Tired, exhausted, sick, and can’t say no?

Tired, exhausted, sick, and can’t say no?

This is an essential read penned by Bethany Webster to all the over stretched exhausted women out there:

Things you can do in the moment: How to build awareness of your window of tolerance

If you notice yourself feeling spacey, disassociating, numbed out, bored, flat (hypo-aroused), try these energizing techniques:

  • Movement or dancing.
  • Taking a walk in nature, noticing the sounds, smells, sights.
  • Rocking in a chair.
  • Smelling essential oils.
  • Splashing some refreshing cold water on your face.
  • Doing some short burst of physical activity like jumping jacks.

If you notice yourself feeling hypervigilant, agitated or overwhelmed (hyper-aroused), try these grounding techniques:

  • Warm (or weighted) blanket.
  • Soothing, calming music.
  • Comforting foods & drinks like tea or hot chocolate.
  • Some kind of craft or art, like coloring or painting.
  • Looking at nature, wind in the trees, bees in flowers, clouds in sky, etc.
  • Deep breathing and stretching.

This process takes time, like learning the roadmap of our own internal systems. 

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