I am promoting a new service to support mothers currently pregnant during this time of anxiety and the unknown.

Energy healing is a beautiful way to release worry and stress; to bring a sense of calm into your body and also to connect you with your baby.

I want to help where it matters during this covid-19/ SARS-CoV-2 epidemic.

I was asking myself if there was one thing that I could do right now to help people through this SARS-CoV-2 epidemic what would it be. In fact I was prompted to answer this question by a lovely lady that I have never met called Sandra (thank you Sandra!).

And the answer was to offer energy healing support to expecting mothers. Every part of my soul leaped to this being the most important thing that I would like to do right now.

Your baby is such a precious special light, and in times of fear and stress it can be hard to connect to this and feel a sense of peace, calm and security.

As a mother your greatest wish is to create safety for your growing baby; and also any fears multiply 100-fold which makes these current times rather testing for you. I cannot imagine.

I have a gift with babies and energy healing; and this is how I feel I can best be of service to mothers and parents to be like you right now.

I want to help. This is how I can.

Data shows us that babies and young children seem to have an improved immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus; or are in some way protected. This is such reassuring news; but has been also challenged in recent days. We cannot be complacent until we know more.

Listen to the advice that our medical experts give; it is no harm and probably of benefit to veer on the side of caution and live life a little more quietly for now.

In terms of energy and what I have seen in meditation and also read from other persons who channel, it is that this virus is here to shake up and wake up humanity.

I have been researching and studying this virus and can also offer tips and support.

I am writing the odd post about this on my Instagram account to give people helpful nudges. This virus is not to be feared; and it is very much to be respected.

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The fear coming up right now and the threat from the unknown are a call to change. Big changes in how we live, how we respect earth and all sentient beings, and how we choose to embrace fear and heal are needed right now. Much has to change. Nature holds many answers to heal this, as much as she is a part of the origins of this virus. The answer is not in a vaccine and most drugs are limited. Your immune system was made for this….grow up take responsibility for your health and those you love. Stop eating crap, stop feeding your kids crap. Sleep more, move more, think better thoughts. And so it goes… How we treat mother nature and the imbalances generated by man and science is also in part cause. We cannot tip the balance any more….not one bit. Listen to the smart people that resonate with you and take the actions in your power that are possible to be a better earth being. You cannot bring more fire to put out the fire. Vaccines will demand more animals die, drugs will pollute more, a drain on thr medical system creates masses of toxic waste. Read about the issues in wuhan currently as a result of this epidemic. Take responsibility for your health. Start today. Balance in how we live is needed. Collaboration between people, communities, governments, countries… Looking to nature ( she holds sustainable cures) Looking within …. Being accountable to your health, immune system and energy. Caring for the vulnerable and weak. The threat of this virus may not be about you…stop.your facebook campaign about this isnt serious and ask for whom it is and can you help… Facing your fears with calm…why are you scared? You cannot control this only your response. Give health care workers a chance to breathe…take the burden off. Dont wait for governments to magically make this go away…how this proceeds is down to us all. Do you think it's best to be out and about and get the virus? Or stay a distance away for a while. I dont know… Being ill impacts others….. What ways can you help? #bethechange #itstartswithyou #posivity #covid19 #bethechange #achealthsolutions #functionalmedicineclinic #andreacullenhealthsolutions #washyourhands

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I am also offering support and advice regarding how to keep our immune systems strong, what herbs and strategies may be of support, and tips to keep our minds balanced and focused. This means a constant effort to shift our energy to the light side of life and our thoughts to what truly matters.

Spend time in nature.

Spending time in nature right now is very important; away from the stress and worry and connected to the healing power of the outdoors.

Make getting outdoors into the peace of nature a priority.

There is something amazing in nature; we always return to home filled with peace and love.

There is a deeper healing message…

Is this all about a deeper healing message and opportunity I am prompted often to ask myself in meditation? I would like to believe that something positive will come out of this global challenge.

We always come through.

How beautiful it would be if younger and future generations are spared a bit of our fears and the mistakes we and previous generations have made in terms of our planet and our fellow humanity. This is, however, a different conversation.

Babies feel us…

Babies in the womb feel fear and our emotions; there is a lot of research on what is called an adverse baby experience. The pre-birth physical and emotional environment is of huge importance for the health and well-being of the baby. Times like today are rather challenging for mums to be.

I can help you shift any fears and emotions that may be coming up right now; indirectly through healing work and directly by providing a place of support and conversation.

Feeling emotions is not a bad thing. If you are feeling a lot right now this is entirely understandable.

What we don’t want however, is for these feelings and emotions to stay stuck in the body. This leaves us feeling anxious, fearful, tired and more.

This is what we wish for our children; a life of safety, health, curiosity and nature.

I am trained in medicine (pharmacist), health and nutrition; so in addition to supporting the emotions and physical body I can also answer practical questions and relieve fears (as best I can; if I was 100% expert during these times I would be advising the WHO and more!! Like many others I am doing my utmost best to have due diligence and education around what is happening and changing on a day to day basis).

To read more about my qualifications see here.

Please lean on me with any of your worries. They are not yours to carry right now. They are the worlds and it is unfair that you carry them. Let’s shake the fears and worries free.

Your most important task is to connect to baby. This will open your intuitions, strengthen your instincts, and create a sense of self-trust in this journey.

As a mother about to birth new life; your most important job is to connect with the new life growing inside of you. Your baby feels your every thought and emotion. They are pure divine love and a soul about to birth into a new world and life. How exciting.

Babies communicate from the womb; this has been written about. I hear them too; they quite often have a funny sense of humour.

It would be the greatest honour to support you and your baby..

We do face uncertain times: I agree. Also we will come through. And it would be my absolute honour if I can help you move into a place of love and to connect you more strongly to your baby. They usually have a message or two for their mothers that is both reassuring and gives a place to focus when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

I have written more about my knack to feel babies here. Of all the various roles I have in life and work, this work is the most precious to me. It is about future generations and it matters greatly.

If it feels right I would be honoured to help.


PS it is important that I conclude with a reminder that I make no claim to treat or prevent viral illness. I can advise on diet and lifestyle; and I can offer you healing energy support. I believe that every little bit helps.

Would you like to work with me?

If your immediate gut response is yes, then please hnour this call.

If you would like to work with me please click to here: I am offering this service for €50 moving forwards indefinitely. It is a token to make things easier; unfortunately I must also survive as a business AND fulfill the energy flow of give and receive to protect my own energy.

Much love,

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