Prepare for Christmas Detox Plan
Prepare for Christmas Detox Plan

Prepare for Christmas Detox Plan

Yippee I have FINALLY completed writing and spell checking my latest e-book titled Prepare for Christmas Detox Plan.

To read more, download the diet, menu plans, supplement recommendations, and  recipes please follow this link to obtain your OWN PERSONAL COPY or email us in the office on to order your copy.


I get so excited when I complete my e-books and just sent off copies to some of my closest training and professional friends so that they can have a sneaky preview peak. Thanks Keegan Smith, Ronan O’Brien, Adam James Parr, Matt Chappell, Aidan ShanahanBarry Hennessy; gratitude and rock on as they say.

I think the main reason that I get so excited when I have finished an e-book is that even though the plan is simple enough, 7 to 30 days of cleaner eating; I always sneak in strategies that educate, inform, and most of all address the major triggers for chronic health in clients that attend my clinic. For example this plan is gluten and dairy free, it is balanced and addresses the more common nutritional deficiencies, it is abundant in antioxidants and omega 3, packed with super foods for cancer prevention and longevity, and all the while addressing your more aesthetic concerns such as energy, skin vitality and shedding of trouble body fat sites such as the waist, hips and thighs. Bonus!!! You are addressing all this while following this simple plan to get you feeling and looking awesome before Christmas!

“This plan will have you feeling AND looking awesome for Christmas.”

This plan is simple to follow:

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Is jammers with healing “super’ foods, for example:

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And tips for making your life easier in the Christmas rush:


People have been asking me questions about the plan so here are a few brief facts followed by an extract from the plan:

  1. The plan is dairy and gluten free.
  2. The plan is low in sugar and suitable for people with gastrointestinal issues or Candida/ yeast problems; in fact I recommend this plan for healing (in addition to other supportive strategies). Fruit is at a minimum with no more than 1 portion recommended daily; and possibly a touch of sweetening from fruit in your home-made vegetable juices.
  3. This plan is completely nutritionally balanced and provides increased nutrition to support healing, detoxification, and health. The is completely opposite to many extreme detoxification diets that are imbalanced and lacking in nutrition.
  4. This plan is especially recommended if you have been feeling fatigued or under the weather lately as it boosts the system.
  5. This plan is super for men as well as women.
  6. You should not go hungry on this plan; eat to appetite; physical and not emotional appetite!!
  7. I recommend this for all my clients with chronic health problems, inflammation type problems, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, etc. There really aren’t any contra-indications to this plan unless you are on warfarin where the increase in Vitamin K intake may require additional INR monitoring.
  8. If you have a low thyroid it is best to consume the cruciferous vegetables COOKED and not raw.

“There is a significant focus on foods in this plan with documented research in their ability to improve many aspects of health in relation to detoxification. For example upgraded hepatic enzyme function, improved immune surveillance, enhanced biotransformation and detoxification of cancer inducing xenobiotic compounds, and  improved nutritional status and antioxidant balance. I have gone to great lengths to include a variety of the proven ‘super’ foods for health that will benefit us all, while keeping the plan practical and affordable.”

This plan will benefit everyone looking to improve their health and does not require a lot of effort. The whole family can follow this plan together and so separate meals need not be prepared. If you are under time pressure; then every positive change that you take from this will benefit you even if you cannot commit to it 100%.

If you have any other questions please post them in the comments and I will address them here.

Here is an extract from the intro of the e-book:

So here we are in yet another Christmas countdown…. And this year you will be ready!!

This plan will help you prepare your physical health for some fabulously fun Christmas chaos. I have laid out some simple guidelines and diet plans with supportive educational tips and recipes to boost your health, both mind and body; plump up your winter fatigued skin, get the blood moving through your system, and get your liver detoxification systems operating a few gears up. If you are looking to shed weight this plan is excellent for shifting troublesome weight around the hips and thighs and for men also from the pectoral and triceps areas.

Are you ready to feel great this Christmas?


I am asking you to commit to this plan for 7 to 14 days; with the option of taking the weekends off, should your schedule get in the way. If you like, follow this plan for a whole month or stick to the plan Monday to Friday and let the weekends rock as they decide to roll. The choice is yours; and once you make your decision, stick with it. The longer you adhere to the plan the greater the rewards in terms of health improvements and body fat loss.

I ask you to pay attention to the following 10 “detoxify your life” commandments for the duration of this plan:

1. Spend 5 minutes every morning visualising yourself being successful on this plan and having a GREAT day. And last thing before you go to sleep spend 5 minutes running through the things that have happened in your day that you are grateful for. This is important.

2. Every day either morning or evening, spend a few minutes visualising this coming Christmas. Visualise feeling super in your body, feeling confident and comfortable in your body; visualise having that air of je ne sais quoi as you enter the room at a party; focus your mind ahead on the picture of you feeling energetic, calm, joyful, playful, and capable of handling whatever comes your way (because you can); and if specific details come to you visualise these also. Focus on how you FEEL. This is tremendously powerful as an exercise; just watch!


3. Reduce your time spent watching TV; especially TV shows that focus on superficial or negative issues (e.g. fashion or body or Hollywood type gossip shows).

4. Avoid magazines, the news, media and anything that shifts you out of your positive bubble into negativity.

To read more tips order your own personal copy as detailed below……..

So what is in the e-book?

This e-book is a step by step 7-day diet guide, which as explained above can be stretched into fourteen days, thirty days or even longer or tweaked into a Monday-Friday with the weekends off. It is perfectly balanced so there are no concerns about long-term use.

You are getting 65 pages of advice, tips, recipes and meal plans!!

This plan is perfect in the countdown to Christmas.

The plan is simple to follow and does not require that you take any health supplements (these are an optional bonus and I provide advice on exactly what to take and which brands are best); just honest to goodness foods with science to back their inclusion in this plan for many “science nerd” reasons. If you wish to keep this plan to a budget aim to focus on foods such as………..

To read more tips order your own personal copy as detailed below……..

A bonus of this plan is that due to the exclusion of gluten and dairy containing foods many clients quote improved energy, reduced tummy bloating, and reduced fluid retention.

Many quote reduced bloating
Many quote reduced bloating

If you notice vast improvements to your health then it is worth investigating what it is you removed from your diet that led to such improvements to health; for example gluten is a common culprit in people’s health niggles.

This plan is especially effective to shift stubborn fat from the waist, hips and thighs and for men from problem pectoral and triceps areas.

The plan is completely balanced in nutrition, there are no fads or gimmicks; and if anything it is a super boost to health so may be followed for other health reasons. This style of eating is recommended for health, longevity, cancer prevention and body composition benefits in the long-term.

If you would like to include additional health supplements to this plan to improve on your results, then I recommend the following brands…..

To read more, download the diet, menu plans, supplement recommendations, and  recipes please follow this link to obtain your OWN PERSONAL COPY or email us in the office on to order your copy.

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With love,


Andrea and Millie, Winter Freeze, Limerick, 2010

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