I love horses


I’m Andrea.

I am the owner of A-C Health Solutions and the person that will be working with and supporting you on your journey.

I would like to give you a brief feel for who I am. Photos probably speak a thousand words so I have added a few also. If you click into my other sections you can learn more about what I do, my qualifications and experience, and how I can support you into optimal health and performance. I also write a blog and post daily motivation, insights, and more on my social media pages.

I love people, I love animals, I love nature, I love learning. I love my family, I love trees, I love the wind on my face and the birdsong on a quiet morning.


I love my work, and I love a good health challenge because I always know that I can help. I am intrigued by what makes high performers tick and also what leads people to get stuck in the hardest of lessons. I read and research; I learn and follow and listen and observe; my being wants to soak up every little bit to understand this journey called life better and the challenges that people face so that I can do better in my own life and work.

I spend a lot of time in nature raising my energy and connecting to that amazing source energy that surrounds us; I consider this vital for my mind, body and soul.

I love supporting athletes, I love travelling. I have seen so many places in the world and I have a thirst for it.

I love sport it has been a part of my life since I was able to walk; I race some big ones and some little ones and mostly I love the ones that teach me more. When I started triathlon and road racing it was to learn and to challenge myself and now it is to achieve more than I thought possible; to grow personally and physically, to meet people and to see the world. When I stop loving it and growing I will find a new challenge but I don’t see that happening soon! Racing has taught me so much as a sports nutritionist about what the science actually means and how this translates practically.

I also love travelling the world supporting my amazingly talented and hard working boy, Garron.

I love my boy, I love my dogs, I love experiencing the drive and passion for racing and sport that Garron brings to our relationship. I am so proud of him.

I love my clients, I love my athletes; I will never tire learning more about them as people and drawing from myself all the ways that I can support them. Every one that walks in my clinic door inspires me to be better, to know more, to learn all the ways I can help people achieve peak experiences in life, health and sport.

Most of all I love my home, the countryside and this astonishingly beautiful planet that gifts a new experience every day, every season, and every year. I am so blessed. We captured how I feel about this special place one sunny Autumns day this year. That’s me and my girl just soaking up the glorious sun. I run repeats here, I run recovery runs here, and I run dog runs here!

So long as the wind is on my face, the earth alive under my feet, the birds and nature communicating around me and a fire in my heart to make a difference I will honour life and all her wonders and challenges the best I can.

Life has taught me so much; every experience, every book, every course, every person, every up and every down, every second teaches me more to help people better.

I look forwards to meeting you,


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