…. to share my knowledge, wisdom, healing gift and heart to help people see that a life of health and vitality is possible. To help people truly know themselves and to turn what may seem like a really bad luck health crisis into a journey of self awareness, discovery and curiosity.

To help people restore their health and along the journey learn how to nurture, respect and nourish their bodies. To see people connect back to themselves, and nature and our wonderful planet. To really thrive. 

To empower people with skills and to release pain, memories, anxiety, sadness or grief from the body and heart. To teach people how to live in the now and achieve amazing things that they never dreamed possible in terms of wellbeing, energy, sports and life achievements.

To help turn the health crisis into one of learning; this is truly where your journey can begin. A journey back to self, to source and into embracing your unique gifts and rekindle your purpose and passion for life in this world…. 

That is my mission 


Ever since I was a kid I wanted to make a difference in the world. That hasn’t changed but maybe the way I do has.

The saying “life is a journey” is so true. I started out very connected to the land, animals, plants; I had a strong sense of self, of connection to something more and that if we believe in ourselves we can achieve anything.

Then I lost myself, my self belief and that connection as the fears and doubts came in. At the same time on the outside I excelled. In university, in work, in life. It looked good; but I was lost.

The past 20 years have been an evolution, in my career and in myself (that is a kind word for a lot of pain, challenge and discomfort!). All along the way I sought answers, to heal myself in mind, body and emotions and this was prompted by an even greater desire to do this for the people that I work with, cross paths with, and love. 

At first I believed the answers were in medicine, then in nutrition, and this progressed further into functional medicine, sports nutrition and the array of support that is available from supplements, food, herbs, aromatherapy and so on. At this point I was armed with a super toolkit that bridged the medical world and the holistic world (which saw the body as a complete integrated system). But this wasn’t enough; people still didn’t heal completely, or what I was advising didn’t stick. To address and try to heal the body alone was limited. I could see this in my patients and I knew this was the truth for me. It took more to truly heal, thrive, and live free and in flow with everything. A healthy body on the surface is not enough.

So I dived into learning about the emotions, the spirit/ soul, of energy from past and multiple timelines, of how ancestral and cultural events impact people, of how trauma and adverse prenatal, baby and childhood experiences impact our health. I learnt to listen more deeply and observe more acutely because every patients choice of words and physical body told me a story about what really was going on.

I saw that you could short-cut the lists of tests and the long protocols when you really dug deep and got to know the patient as an individual (all of them pre-birth to now). I saw the power of care, of positivity, of belief and how the mind and our internal story and self directed talk has a very real and usually negative impact on our health. I learnt from the best out there so that I could understand the full picture. I was also healing myself and growing stronger and it always felt like I was only a few steps ahead. My own journey was such a gift in compassion, patience, empathy and understanding for the clients that then came to me. Oddly the more pain I experienced the wider my heart and healing was cracked open for others.

I learnt that people are stuck not for want of knowledge and information (we all most often know what we must do or change), but because they are exhausted and too frazzled to know where to start.  Motivation requires energy, change requires the will to change habits, habit change requires a plan that will actually work in your day. Blind optimism will not suffice, nor will positive affirmations!

So, truth be told is that most people are sick and tired and feel utterly overwhelmed. And even when they do decide to lose weight or improve their health and lifestyle the start actions fade quickly as people get sucked back into life and doing things the way that is familiar; even if this means living with a chronic health condition and in a negative head-space. It’s easy to do the familiar, it’s easy to be what people expect us to be and what we tell ourselves, it’s not so easy to break free. Change is truly scary because ‘what then’? 

To make changes you really have to want to do this for yourself.  Most lack the self -esteem, confidence or self love to even have the belief that they are worth it. Too many people don’t believe that they are deserving, or worthy to have health and wellness, or to put themselves first. I learnt that you really have to want to do this work, on yourself. Harder still is pulling yourself out of the victim state, and become truly accountable and responsible for health and well, our lives. 

I want to be that support system, that voice of understanding and compassion and the belief system for you while you learn to rebuild yours. I want to help you to see yourself through new eyes, and how yes you are amazing, and gifted and a beautiful soul. And talented, and unique and so deserving of health and yes that you should dare to put yourself first.

I want to help you make the changes and heal your health, and make your performance in life and sport amazing. To take the healing journey and break it down into simple pieces and address the “obstacles” and “challenges” in your life circumstance and help you thrive in this insane and also beautiful and amazing world. 

My own journey led me to become curious about the intuitions, insights and dreams and premonitions that I had in relation to clients and how “I just knew” things and could see energy or pain or symptoms in the body. I started to practice these skills to create alignment in the body of the clients that I worked with.

My own journey in sport them prompted me to learn more about peak performance in sport and how this crossed over into life and business, relationships and the world of energy. The science emerging is astounding and what we know now links mind, body and spirituality in terms of high performance. I really do believe that we can heal ourselves from the mind and energy. This does however take a bit of practice.

So yep, my mission, is to help you in all the ways that I can,

Andrea x

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  1. Ah thank you so very much for your kind words. Amazing how powerful this nudge is to inspire me. I love writing and have only started lately to prioritise this time. Food for thought!! xx chat on EME soon; I am glued to as many posts as time will permit. it (EME facebook page) is a very powerful tool and support for us all and never in our lives did we imagine only a few years ago how something like the www would connect healers and scientists from all across the world together, just as if we are in one another’s homes. Amazing.

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