The Definitive Guide to Gluten: From Diagnosis to Starting on the Gluten-Free Path

For more info please see the link to The Definitive Guide to Gluten E-Book

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From: Cara, Singapore

A guide that reflects Andrea’s comprehensive knowledge and extensive research into the topic of gluten, the potential repercussions of intolerance, and how to begin healing and continue a healthy lifestyle. Her passion for her work is tangible in these pages.

From: Keegan Smith, Australia

I just read Andrea Cullen’s E-book and I can now say that it is the go to guide that I will use with clients. It’s practical and sympathetic to the challenges of gluten-free living while also dispelling many of the myths around this increasingly relevant topic. After 3 years of living “primal” I can say that removing gluten from the menu has been part of the process for me being the healthiest, strongest and happiest I’ve ever been.

Thanks to Andrea and of course Dr Thomas O’Bryan for their efforts in making this health issue known and providing a working solution. I have had several athletes eliminate gluten with amazing results. While not all athletes are gluten intolerant there are few who don’t notice becoming leaner and experience faster recovery when they eliminate gluten from their menu. This resource makes the process of educating athletes, clients and their families a much simpler one. Thanks again!

I have had my own personal journey with gluten:

For more info please see the link to The Definitive Guide to Gluten E-Book

If I have done my job correctly with this e-book; it should not only change your life, but the life of your loved ones, friends, and family.

My mission is to not only spread the truths about how gluten is as a major silent contributor to many health problems; but to also make switching to a gluten-free diet both manageable and practical.

With love,


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