yes you are strong….

yes you are strong….

I am an intuitive medical healer, empath and highly sensitive channel. There are so many people like you struggling right now in a world that feels like chaos. Yes, it feels a lot; but you are not alone, you are not broken and there are people like me that care so deeply for you and see you. I am here to support the journey….

Although things may feel rough; there is no growth ever without struggle and challenge. It will be worth it.

What is going on

Life feels a little overwhelming right now doesn’t it? Something feels off, your body is complaining with symptom after symptom. Your energy is low.

You feel disconnected, like someone plopped you on the wrong planet. You may be dreaming a lot and feel less motivated.

Anxiety hits in waves and being around certain people or in certain places can feel overwhelming.

You feel better alone, or in nature; but sometimes this feels lonely. You know the solution is not to hide away from the world. And yet that is what you want to do some days.

You don’t know where to start or who to talk to. Not many people understand you, or so it feels. You are afraid to even say how you feel for fear of getting looked at funny; you aren’t always sure that you aren’t mad and you certainly feel different.

You look around you and modern life increasingly looks like madness. You don’t want to shop, or accumulate stuff, the things that mattered before like the car and shoes don’t seem to matter, you no longer want to climb the social and career ladder that everyone told you would fulfill you. And conversations that engaged you before no longer do; you want to talk about the deeper stuff and are fed up of the negativity.

Life needs to mean something more….and it must be honest and authentic.

You know you are bigger and stronger than this; but lately it all just feels a bit much. Something deep inside is stirring. It “feels” like you can, you know that you are strong and that something more is about to happen. And you also feel alone and in the dark because most days you have no idea what all of this means.

You aren’t alone

I can help you, if this is you. I understand. I see you. More than this I can feel you; there are a lot of precious people in the world, just like you feeling this way too right now. You are not alone.

Don’t give up, don’t go it alone; it is safe to reach out (now). Sometimes it just takes someone who understands, someone who sees you, and someone that can tap into the universal love and wisdom for you and work with you to find the next steps.

Often there is some clutter to clear, wounds and traumas and experience stuck in the body; memories that must be released and memories that seek to be woken. You know this. It would feel so good to feel lighter in your body and soul; to feel more connected to the wisdom within.

You aren’t sick, you aren’t depressed, and although you may feel anxious you are not broken and you certainly aren’t worthless. You came here to be more and you know this.

Time to shine

It feels this way so that we can discover your truth and path and purpose…and know where to take the next step.

I can help

Please contact me if this resonates; don’t battle this alone. Sometimes all it takes is a chat or a meeting in person to turn so much around. To book an appointment or Skype click here to read more about me click here

You are loved.

Andrea x

PS if you live in the Newport, Murroe, Castleconnell, Nenagh or Killoscully area and are interested in joining a group of like minded people please fill in the contact box below. Also if you are interested in a healing nature quest see here:

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