7 Days to Fabulous Skin E-book
7-Days to Fabulous Skin

7 Days to Fabulous Skin E-book

7 Days to Fabulous Skin

Who says no to this!

As featured in Off The Rails presenters Sonia Lennon and Brenda Courtney’s best seller “Your Best You: How to Work What You’ve Got to Look Great Every Day”.



The Definitive Guide to Gluten E-Book
How to navigate the Gluten-Free maze

The Definitive Guide to Gluten E-Book

The Definitive Guide to Gluten: From Diagnosis to Starting on the Gluten-Free Path

Available to order NOW by email from the clinic on achealthsolutions@eircom.net and online on our new website achealthsolutions.com

The Definitive Guide to Gluten E-Book: From Diagnosis to Starting on the Gluten-Free Path

We are very excited, as this e-book will help so many of our clients AND new friends that find our website!

Sheep jumping
We are excited to share this e-book with you!

From: Cara, Singapore 

A guide that reflects Andrea’s comprehensive knowledge and extensive research into the topic of gluten, the potential repercussions of intolerance, and how to begin healing and continue a healthy lifestyle. Her passion for her work is tangible in these pages.

From: Keegan Smith, Australia



I just read Andrea Cullen’s E-book and I can now say that it is the go to guide that I will use with clients. It’s practical and sympathetic to the challenges of gluten-free living while also dispelling many of the myths around this increasingly relevant topic. After 3 years of living “primal” I can say that removing gluten from the menu has been part of the process for me being the healthiest, strongest and happiest I’ve ever been.

Thanks to Andrea and of course Dr Thomas O’Bryan for their efforts in making this health issue known and providing a working solution. I have had several athletes eliminate gluten with amazing results. While not all athletes are gluten intolerant there are few who don’t notice becoming leaner and experience faster recovery when they eliminate gluten from their menu. This resource makes the process of educating athletes, clients and their families a much simpler one. Thanks again!


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Gluten-Free Bar Review

The following is an excerpt from my e-book:

The Definitive Guide to Gluten: From Diagnosis to Starting on the Gluten-Free Path.


This e-book is available to order from the office (E: achealthsolutions@eircom.net) and will very soon be available on our newly launched website; I will let you know when it goes live!

We are excited about this, spread the word!


Bars and treats.

This is an area where the fun can begin or it can go terribly wrong!



And so the creative process begins; why this means the world to me………

I am excited to be at the beginning of the creative process for my 9 week body transformation programme. This is something that has been brewing for a while; however it needed me to take a break from the norm and to come away on holidays to find myself, to really get the inspiration for what I want to produce for you. It will be more than a diet plan; this will be where both you and I embark on a journey…..

If I was good at soulless marketing I would at this point promise you a 90 day money back guarantee, give you my house and declare myself a fraud if I cannot take you from this:



This may save a Life; you are NOT ruled by your genetics


Hello Everybody,
I will keep this post brief as I am away on holidays. However, this YouTube clip by Bruce Lipton is too important to not mention in its own blog as well as in brief passing on Facebook.

Beliefs have PROFOUND effects on the outcome of our lives and our health. Beliefs can change and alter the playing field for our genetics. If you believe that you are at the destiny of your genes please spend 10 minutes and watch this clip; especially if breast cancer runs in the family or affects a close friend or colleague.

How can we influence a positive outcome if we have been dealt a weak genetic hand? This list is not exhaustive (as then this would not be a short blog!) but touches on some areas of importance:


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In the News Today More Reminders we live in a Toxic World and how this has implications for Your Baby, even before you are pregnant!

There is no two ways about it, we sadly live in a terribly toxic world. Scanning the research that came into my inbox today is a chilling reminder of how seriously the state of our world is harming not only our health but that of the unborn next generation.


Excellent book

Here are a few article headlines and their links.



The devil is in the diagnosis

I lately have begun to wonder if one of the biggest flaws in medicine is that it gives us a diagnosis for our symptoms. We then have something real, to believe in, and build around. Once we have a diagnosis it is much harder to undo it; unless you are one of the fortunate ones that believes in the power to heal and turn it all around.

This concept hit me hard while visiting my parents and catching the end of Greys Anatomy


The scene was unfolding where a lady was



Rants on Vitamin D :-)

April 2013

Dear Dr. XXX

I am writing to follow-up on your phone call this week to me as I am deeply upset by the tone of the whole phone call and how it ended. It is not in my nature to hang up however you were bordering on abusive to me on the call and I could see no point in listening to this. I apologise for my termination of the call and if this upset your day; this was not my intent. I do not allow my clients to permit people to speak to them this way, nor do I feel I should be subject to this either. Nor should I do similar to you and we were both going nowhere fast! Saying this, I do understand from where you are coming from, and I would like to explain more about me, my qualifications and my approach. We both have the same issue at heart; that of patient care, research driven advice, and the importance of CPD and qualifications. So yes I understand where you were coming from and perhaps we both could have handled the call better.

I take offence but absolutely understand your remarks about my


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