Young women in competitive sport workshops & mentorship

Starting in 2020 I will be running a series of workshops and events that aim to cover much of the following:

  • The female athlete and why you aren’t just a small man.
  • What our role models can teach us; who exactly is a positive role model?
  • The lessons my generation have learnt the hard way; and the message that older generations of female athletes want you to know.
  • Learning about your menstrual cycle and how nutrition and emotions interplay with training and how we can optimise training results by working with our hormones and the amazing cycles that our bodies go through month by month.
  • Learning to listen to our bodies; the most important skill you will ever learn!
  • How can we best fuel our bodies and how this may change across the cycle and how to adapt this across the pre-season and into competition season.
  • Planning day to day nutrition practice; where to start and how to do it.
  • Travel and competition and how to plan and execute strong nutrition for peak performance.
  • Managing “stress”; physical, emotional, spiritual.
  • How our environment impacts our hormones and what we can do.
  • Common issues such as nutritional deficiencies, menstrual and premenstrual related symptoms, matching the energy demands of our sport, and learning positive ways to achieve optimal body composition as individuals and for your individual sport.
  • Managing pressure; from family, from peers, from social media and learning how to trust in the wisdom within.
  • How can I maintain a strong sense of identity, build resilience and a bulletproof self-esteem, how to deal with failure and managing the ego in a crazy body focused look at me world.
  • The highly sensitive athlete; many of you reading this may be strong on the outside and capable of training and performing beyond the limits of what is comfortable to most; and yet you also are a big heart in a hard world. I will teach you skills to manage this and achieve peak performances.
  • What is peak performance?
  • And more…..

A big focus of this project is to build a sense of team and collaboration between all the amazing young women that attend. A positive tribe where each of you learn to support one another to achieve success without falling into the trap of feeling along and in competition with everyone else. The world we live in requires us to collaborate and support one another; to build connections and from here a sense in everyone that anything is possible.


if you are interested to learn more or would like to put your self, your team, or your organisation down on a waiting list please complete the attached contact form.

Exciting times,

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