These are services that not all of my clients may know me for and some know me very well for! The world of energy is something that I believe very much in; whether it is connecting to the energy within to heal, or allowing someone practiced in energy work to connect with us and support us with healing energy or the simplicity of connecting to the lands under our feet and beyond to bring us closer to ourselves I believe in the immense and infinite power of energy.

I have seen energy healing work achieve amazing things; sometimes in the simplest of moments when two people connect in an open and transformative conversation before the “proper” energy healing work is done! You don’t have to know how, what and why, or even specifically believe; just to be open to learning about yourself and having trust in that good things want to flow to you.

Personally I have been able to connect into the energy of my surroundings and people, plants, animals, and spirits for a long time. But I did not know myself and so the gift came with many challenges. I am 43 now, and have been deeply involved in my personal growth for quite some time. I have had to learn my skills, and learn them well in multiple areas.

The information flows from so much around me whether it is people and their health and wellbeing or that of the land, her history and her plants. My work crosses over from assisting others to return to health, wellbeing and knowing themselves after struggling with ill-health and emotional imbalance; to listening to the call of the land and serving her best in terms of healing trauma from the past or receiving her healing gifts through the plants and trees. I also spirit medium. I keep a blog for the more personal side of my work here:

Being sensitive to energy also helps develop a deeper connection to people and this is something that empaths and highly sensitive persons have as a natural ability. It is like another sense, only it is that all of your senses are sharper. You feel and know things, I have this ability although it definitely is a double edged sword until you know how to master yourself and how much you sense from life.

Because I know just how challenging being an empath or highly sensitive person is, I also offer services to support people on this journey. Personal coaching for empath and highly sensitive traits is close to my heart for many reasons and I have so much to share to help you learn more about yourself and develop skills such that life feels easier. My skills as a health professional greatly support this work because many empath and highly sensitive persons struggle with physical and mental health issues as well as disordered relationship to things such as food, alcohol, exercise, drugs and other escape coping skills. There is nothing that we cannot talk about and I am totally open to talk to you about my own personal challenges and how I over came them and how I manage life as a highly sensitive empath. Life can be very traumatic to an empath.

Whatever I am called to do I honour, whatever I sense from the world I do my best to rise to. I love this work; it feels like the biggest part of my purpose and I will never stop being curious, learning, listening and responding to the nudges and intuitions, and also the very hard lessons that tend to come with a calling such as this.

What does this mean for you? I am here 100% to support you, whether it is for a physical problem, an emotional challenge or a personal growth quest… your trust in me means the world and I promise to provide you a safe and peaceful space to grow, heal and learn.


Services include:

Empath/ highly sensitive person coaching 

Life as a highly sensitive empath can be incredibly lonely and challenging. I have 43 years experience navigating life on this wonderful planet as an empath. My wish for you is to make it simpler, to give you a sacred safe space, to work on skills and to help you thrive as the beautiful gifted angel that you are. The structure of this session is more akin to personal coaching with a big twist of love, empowerment, personal guidance, support and fingers crossed with big ah-ha moments and deep healing.

Mother and baby soul connection

For over 10 years I have been able to sense babies; whether they are in the womb or in the non-physical realms. This means that often I can sense and communicate to babies that are trying to reach you before birth or sadly were lost through miscarriage or for personal choice reasons related to termination. There is nothing but love in this space. Gaining an understanding for the unique journey that you share with this baby soul can often provide deep heart healing.

This appointment choice is for you if you wish to connect to the soul of your baby and hear the unique loving wisdom your baby wishes for you to hear. Before they are born babies are wise old souls and they often have nuggest of advice for you whether it is emotional, dietary or lifestyle. In fact two of my nieces shared a lot with me before birth so even in my own life and family i have had this experience and even more personally through pregnancy loss. Knowing and sensing the babies helped me greatly. I accepted the path.

Even if these precious souls are not birthed they remain pure love around us. They wish to help us heal and grow. If you have lost a baby or are trying for a baby or currently are pregnant I am deeply honoured to be the voice for all the love that wishes to find you and put words to the messages sacred to you from your baby.

Nature Quest

This is a new appointment for individuals or small groups that involves getting outdoors to walk the land and talk about all things that you may have questions about such as health, nutrition, life, emotions, problems, life direction and spirit. There will be much silent time and the goal is to connect you with nature at its most tranquil and beautiful in the quiet hills and special places that I know well.

As a highly sensitive empath life frequently overwhelmed my being. I struggled with anxiety, health issues, disordered relationship with my body, food and exercise, fatigue and basically with coping out there in the big bad world. Nature is what heals me, nature guides me, nature is the place that the healing energy flows back into me and the wisdom finds me.

I spend a lot of time in nature and have found many local special places that hold wonderful peace and a slice of energy from the divine, it will be my honour to share this with you.

The land also often calls me for very specific reasons; so I honour this as often as I can and have done much healing work with the land. Ireland holds a deep history under out feet! Some of you may wish to connect on an even deeper level and ‘journey’ into the energy and memory of the land. We can do this also; there are many historical and spiritual places in the local area; for example the Stone Cairn tomb at Shanballyedmond, Rearcross.

We have many options for location to choose from whether we are exploring how to grow your skills in mindfulness, awareness and intuition or delving into health issues to connect you back to the wisdom of your body cells and soul. I select a location that I feel best suits your needs and that calls us so to speak.

Many organisations and cultures are recognising the importance of nature and forest bathing and are developing recommendations to encourage people back out into nature. Corporations are building green spots for employees. As an Irish person tuned into the land I can tell you that we have the most special of energy locations available to us within only a short walk or drive. I have been to spiritual high vortex energy places such as Sedona and my thoughts after being there are wow, people have no idea just how special Ireland is and what the land here holds in terms of energy, history and healing.

Let your body and soul speak – intuitive energy healing

This is a relaxing energy healing session. Often the cells and soul provide important wisdom to guide you in your self-care strategies and personal journey. I will share all insights as they come to me. These sessions are very helpful if you hold deep emotions, grief, negative experience or illness in the body cells. It is also helpful if you are struggling with blocks in the flow of your life/ health. These sessions open us back into the deep wisdom of the body and our unique individual needs.

Healing plant and flower essences

I make tree and flower essences; I write more about my journey developing the essences as well as the individual remedies here on my Healing Flower & Tree Essences of Ireland webpage.

I have great belief in the subtle transformational energy within the plants and trees of our land.

I use these remedies personally as support for the emotional and physical challenges that life presents and also to deepen my meditations, sleep and dreams. If you would like to learn more or to explore these remedies for yourself please do come in and see me.

I also use these remedies often as part of the strategy for clients healing complex chronic health conditions as well as athletes seeking emotional support.

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