Because I have experience and education in many areas, sometimes this confuses people as to what exactly I do. This video blog (which let me down with a phone storage issue!) explains a bit more. It’s short, please do have a look.

I am a very curious person, this means that I am continually studying and learning so that I am better to skilled to help people better. How can I help this person better, and how can we achieve your goals is what drives me. If there is a more effective route to get you to health and wellbeing then I want to find it. I also want to make your journey affordable and empowered, practical and possible. 

Whether you are a high performing athlete, a regular amateur sports crazy person like me, a chronically unwell person or someone just wanting support and a kind heart and patient ear I will use my diverse skills to assist you achieve your goals, in mind, body and spirit.

Don’t let the fact that I don’t fit into a box put you off, or that I don’t have a perfect “one answer for all” sales pitch or a narrow niche (I’ll bet that you are a pretty complex person also). If I appear to have a less refined, perfected and beautiful sales pitch that is because I cannot define all that I do in a small cliched sentence. I spend my time studying and working with people to find the best ways for them and as a result of this I have racked up quite a lot of experience over the past 20 years and I could tell you so many amazing stories of healing and transformation.

I meet you, where you are. I see where you want to get, and we achieve this together as a team.

There is no one way to heal; there is however a multitude of options and the ones that count are what will resonate with and work for you. I dip into the toolkit based on you, your goals, your personality, your beliefs and what you are ready for. 


If you want the nitty-gritty these are my qualifications:

  • Pharmacist (ex Welsh School of Pharmacy, University of Cardiff, Wales, 1997).
  • Nutritional therapist (Raworth College, Dorking, Surrey, 2003) (Previous member of BANT, the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine but I just failed to see how this benefits my patients or me so I am no longer affiliated).

  • Senior Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine (London, ongoing).
  • Functional Medicine; Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine  (Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 2016).
  • Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist Level I  (Health and Medical Professionals Certification) (Littleton, Colorado, 2016).
  • Developer of my own range of plant and healing tree essences: Healing Flower & Tree Essences of Ireland
  • Energy healing; Reiki level one. I am a natural healer and am continually learning and refining my unique skills. I am a highly sensitive empath, energy channel, have acute abilities to tune into energy and link this into the scientific approach to health. It is all energy after all.


  • Sports Nutrition – working with world class athletes since 2004. Multiple courses and conferences and ongoing study.
  • Herbs, aromatherapy, crystals, PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic wave frequency therapy), body composition assessment (BIA and skinfold measurements), interpretation of conventional blood tests and other medical tests, functional diagnostic medicine.
  • Personal experience in multiple sports (across strength to endurance), avid reader of sports training methods and techniques. Massively curious about making training smart not overly fatiguing, improving mental skills and also longevity. I have competed in tennis, swimming, triathlon and running and participated in several water sports, horse-riding, racket sports, yoga, pilates, gym and resistance training, and probably a few more that I have forgotten; oh and ballet 🙂
  • Co-host with Jason, Ian and Mitch on the Endurance Lab coaches corner podcast.
    (Unedited raw talk show discussing all things cycling, indoor cycling, triathlon, endurance, training and nutrition with frequent topical and fun guests interviewed on the show).
  • Working with the land in land healing ceremonies; healing past memory and events.
  • Meditation, mindfulness, grounding, dream work, energy work, past life work, akashic record work, shamanic work, and communication with the ancestors all as part of my personal growth journey.
  • Personal development in the areas of the mind and high performance, sport and high performance, adverse baby and childhood experiences and their connection to health; psychology and deeper understanding of people. Deep curiosity and further reading and study into the connections between the physical, spiritual and metaphysical interplay in health and sickness, and also ancestral and cultural experiences and trauma and how they connect to current health and cultural patterns of health and beliefs / mindset.
  • I am a highly sensitive empath; I have experience working with, and deeply understand anxiety, heightened sensitivity, sleep problems, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, disordered eating and poor relationship to exercise, pregnancy loss, depression, suicide and feeling lost with no sense of identity. Life is often the best teacher. 

Who do I work with?

Sometimes people need to know who I have worked with; I tend to see people as individuals to be honest and am honoured to be part of their journey.

I live and breathe the journey and take my work and commitment to clients seriously. I am also every clients biggest fan when it comes to their success and achievements; whether this is their first 5km after a long bout of illness or an Olympic or World Championship final. Please click into “what people say” to read more.

Hundreds of people over my career span of 15+ years in nutrition and 20+ years as a pharmacist.

All ages, stages and talents – babies (including in the womb and in spirit), youths, young adults and older adults; amateur and world class athletes; chronically unwell and simply those seeking energy healing and answers.

Irish, European, Australian, South African, New Zealander, American – many souls on different paths and unique journeys.

Many sports disciplines from amateur to professional and Olympic level in more than twenty different sports disciplines (track and field, rowing, long distance running, short distance triathlon, long distance triathlon, adventure racing, extreme challenges such as rowing across the Atlantic, slalom canoe, rugby, swimming, GAA football, hurling, professional soccer, boxing, martial arts, para-Olympic (rowing, track&field and sprinting), high jump, sailing, power lifting, body building, race walking, cross-country, Irish dancing, basketball).

Corporate and schools.

I have journeyed with many world-class athletes through rugby world cups, Heineken cups, Olympic games, World championships, Ironman world championships (70.3 and full distance), and I guess the most important category that isn’t a category personal success.

Sports teams and sporting bodies including Munster rugby; the FAI (football Association of Ireland), Athletics Ireland High Performance division; Clare, Galway and Westmeath Hurling and Galway GAA Football teams; Irish rowing; Irish Sailing high performance team; Limerick Swim club.

Persons suffering with chronic health complaints. Conditions that I work with more frequently are: athlete fatigue, chronic fatigue, over training in sport, RED-S and athlete injury; chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, post-viral and Lyme’s disease; autoimmune health conditions (e.g. M.S. rheumatoid arthritis, Inflammatory bowel disease, AS, etc.); chronic gastrointestinal problems (e.g. IBS, Helicobacter pylori, food intolerances, chronic daily functional symptoms); and stress, anxiety and eating disorders.

Much Love,

Spending time in Cintsa East soup kitchen after a running accident the day before a race stole my chances but also gave me opportunities to see more of the world.
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