Derval O’Rourke’s new cookbook ‘Food for the Fast lane’
Derval O'Rourke

Derval O’Rourke’s new cookbook ‘Food for the Fast lane’

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Hi folks,

It is YET ANOTHER FABULOUS SEPTEMBER DAY; wow I cannot get enough of this Indian Summer we are having here in Ireland, I am just back from my own little 19km canter around the block in the warm sun (ok 18.95 km my running OCD is kicking myself for the shortfall!). I think every athlete and active person in Ireland will agree that it has been the best ever summer for outdoor training.

I know that speaking for myself, while things are still up in the air regarding getting the new clinic up and running (read here) I have been outdoors a lot; to keep fit, to keep my mind clear, and to help me make decisions about the future. I personally find that decluttering your head with activities such as running, walking, hiking, or biking allow the solutions to float in…. minus the worry and over-analysis. This is probably due to the repetitive nature of these activities putting you into a state of heart sync, a sort of active meditation so to speak. If you have decisions to make get outdoors rather than on a hamster wheel of over analysis; your productivity will thank you for it.

If you are not familiar with where I live;


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Frugal eating, Offal, and Paleo Truths


Before we head on into offal

organ meats

I wanted to say a few things about food and being frugal for more than just financial reasons but ethical ones also.

Is frugal eating how it always should have been? That is before we lost the run of ourselves in the Big Boom and saw steak on our plates more than once a year or at the posh folks BBQs.

Of late I am truly attempting to walk the talk with food not only nutritionally to be an example of health to my clients but also as a nudge of gratitude to the environment and my wallet. I have been fortunate this summer, in that while I am writing and developing new healing programmes, I have some spare time on my hands to play a little with food more so than usual and really push some boundaries. Time that has allowed me to experiment with new foods, simple and fast cooking methods, and to discover some short cuts to including these new foods into your normal meals for those of you that are busier with commitments and have limited time for cooking.

If we wish to be truly healthy we have to put time aside for play (exercise), nourishment (food) and rest (recovery and creativity) in addition to investing in time exploring what it is that is meaningful for us in life; our path so to speak. So it is true to say that health doesn’t just come by sitting with your ass on a sofa; but neither should it be a chore. We owe it to ourselves to tune start tuning in to what it is that best serves us along our path to wellbeing.



Spring Detox e-book

by Andrea Cullen

February 14th 2014

Hello all,

Spring is on the way! We have had some warm days here in Reno, although I see that at home Ireland is taking a battering from storms and high tides 🙁

How’s this for some contrast:

And a satellite from this past week of the wonderful power of Momma Nature as she shouts out across Ireland and the UK.


Here in Reno, Nevada where I am on a break writing and studying; the weather is such a contrast with very little rain if any. Here are some photos from my walk home yesterday across the wetlands.

So are you ready for Spring?

Need something to focus on that is positive while winter is still kicking ass? To prepare you to emerge from the cocoon of winter into spring?



Fat Rules for Optimal Health and Body Composition

By Andrea Cullen

Feb 1st 2014

So it is an absolute age since I have posted on word press.


The truth be told I have been taking leaps of faith for work and am currently relocated from Ireland to Reno, Nevada, temporarily to take a time out for further writing and research while also managing clients from home online. Exciting times and I will keep you all posted.

Its is amazing to have time out, for myself personally as well as professionally. This is giving me the time to explore the locality, meet new friends, and to be immersed in how things work here related to food, shops, local produce, organic and ethical foods, the people, lifestyle and the general feel and energy of the place.

In summary life here is fast, work is fast, training is fast and food is fast….and amongst this I am taking things slow.

Here are some photo highlights and I discuss my food, diet and health explorations and observations in a blog that will be posted later in the week.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am also feeling generous today so here is my latest article for clients on my health transformation programme. The article discusses fats for health and body composition and if you can apply the guidance you are on the right track for health making some very important food choices for long-term health, wellness, and sports performance.

Fat Rules for Optimal Health and Body Composition



Festive Eating Survival 101


Festive Eating Survival 101:

My Festive Season Prevent-the-Flab Strategy!

Hello everyone,

This piece was written in 2013; so I am going to add in a few quick edits now to update this for 2016.

If there was one message that I want to convey it is that Christmas is a time of sharing and partaking, loving and living.

Christmas meals are not about food but family, tipples not about getting drunk to escape but to enjoy company, to connect and relax; and desserts not about calories but sharing in an indulgence and just for once letting go without a judgement on the self.

Approach the festive period with the right mind and a balanced awareness around food and alcohol.

Be mindful of what truly matters and above all be grateful and as generous with your time, love and the abundance that you have as possible.
Wishing you all a peaceful, rested and abundant Christmas. OH and if you haven’t already listened; take a moment to check out my video and voice blog yesterday. Much love. Me x

Take a few moments to reflect….

To sign out for 2016 this is a gem of a cover that will hit you wallop in the heart and soul; love these boys.


santa kept hsi new years resolutions

Instead of giving you a list of “To Do’s” and to “ NOT Do”; I am going to give you a list of what I personally do to prevent weight gain and maintain my fitness over the Christmas period right through to the New Year. So that by New Year I haven’t ended up with a whole new me!


Prepare for Christmas Detox Plan
Prepare for Christmas Detox Plan

Prepare for Christmas Detox Plan

Yippee I have FINALLY completed writing and spell checking my latest e-book titled Prepare for Christmas Detox Plan.

To read more, download the diet, menu plans, supplement recommendations, and  recipes please follow this link to obtain your OWN PERSONAL COPY or email us in the office on to order your copy.


I get so excited when I complete my e-books and just sent off copies to some of my closest training and professional friends so that they can have a sneaky preview peak. Thanks Keegan Smith, Ronan O’Brien, Adam James Parr, Matt Chappell, Aidan ShanahanBarry Hennessy; gratitude and rock on as they say.


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