There are a range of services available to schools, large corporates and small businesses, educational institutions and sports teams that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. My preference is for interactive workshops or a structure divided between speaking and questions and answers. The reason for this is that it is important to me that I am delivering an engaging talk inclusive and relevant to all those attending; and it is when the questions start to roll that things can get interesting.

Although I am often asked to give pure food demo talks this is not where I excel and I will probably refer you on to a dietician who can deliver this with more passion than I.

My passion is to get deeper into the nitty gritty of the real world and the practicality of our lives. Where food meets busy lives, and emotions impact food choices, and life affects our mood and motivation, and finances and time impact our food purchases; we live in a very fast paced world and it is challenging.

I prefer to cross boxes from the practical side of nutrition to the more holistic that connects the mind, body and spirit.

If I do not tackle some of the issues outside of “food” such as behaviour change, stress management, understanding our negative coping skills, how to ground and balance ourselves, and how to employ exercise and creativity into our lives I am doing everyone a disservice. More often than not the problem is not knowing what do eat, but actually eating what we know is good for us.

Furthermore we are absolutely overwhelmed with information these days so when appropriate I will spend time discussing sources of confusion such as the various types of diets in the media and why they may or may not work for us, ethical eating, debates such as vegan and vegetarian or no, and what food to spend the money on and what foods can we choose to help make our budgets work. Sometimes there isn’t an answer on the above but there is an abundance of information on which people can make their own personalised choices. It is not always down to me to tell people what to do; but to inform and empower…

I have presented over the years to sports teams such as youth sailing, youth swimming, GAA, senior hurling and football teams, rowing clubs, local running clubs, the FAI, county sports partnerships, and professional rugby teams.

I have presented to trainee GPs, at health and beauty seminars, to lecturers at leading educational institutions, to parents of second level students, and also to transition year students.

No gig is less or more important than the other; every word I speak is all about making a difference to those listening and its up to me along with the organisers to clue in to what are the best topics to really engage, inspire and provoke adults, teens and leaders to make positive changes and feel good about themselves.

An example of the packages available include:

Transition year educational workshop.

A two-hour workshop covering a selection of agreed topics such as: nutrition for mind-body-brain power; lifestyle and exercise; managing emotions, sensitivity; developing compassion and empathy; body image; managing stress with creativity, mindfulness, nature resilience building; what I learnt from life and struggles with sensitivity, eating issues, over exercise and perfectionism. Goal setting, planning and visualisation. And most importantly what matters; what makes you unique different and special in our world.

Lecture and interactive workshop for sports team, endurance sports, or young athletes 

This interactive workshop lasts 1 hour 30 minutes as a general guide to allow sufficient time for me to present and to also open the floor to an interactive Q&A session or group work. In my experience the very best tends to come out when everyone gets engaged and feels confident to ask the questions that matter which also draws out more of my expertise and knowledge.

I have experience working with athletes from multiple disciplines, ages and levels of experience. I have given numerous lectures to teams from a diversity of sports including swimming, athletics, GAA, rowing, rugby, endurance sports and more.

We decide together the best format and topics to deliver a captivating talk discussing all things nutrition, training, self care, and lifestyle. Athletes will leave with practical strategies that are easily achieved by even the most time crunched athlete.

Lecture/ Workshop/ Corporate or small business speaking

As a rough guide I recommend at least 90 minutes to 2 hours for this workshop/ talk to allow for sufficient questions, answers and debate.

Topics include self care strategies, nutrition and lifestyle for high performance, building stress resilience, how to nourish and heal when you are tired, stressed or overweight. Sleep tips, movement and exercise for vitality, how to improve creativity, productivity and problem solving using nature, exercise, creativity, mindfulness, and meditation. The importance of connection, purpose and personal challenges for growth and happiness. Skills to process our emotions and learn about ourselves. We can also touch on negative coping skills such as over eating and how to develop new and better strategies for managing emotional overwhelm and work/ commitment overload

The less formal and the more informal the event then the better, as people feel confident to open up and confide or ask questions; this is about me helping people; not talking down across a room. If at the end of the talk people feel they have been listened to, supported, encouraged and given a place to start and skills to do so then we have achieved our goals.

If you are interested to book a lecture or workshop with me please contact me via the form below or book through acuity here

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