This may save a Life; you are NOT ruled by your genetics


Hello Everybody,
I will keep this post brief as I am away on holidays. However, this YouTube clip by Bruce Lipton is too important to not mention in its own blog as well as in brief passing on Facebook.

Beliefs have PROFOUND effects on the outcome of our lives and our health. Beliefs can change and alter the playing field for our genetics. If you believe that you are at the destiny of your genes please spend 10 minutes and watch this clip; especially if breast cancer runs in the family or affects a close friend or colleague.

How can we influence a positive outcome if we have been dealt a weak genetic hand? This list is not exhaustive (as then this would not be a short blog!) but touches on some areas of importance:

Address your beliefs, keep addressing your beliefs; they will change all the time 🙂

Work through how you deal with emotions so that you are, as best you can in the moment, not holding on to intense emotions such as sadness, fear, grief, and anger.

Address your environment in so far as possible limit your exposure to toxins and chemicals from your food, water, toiletries, cosmetics, air, workplace, etc.

Eat a nutrient dense, high quality, preferably organic and/ or locally Irish diet (or local to you).

Support organs of elimination and detoxification (diet, supplements, energy work, herbs, etc.).

Minimise exposure to and limit effects of energy fields such as geopathic stress, microwaves, electromagnetic field, etc.

Address infections that are viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic in nature.

Live in an optimal balance of rest and recovery, work and play.

Live your life as you want to.

Limit negatives in your life as much as you can; yes this includes people!

and so on

If you do receive unfortunate news about a tumour marker, tumour, or cancer then I urge you to address the above, work closely with a therapist to deal with emotions, and research into the Gerson diet for healing. For a start; take back some power and please love yourself and place faith in your intuition and inner guidance, self strength, and that your body will do all that it can to heal given the resources.

So here is Bruce Lipton. Bruce is discussing Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a double mastectomy.

genetics slide

A decision I believe for her was the correct one given her beliefs at the time, however possibly not the correct one given what we know about genetics and epigenetics. Please spend time to watch this and share.

I have to admit I am slightly in love with his gentle manner and I have nerd envy about his knowledge.

Here is Bruce’s website should you like to learn more; his books are highly recommended and I have watched Bruce in several movies such as Beyond Belief, The Living Matrix, and Spontaneous Evolution; all compelling viewing.


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