Personalised diets based on computer algorithms and gene or gut microbiome tests?

Hi folks,
I am not going to over-write in this little blog. I merely want to prompt you into some deep thinking about the following while I highlight some cool research that has been in the news:
and more here on the personalised nutrition project
In a nutshell we can if we like soon look to science and technology to tell us what to do when it comes to food…. and hope and trust that it knows more than Momma Nature and the innate healing wisdom within.
I am not dismissing this research for one moment, I think the more we can learn the more awesome this journey is for all of us; however I also believe that we are far smarter than we think at learning what works for us in health and wellness….. once encouraged, empowered and educated to get us started along this health adventure.
I want to ask you to pause a moment and ask yourself some questions:



Skin Allergies – the health detectives nightmare

Hello all,

So in light of my own recent brush with allergic dermatitis and from what I experience on a daily basis when I work as a pharmacist dealing with concerned parents of highly allergic children I am going to write a brief blog touching on skin allergies.

This will not be an in-depth review, mostly because skin allergies are a highly complex and diverse individual topic but I will touch on a few key points. If you suffer with skin or other allergies I suggest that you address this with an expert, if not a team of experts to best support your way back to full health without symptoms. At the very minimal I suggest that you consider all the following approaches: functional medicine, diet & nutrition, herbal remedies and plant essences, standard medical approach (for fire-fighting symptoms when needed), and perhaps complementary support from acupuncture, energy healing, stress relief and mindfulness.

Firstly I would like to highlight an important culprit that may go amiss in the quest to identify the cause of skin allergies.


My own skin allergy has me personally baffled for almost a month now. I have been frustrated and challenged by an extremely itchy and painful skin allergy on the back of my neck (how did you burn yourself was my boyfriends comment); to the point where I even sought the advice of another pharmacist although her diagnosis of suspected shingles was a bit off given my symptomology.

I cannot be certain that this ‘culprit’ was the trigger to my own skin allergy but I am more confident that this is the cause than the shingles that another pharmacist terrified me with!

So what is this chemical?


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