7 Days to Fabulous Skin E-book
7-Days to Fabulous Skin

7 Days to Fabulous Skin E-book

7 Days to Fabulous Skin

Who says no to this!

As featured in Off The Rails presenters Sonia Lennon and Brenda Courtney’s best seller “Your Best You: How to Work What You’ve Got to Look Great Every Day”.


E-book available to order NOW by email from the clinic on achealthsolutions@eircom.net and online on our new website achealthsolutions.com

This e-book is a step by step 7-day diet guide with accompanying meal plans to support skin health. This plan is based on extensive research and is tried and tested by many of my clients (as well as friends, family and myself!).

This plan is perfect in the countdown to special events and weddings, or for whenever you feel your skin needs a boost.


The plan is simple to follow and does not require that you take any health supplements or ‘fake’ foods; just honest to goodness foods with science to back their inclusion in this plan for many “science nerd” reasons.

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A bonus of this plan is that due to the exclusion of gluten and dairy containing foods from the 7 days of the plan, many clients quote improved energy, reduced tummy bloating, and reduced fluid retention.


The plan is completely balanced in nutrition, there are no fads or gimmicks; and if anything it is a super boost to health so may be followed for other health reasons also, with the pay off of improved skin tone.

If counting down to an important event, I suggest you complete this plan once a month for 3 to 6 consecutive months prior to the event.


Consider running this plan into 14 days prior to the big day for glowing, hydrated, clear skin.  

If however, you are suffering more serious health imbalances then this plan may not be sufficient on its own to fully remedy this; nor are we promising this. Skin problems may occur as a result of numerous imbalances and so these may require attention also (we are good, however, at figuring out what is going on; Andrea is a trained pharmacist as well as nutritional therapist and specialist in diagnostic functional medicine. If you feel there is something up we recommend that you contact us as we may be able to heal a whole load of worry, or at the very least point you in the right direction). 

This plan is a healthy eating plan with the focus on foods found to be especially beneficial for reducing inflammation and supporting skin and tissue health; it also excludes gluten a highly inflammatory food and dairy an insulin promoting food. If you have more serious health imbalances, this diet plan is a good start; but may not be the full solution. If you feel that your health imbalances are more complicated, then we would be more than happy to run a full analysis of your health and conduct a more in-depth consultation for you.

The long and the short  is that this eating plan is healthy and unless contraindicated is beneficial to most people’s health as well as their skin!

If you would like to learn more, please do email us and we will endeavour to reply to your query promptly.

E-book available to order NOW by email from the clinic on achealthsolutions@eircom.net and online on our new website achealthsolutions.com


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