Like everyone these days I am scattered across a few places, and if you wish to keep educating yourself alongside the work that we are doing together then I highly recommend that you follow me on one or two of the following platforms.

The more that you can immerse yourself in positive nudges, snippets of education, helpful tips and posts of inspiration then the better. Change takes time and the constant reminders are so helpful to supporting you in your goals of health, wellbeing and performance.

I will explain a little more.


I am a big fan of Instagram and so this is the best place to find me for short, clean, up to the minute advice, tips, food and recipes, training tips and motivational quotes based on what I feel people need to hear on the day. Instagram is where I express myself best and hope to inspire people the most. Pop over and follow me by clicking the image link above.


I have a business page on Facebook, a group for my clients and a group for my athletes. I try to limit posts to what I believe is supportive and helpful and I aim to not be intrusive. Please join my page and groups if this feels right for you, I’d love to have you join us.


I am not the best on Twitter I will confess; I just don’t get it!! So for me my tweets are erratic and I tend to haphazardly go on Twitter for my own personal giant catch up from the twitter-head researchers and scientists that I follow. Feel free to follow me and also understand it’s not my favourite platform.


I am on LinkedIn, mostly to follow fellow professionals and so I reserve how much I post to what is important and topical for others without dominating the stream. Please do connect with me on a professional basis should you wish by clicking the image above.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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