Endurance Race and Triathlon Preparation E-Book
Endurance and Triathlon Cycling

Endurance Race and Triathlon Preparation E-Book

Finally, after weeks of saying it is almost done, I have finished my e-book titled ‘The Definitive Guide to Endurance Race & Triathlon Preparation”.

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This comprehensive e-book weighs in at 53 pages, I am very happy with how it looks and it is jammers with helpful tips and practical advice covering different strategies, all about which carbohydrates, proteins and fats to choose all the while keeping the diet gluten-free and healthy; no trash, junk, sugars, etc. This diet is as close to Paleo/ Traditional as a pre-race strategy will permit.

I dispel the myths and provide logical, accurate, and most importantly practical advice; in fact you will find many tips in here covering your day-to-day training nutrition as well as event preparation count-down; so you truly get your moneys worth with this e-book into which I have packed all my years of experience working with some of our best athletes.

Every athlete comes to me looking for that magic pill that removes the need for effort, and after more than 10 years I realise that there is no ONE magic solution that I can give you.


There is a magic formula for each and every one of you and the goal is for me to help you find this. It takes a bit of effort and lies somewhere in the following mix:

  • Rest – active recovery – complete mental ‘time-out’ balance
  • Pushing your body to the limit in a smart training plan; but no more than this or you will crash
  • Finding the health freak diet that works for you and practical ways to slot this into your hectic schedule
  • Configuring the best training and health supplement protocol for you; and monitoring it so that as your training cycles, health and energy flow and change over the season, so too does your nutrition supplement strategy.
  • Working out the best ways to harness the power of your mind so that you can connect into your body and truly pull limitless potential into results
  • Sleeping like a baby, no two ways about it; successful athletes sleep deep
  • Stress management; learning to let stress go
  • Stinging your opponents like a bee; bringing the A-Game to the table because you are mentally, physically and nutritionally prepared

I include pre-event checklists, product advice (free from unwanted additives), hydration tips, recovery strategies, and I touch on sports nutrition supplements that might be considered supportive of your training and performance, and more.

This will tie in with a recipe and menu e-book which will follow, should you need further advice again in the practical department! As a stand alone this e-book is more comprehensive than anything I have found on the web as comparison and is written from the heart from years of experience.

Chapters include:

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  • Introduction
  • Why is competition day nutrition preparation important?
  • This is an everyday thing
  • The final week countdown
  • – Recovering from a recent event?
  • – Planning on training right up to the event?
  • – Planning on tapering you training prior to the event?
  • – Do you train low and race high?
  • Countdown lifestyle tactics
  • A-C Health Solutions event preparation tips
  • The carbohydrate dance
  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Hydration
  • – Competition day hydration
  • – Competition day fluids
  • – Over-hydration is dangerous
  • – Competition day hydration and body weight
  • – Competition day hydration and its relation to body temperature
  • – Competition day hydration and its relation to salts and electrolytes
  • – Competition day hydration and its relation to urine colour recommendations
  • – Fluid and general recommendations for marathon and ultra-distance athletes
  • – Exercise associated postural hypotension
  • Sneak in healing foods
  • Be gentle on your tummy
  • Be organised
  • Endurance Supplements
  • Suggested meals
  • Event day
  • – Breakfast
  • – Carb rules
  • – Hydration
  • Summary
  • Recovery
  • How to contact us

So hurry and contact the office on achealthsolutions@eircom.net to order your copy for an introductory special offer of 14.99 Euros OR order online on achealthsolutions.com

Best of Luck!


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