Perceptions and Choices……..

Perceptions and Choices……..


By Andrea Cullen, May 3rd, 2014

My heart hurts today with an empty feeling and my head wants to take this story of why and spin it upside down, inside out, and into such a powerful vortex that it consumes swallows me right up….

Sound familiar?


I have a choice

Our generation is at a cross roads splitting off into vastly different directions and where the roads lead to results in vastly different feelings, emotions and outcomes.


We live in times of great awareness and personal growth that contrast with deep personal pain and hurt and the emotional baggage of generations. On top of this we are feeling the unrest of an entire population, global unrest and nations that carry dark secrets of suppression, frustration, anger, shame, guilt, fear and of dreams unfulfilled because……….

We are at boiling point in this beautiful and ancient country of Eire and as a whole we are struggling to digest the reality of our present and past, and our responsibility for the choices that we can now make moving forwards into the future.

So we flitter between our story of victimhood and pain and an inner feeling of strength and empowerment in the knowing that we are so much more than this…

You are the crucial next move on the chess board ……..

We can no longer feel angry at others for where we are in life now, or shift responsibility for our wounds and personal pains. We can no longer feel angry at our parents or on a global scale our governments and banking systems.

The reality around us is based on our decisions and choices or lack thereof. If we wish to see  change in the world then we must either be this change and demand change. We can no longer bitch about it from the breakfast table and do nothing.

World revolution starts with an internal revolution. National transformation starts with personal awakening. Community and international conflict is resolved by embracing and accepting all that you are and learning to see all life from a place of acceptance and pure love. When our inner dialogue of judgement ceases and we drop down into our hearts and see all others just like us then we see every person on a path of experience. Then borders, divisions, great walls, class distinction, race, colour, sex and preference, age or looks, no longer matter.

What matters is your own personal contribution to making this world a better place and this is based solely on you BEING YOU.

When you treat yourself with love and respect suddenly all cruelty is no longer acceptable, the systems in place become unacceptable, and changes become urgent and imperative.

When you step on that path of soul and are true to who you are…. you start a ripple effect and shift in this world that can move mountains.

I know that in reality, it is hard to swallow the truth which is that where we are right now is a result of everything that has been to date. I know that it is hard to accept that our life circumstances and physical and emotional pains are the result and not cause. I see how big it is as a hurt human to forgive others and ourselves and all the things that have been done and said, or not done and not said…but to live free we must gift ourselves forgiveness.

I don’t think that many, or perhaps any, of us have come through childhood and early adulthood unscathed. It just is as it is. The old ways of parenting, schooling, educating, governing, and functioning as a society were based on survival and a notion that life is tough, good things don’t happen, people hurt you, things will be taken away from you and to worry, save and squander for that rainy day. To worry yourself into wakeful nights and anxious days that something WILL go wrong. We have had fear drilled into us from an early age. And when parents may have skipped a beat in leaving us worried, insecure and anxious messes the church, education system and politicians have finished us off…. we no longer ask questions; we just wait for the inevitable……..

We are sitting in the eye of the storm wondering what is about to hit us next…. literally.

George Karbus’ awesome shot of waves hitting Lehinch promenade; Winter 2013

All the while we read every book on the shelf and blog on the net about love, forgiveness, the “Law of Attraction”, manifestation, nutrition, healing, exercise and health. Our heads are spinning with the heady cocktail of fear, frustration, anger and a deeper knowing that this is NOT who we are. So what do we do then? We feel guilty and victim and then start into the path of beating self up because life taught us that “something is wrong with me” or we numb out by controlling things. We get very good at numbing out in obsessive diets, calorie counting, exercise, counting money (or lack), drink, drugs, gambling, shopping, comparisons against others, or monitoring our physical pain and illness. Anything to stop the anxious thinking or that sinking feeling that everything is spinning so fast and out of control that you cannot breath.

We want to pay a guru to take away the pain and give us the answers and yet we know deep down that we have our answers and only we can give ourselves permission to be all that we are.


So what if I told you that this is exactly where the powers that be want you? That every minute that you focus your thoughts on your anger, depression, or everything negative in your life, who it is that you blame, and the drama that you are addicted to that you effectively are removing yourself from that Divine Power within. That Divine Power within you that holds the answers that you seek.

“A distracted population is a controllable population.

An awakened empowered population is a threat…”


We CHOOSE to let marketing have us believe that we need to live in a big house, drive a new car, strive for specific acceptable jobs, go on a certain number of holidays to desirable and accepted destinations, wear branded designer clothing, follow the latest diet craze or exercise fad, use cosmetics and the latest anti-aging facial creams, botox or cosmetic surgeries, and to look, act and speak in a certain way so that we FIT into society. We choose to define our success by a financial and societal spread sheet and if we do not fit this norm; we then consider ourselves a failure. We have, in our choices and beliefs set up this system……… constantly feel a failure…. and to only momentarily, if we are lucky, feel a success.

When we CHOOSE to measure up our lives in this terribly superficial system and perpetually tell ourselves that we are not good enough we give more life to the stories of ‘not good enough’ from our childhood.

“Give yourself a reality break…………….”

We have become consumed in a system of trying to fit into this illusory perfect life and in doing so we have relinquished our free thinking, our independence, and our creativity. We stop asking questions and have become part of a dumbed down and yet increasingly frustrated society.

parents arguingAnd we sit at home complaining about it. We fight and argue amongst ourselves but God forbid we stand up and demand change because “what would the neighbours think” and “why should I”.

Wake up….. nobody is going to fix this for us….

Each of us is a very important part of something greater. Each of us has a very important skill to contribute.

We are all part of this giant jigsaw puzzle called Life. And it is a collective living breathing giant consciousness that includes You, Me, and every Living Organism between the farthest galaxies and the deepest depths of our beautiful planet earth.

So you see; we can sit there mulling over our story, and our personal pain and obsessing over all the ways we must control ourselves to be the “perfect” person or we can move forward and shift our awareness to something far bigger that we are an important part of. It starts with us and within us – the power of One.

A free thinking population is the greatest threat to our current governments and is crucial for us to replace our current governments with those that truly represent the people.


Get out today and PLAY and let your mind float free with the possibilities of all that can be illustrated by the story of your life……..

Stop sabotaging your awesomeness. Eat well, get your sleep, move your body, belly laugh, smile big, love deep and follow the happy vibes….

Have fun,

You are loved


PS I feel better in myself – suddenly my hurt heart is filled with a burning desire and passion to step into all that I am. Thank you for sharing in my words and if you can, carry this forward into your heart from mine.

Want to learn more? Then watch this………in fact just watch this…. because even if you don’t want to know more you will after you have watched this!

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  1. You’re making a difference! Keep them coming Andrea! Great blog!

  2. Your definitely making a big difference Andrea :-),thank you for your heartfelt and powerful blog,as usual it seems to come at the perfect time for me to read , as it is just what i needed to hear. Change really does come from within!:-)

  3. I watched half that video and will see the remainder tomorrow! Very interesting and powerful stuff!

  4. Regarding the movie Thrive: There are lots of interesting facts and opinions presented, but there is no one clearly developed and supported thesis. The word random comes to mind.
    Lots of assorted stuff to ponder, but specifically what do they want the viewer to believe and how is the viewer to take action on that belief?
    I’m into saving the earth and its inhabitants. There are some specifics we can start with in our own little corner. We can buy less, recycle, plant and protect, eat fewer animal products, give to those in need as we are able of our time, talent and treasure, and speak up for the oppressed.
    Do I believe in alien life on other planets? Quite possibly. But how does that impact helping myself and my neighbor to thrive? It all needed to be tied together.

    1. I agree Judy; quite possibly they didn’t know all the answers. things are evolving at such a rate and pace. And in truth we all make a different difference in our own ways. 🙂

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