Watch this space and I will bring updates as this group comes together.

I am passionate about sport and youth sport in particular. Our youth athletes are precious, talented, gifted, hard working and such positive lights for our future. Yet they are also so vulnerable to the influence of the media and peer pressure.

When I was a teen I battled a serious eating disorder, something that you didn’t really want to experience back in the early 90’s when knowledge of eating disorders was in the dark ages. However, the experience taught me a lot and it created a passion in me to educate and empower youth athletes and young talent about the kinder routes to peak performance. One that works WITH the body, one that harnesses the mind in the right direction, and one that builds resilience to all the external distractions that want you to struggle with your self belief.

The diet industry, the fashion industry, the training industry in fact everything and anything that uses marketing WANTS us to buy into them because of a need in us and that need is created by chipping away at our self belief and telling that we are not good enough if we don’t conform with the tribe. So whether we like it or not we are constantly being influenced in the direction against ourselves because this makes money for others.

I am fascinated by the power of sports nutrition to improve performance and strengthen health; the depths of the mind to create peak performance, resilience and what scientists describe as “flow” states; the ability of mental skills such as visualisation, meditation and mindfulness to influence performance and healing and the power of numbers in a positive group setting to offer a support framework. This is what I want to create.


A group that will bring together Irish and International youth athletes with a dream, a passion and the hard work genes where I will support the journey with world class nutrition advice, big-heart encouragement and 15+ years of experience working with high performing athletes.

A new wave of athletes all working together in collaboration and support to become their very best and develop themselves to the fullest of their potential by nurturing the mind and body.

Send me a message if you are an athlete with potential for Olympic qualifications in 2024-28 and are interested in learning more….I look forward to hearing from you…

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