Sports Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete lecture June 22nd 2013

On Saturday I presented my three-hour lecture on sports nutrition for the endurance athlete, in other words runners, marathon runners, adventure racers, triathletes, cyclists and so on.




For a limited time I have decided to post up two parts of the lecture for public viewing.

This gives you a feel for all the information presented to the attendees. They definitely left with a lot to think about! We were honoured to have Andree Walkin with us; Andree will be representing Ireland at Europeans this September.

Andree Walkin

Here is more about Andree, I am so delighted to be supporting her for another year. Andree is one of the rare athletes that acknowledges that getting it all right regarding training and nutrition is the utopia strived for, and despite being mid-season was here to tweak and improve on her current regime. Many athletes get stuck in believing that they have it all nailed and don’t look to push the boundaries further. Trust me you are never there; there is always another level to strive for…. a bit like in video game land!!

Super Mario

Please enjoy, we shall be uploading this shortly to my new webpage with the lecture slides.

This is Part 2 of the lecture and Part 3 which is all about preparation for Endurance events will follow as we need to re-record this.

Enjoy x Andrea

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