It is crucial to make time for nature
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It is crucial to make time for nature

The simplest solution to poor health, stress, overwhelm, worry, poor productivity, lack of inspiration or creativity and low energy is to get out in nature.

It seems too simple to be true. It’s not.

Why spend time in nature?

Time in nature gives you energy, creates clarity, gifts you solutions, creativity and insights, takes you out of your head and either into your heart space or your breathing lung space.

It doesn’t matter whether you get into your heart or your lungs, the result is more peace, more flow, more being.

You don’t need to “do” in nature. What do I mean?

Have you ever done a run or walk down a straight boring road? It’s work.

Have you ever ran a trail? It’s being…you don’t even realise the work as you become immersed in breathe and surroundings. Big difference!!

Have you ever gone on a walk to think about something only to note that you aren’t actually thinking of anything and yet still have the answers?

Have you sat by a river or breathed the forest into your lungs or the salt water into your senses and remarked to yourself that you just feel good? Thoughts are melted, fatigue has left, worries are gone.

Nature healing is simple.

I believe that the most important essential thing that you can do for your health is to have frequent nature time. It is not selfish. It is not indulgent. It is not something to feel guilty for.

Andrea on Bleanbeg bog
Nope not guilty, not even for stopping on a run to take a gazzilion photos. Or the fact that I look a mess. Who cares!!

Nature time is true warrior stuff; she gives you the strength, resilience and belief to show up once more in the real world. Time spent in nature IS mindfulness.

Or is the real world the nature time and the rest just some sort of fiction? Who knows….

Bottom line, get your nature time. In winter this is more crucial than ever because we are light energy and sun-ray deficient. You should make an effort to get your dose especially when living in more extreme latitudes.

Enjoy some pics from my run today; I rarely run with my phone making today is a feast for your senses also.

Bleanbeg bog, Newport, Co. Tipperary.

The little one beside Keeper Hill the bigger one!

I ran into Bleanbeg bog and followed the trails in all directions as I do, and not simply straight to the summit as described here . This is a stunning, quiet trail; perfect for alone time and if you are lucky you will meet deer and maybe a grouse.

I didn’t spot deer today only their tracks and Trinity my beagle was hot on their scent and so she stayed on my leash. The grouse were noisy, and shy!

Some days I am just not prepared to loose my beagle!

Where are you called to for your next nature adventure?

Breathe in the summit

Share your favourite nature escapes in the comments.

Want to experience this healing for yourself? Join me on a nature quest.

Love, Andrea

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