Cycle Against Suicide

Cycle Against Suicide


On Monday coming I am meeting Colin Bradley of Cycle Against Suicide to volunteer my assistance to this event in whatever way I can.

I am hoping to provide free educational material to the organisation that they can use to create further donations. This is such an important cause. I may also join the spin with my Dad, all going well!

This is the route here: and only yesterday, while doing a rare locum job as a pharmacist in Raheen three bubbly ladies from the Crescent Comprehensive College called in looking for raffle prizes. The college and organisation should be proud as they were stellar representatives. What better way to represent a cause such as this than with smiles, enthusiasm, and passion. If you are reading this ladies; good job!


I don’t think that there are many people here in Ireland that have not been touched by  a tragic loss to suicide. Parents, children, wives, husbands, partners, friends, family, suicide prevention organisations, search and rescue, paramedics, An Garda Síochána, fire fighters, first aiders, hospital workers, therapists, and innocent passers-by.

So I am doing what I can, in my way to act proactively to support this cause. To reach further than where I have reached the few times that I have worked with those traumatized by loss or close to suicide themselves or suffering with feelings that just don’t feel like them.

Close to my heart is a proactive approach. I feel passionate about us all in our own ways, reaching others to ensure that no one suffers in silence with depression or any of the challenges that may lead to someone taking their own life.

It is always important that everyone knows that it is ok to ask for help. It is a strength to reach out; a strength admired by all in another; never a weakness.


I have touched on depression in the past here: This is just a short blog; so I will say only a few words 🙂 and that is that:

“every human being seeks connection; be there for the people who you love and those whom you feel could benefit from your smile and kindness.”


I have also spoken of the importance of surrounding every family that has been touched by loss with love, support, and belief. So much love that it gives them the strength to go on. Heart field energy is so much more powerful than most of us can comprehend.

This is the link here to the Cycle Against Suicide webpage for your information.

cycle against suicide

I cannot wait to provide support and help raise further awareness…..

With love



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