How to prepare for an Endurance Cycle


Endurance and Triathlon Cycling

By Andrea Cullen

April 15th 2014

In support of Cycle Against Suicide 2014

cycle against suicide

For a full version of this article please follow the link here and here; I will pay forward all monies received to Cycle Against Suicide so I ask you to consider ordering this little e-book to help make a difference OR pay forward my time by clicking the donate button below to contribute to Cycle Against Suicide… and create a chain of thanks.

Hundreds of you are reading this article and very few are generous to donate a few quid towards this fantastic campaign… I am asking you to consider being the difference…. even if it is only the money from your week’s coffee fund it all makes a difference…. thank you 🙂 )


This advice given in this article applies to athletes involved in any endurance cycling event lasting longer than 60-90 minutes that is relatively intense.



Cycle Against Suicide


On Monday coming I am meeting Colin Bradley of Cycle Against Suicide to volunteer my assistance to this event in whatever way I can.

I am hoping to provide free educational material to the organisation that they can use to create further donations. This is such an important cause. I may also join the spin with my Dad, all going well!


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