Athlete fruit bread

athlete fruit bread

Athlete fruit bread

This is a handy bread for using as part of a snack or meal balanced with either more protein or fats to aid either preparation for or recovery from short or longer endurance sessions.

For example speaking all things recovery, a longer bike ride or run will allow for a decent slice of this yummy bread as an add-on to a proper meal of protein with some healthy fats (e.g. omelette with avocado and veggies) or a shorter 60-90 minutes spin / approximately 1 hour run will allow a whey protein or vegan protein shake and a slice of this bread covered with almond nut butter.

A slice of this with some nut butter and for example a scrambled egg or some slices of meat will make a handy pre-training snack. Or simply enjoy this bread alone with some hazelnut butter or coconut butter as a mid-morning or afternoon snack.

Talking flours:

I normally use gluten-free self-raising flour as everything in this house is baked 100% gluten-free; but I had an “error” purchase a few months ago of non-gluten free Doves farm self-raising flour (warning they look the same!) and so this one was created for my hard training ironman boyfriend. It got the thumbs up. I personally would slather this with some nut butter or real Irish butter but eaten alone this bread is also perfect.

Ingredients for Athlete fruit bread:

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Fuelling your best performance….

Endurance, Triathlon, and Ironman Functional Nutrition Mentorship Programme

Hi all,

I just wanted to announce that over the coming months I will be rolling out a mentorship programme for a select few serious endurance athletes. Places will be limited so if you are interested watch this space or email me to reserve your place (


Are you a triathlete, ironman, endurance runner, cyclist, swimmer, rower or adventure racer? Are you interested in taking your training and genetics to the next level? Are you SERIOUSLY committed to achieving your sporting goals?

How bad do you want it?

Will you invest in you?

Are you committed to achieving excellence?


Are you prepared to work hard to achieve your goals?

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What happens in Kona IronMan….

Changes people.


I keep meaning to get a blog up about my stay in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and my experience of watching the Ironman World Championships 2014…. and life is throwing so many fabulous experiences at me that I am failing to find the time. I am just back to Ireland now after spending three days in  Reno Nevada. It has been a fortnight of every emotion and now jet lag. (PS key to jet lag nutritionally is to stick with protein in the am and carbs in the pm).

It was super to get back to Reno; to reconnect to two precious people, to have some me time, and to indulge in some running time. Reno is at 4,400+ feet above sea level and so I was sucking oxygen on my runs and was grateful for the sun to offset the lungs 🙂

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Back to Kona

I had an amazing week in Kona watching my loved one, new friends, and all sorts of sizes, shapes, speeds, techniques and training gear flash by that was all the other competitors as they hit the roads in their final preparations. Just walking down the street or sitting in a café provided ample opportunity to watch the athletes train in the sweltering sun; while I knocked back another Kona coffee.

{Did you know they have a coffee here called peaberry coffee that due to its lower acidity is gentler on the stomach? If you cannot get to Kona this is available to buy online in addition to the real deal Kona coffee. I digress; back to the blog. Coffee has a way of diverting me in my writing as well as in person!}


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How to prepare for an Endurance Cycle


Endurance and Triathlon Cycling

By Andrea Cullen

April 15th 2014

In support of Cycle Against Suicide 2014

cycle against suicide

For a full version of this article please follow the link here and here; I will pay forward all monies received to Cycle Against Suicide so I ask you to consider ordering this little e-book to help make a difference OR pay forward my time by clicking the donate button below to contribute to Cycle Against Suicide… and create a chain of thanks.

Hundreds of you are reading this article and very few are generous to donate a few quid towards this fantastic campaign… I am asking you to consider being the difference…. even if it is only the money from your week’s coffee fund it all makes a difference…. thank you 🙂 )


This advice given in this article applies to athletes involved in any endurance cycling event lasting longer than 60-90 minutes that is relatively intense.

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Endurance Race and Triathlon Preparation E-Book

Finally, after weeks of saying it is almost done, I have finished my e-book titled ‘The Definitive Guide to Endurance Race & Triathlon Preparation”.

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This comprehensive e-book weighs in at 53 pages, I am very happy with how it looks and it is jammers with helpful tips and practical advice covering different strategies, all about which carbohydrates, proteins and fats to choose all the while keeping the diet gluten-free and healthy; no trash, junk, sugars, etc. This diet is as close to Paleo/ Traditional as a pre-race strategy will permit.

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