Healing how we feel……..


Depression, Suicide and Healing

By Andrea Cullen, May 6th 2014

This morning spirit nudged me to write about depression. Honestly I wanted to argue with this but I know there is no point as the words will stream right through me incessantly until I get a pen to paper. So I nestled myself into several too many coffee’s in Country Choice Coffee Shop in Nenagh and honoured the stream of words that came to me. Depression is a topic that I barely feel sufficiently qualified to write about yet one that I feel overwhelmingly passionate about healing. Every cell in my body wants to take away your pain; because I feel it.



Perceptions and Choices……..


By Andrea Cullen, May 3rd, 2014

My heart hurts today with an empty feeling and my head wants to take this story of why and spin it upside down, inside out, and into such a powerful vortex that it consumes swallows me right up….

Sound familiar?


I have a choice

Our generation is at a cross roads splitting off into vastly different directions and where the roads lead to results in vastly different feelings, emotions and outcomes.



Home-made Nettle Soup Take 2


More frugal foraged health food

By Andrea Cullen; April 30th 2014

So now that I have tried my Nettle Soup Take 1 I realise that these stinging beasties are not going to kill me from anaphylactic shock once cooked (funny because I already knew this; I have no idea from where the paranoia reigns) I am adding a greater quantity of nettles into my Nettle Soup Take 2. Both these recipes show you that nettles can be added pretty much into any vegetable soup recipe.


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Home-made Nettle Soup Take 1
Adding the nettle leaves to soup

Home-made Nettle Soup Take 1

Andrea in wellies 2

By Andrea Cullen

April 23rd 2014

Ok I will admit I am a wimp when it comes to eating nettles. I have a ridiculous paranoid fear that I will die by asphyxiation if I eat these little nutrient bombs. And so despite knowing better I am treading cautiously for my first attempt at eating these nutrient powerhouse. Please also be warned that I have total recipe following ADHD and so the following recipe is another Andrea invention; my apologies in advance as quantities are rough estimates based on what I felt like chucking in!



How to prepare for an Endurance Cycle


Endurance and Triathlon Cycling

By Andrea Cullen

April 15th 2014

In support of Cycle Against Suicide 2014

cycle against suicide

For a full version of this article please follow the link here and here; I will pay forward all monies received to Cycle Against Suicide so I ask you to consider ordering this little e-book to help make a difference OR pay forward my time by clicking the donate button below to contribute to Cycle Against Suicide… and create a chain of thanks.

Hundreds of you are reading this article and very few are generous to donate a few quid towards this fantastic campaign… I am asking you to consider being the difference…. even if it is only the money from your week’s coffee fund it all makes a difference…. thank you 🙂 )


This advice given in this article applies to athletes involved in any endurance cycling event lasting longer than 60-90 minutes that is relatively intense.



This message is for YOU


you-make-a-difference-dr-deana-murphy%20copyToday I met with a representative of Cycle Against Suicide, Colin, to offer all that I can to assist their cause. I will be doing volunteer work contributing with the skills that I have. I promised to write a blog about mental health and suicide awareness; as well as other helpful and more typical and expected endurance nutrition information and educational support.

Mental and emotional health and suicide…..

These are deep topics, both sensitive and serious in nature; where do I start? I thought about this the whole way back in the car from Mallow to Limerick and so many thoughts and insights whizzed through my head about all that I wanted to say to YOU.



Cycle Against Suicide


On Monday coming I am meeting Colin Bradley of Cycle Against Suicide to volunteer my assistance to this event in whatever way I can.

I am hoping to provide free educational material to the organisation that they can use to create further donations. This is such an important cause. I may also join the spin with my Dad, all going well!


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