My life has been my greatest teacher and guide when it comes to helping others. Nothing drives me more in life than transforming my learning into a gift to benefit you on your journey.

I have experienced so much, I have faced the darkest of times, and the brightest of divine lights on my quest to understand this world, the path called life and the place and purpose that we all seek to find.

I cannot summarise how I can help you specifically, because that road map is the one that you hold. I just know that I have been put here to make a difference to others. I am good at seeing people, of drawing them out, of lovingly and wisely nudging them back into an empowered place and helping them feel at peace in the world. This is my true gift.

If you are nudged to work with me I promise you that there will be tears, and ah-ha moments and some mad stuff too; and at the end of it all, you will feel your wings ready to fly… and those weeks and months that we get to share will be special and a turning point for you as you connect back into the awesomeness of your being. We won’t solve all the worlds problems, nor could we, and we won’t magic away the tough stuff, but you will just sync into a space that feels right and like home.

For me, there is no greater honour than to share your trust and time and be a part of your journey of personal growth and self discovery.


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