying.

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Stunning cycle around foot of Keeper Hill, North Tipperary


By  Andrea Cullen

27th June 2014

I have a summer rule that I abide to; if the sun shines I get outdoors. Work can always wait and I will work hard into the evening instead to make up the time. Sun is a precious commodity here in Ireland and if the golden rays shine then count me in.

I live close by Keeper Hill in County Tipperary and I have spent almost 40 years playing in her playground. I have run, walked, biked, horse ridden, and driven every corner around her and journeyed often to her summit.

Did you know that you can see 9 counties from her summit? On a sunny day the views are a sight to captivate the soul.

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Get on Your Bike and Cycle Keeper Hill

Looking for a challenging and scenic bike route?

As all my friends and family know, Keeper Hill holds a special place in my heart. So whenever I need to make a great escape from work I will either hike, walk, bike, or run up, down, around or nearby this magical hill.


Keeper Hill, Co. Tipperary

So despite the mist today I thoroughly enjoyed my escape as I hit the roads on my bike.

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When the sun shines in Ireland ……

When the sun shines in Ireland – my flirtations with food, friends and coffee in the sunny strawberry counties………

I don’t normally blog about trips; however when I take to the road my passion is visiting coffee shops and also exploring the gluten-free options available so that I can ‘phone home’ and inform my clients and support them on their travels when they take to the road. Also I would like, for my International followers, to help you fall a little more in love with our beautiful island of Ireland.

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