Red Lentil and Beef Tongue Massaman Curry

Finished curry long

Today I wrote a review on Derval O’Rourke’s newly released cookbook titled ‘Food in the Fast Lane’; go buy it!! Here is my review

“Having talent is easy.
Getting out of bed and showing up every day, doing the hard graft, and believing in yourself during the moments of doubt or loneliness
is NOT easy.

I applaud everyone who achieves, no matter how big or small;
Because I see the person behind the success.
And truly that is all any person wishes for:
To be seen.
For every effort to be noted and appreciated.

The medal does not mark the day’s achievement but the culmination of months and often years of training.

I have been honoured to work with many of Ireland’s best athletes and when I say they worked for it; they worked hard for it.
Often unsupported, invisible, but always believing.

This is not a glamour gig; it is a financial, personal, physical, and emotional sacrifice.

This is what we applaud: athlete, professional, amateur or the unnoticed person plodding away.

We make note of every training session, every stretching session; every meal prepared at home and for the road, every physical therapy appointment, every doctor visit, every dreaded morning alarm clock because no one really likes to get out of bed when it is dark and cold outside….
every normal part of life, like the pub, club or social event and even skiing trips and sports that risk a mishap…
that had to be missed…

We see the person, the efforts, the determination, the true grit, the never giving up, the picking oneself up after every fall and doing it again and again and again; the belief in the dream.
Notice the people you love.
See your children for who they are.
Be inspired by your parents and role models.
Everyone holds extraordinary gifts and talents;
And everyone feels vulnerable…”

Andrea xx

Red Lentil and Beef Tongue Massaman Curry


Derval O’Rourke’s new cookbook ‘Food for the Fast lane’
Derval O'Rourke

Derval O’Rourke’s new cookbook ‘Food for the Fast lane’

and other ramblings…

Hi folks,

It is YET ANOTHER FABULOUS SEPTEMBER DAY; wow I cannot get enough of this Indian Summer we are having here in Ireland, I am just back from my own little 19km canter around the block in the warm sun (ok 18.95 km my running OCD is kicking myself for the shortfall!). I think every athlete and active person in Ireland will agree that it has been the best ever summer for outdoor training.

I know that speaking for myself, while things are still up in the air regarding getting the new clinic up and running (read here) I have been outdoors a lot; to keep fit, to keep my mind clear, and to help me make decisions about the future. I personally find that decluttering your head with activities such as running, walking, hiking, or biking allow the solutions to float in…. minus the worry and over-analysis. This is probably due to the repetitive nature of these activities putting you into a state of heart sync, a sort of active meditation so to speak. If you have decisions to make get outdoors rather than on a hamster wheel of over analysis; your productivity will thank you for it.

If you are not familiar with where I live;


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Herb Blitz Hummus dip

I have written about hummus before with a fast easy recipe as posted here for Hummus-tastic Hummus.

Food Flickr also posted a super recipe for a fast healthy hummus this week; this is their Facebook page link

Don’t let home-cooking scare you!

I am a big Downton Abbey fan!
I am a big Downton Abbey fan!

“Healthy cooking is about taking a recipe and making it better;
It isn’t something that should be exclusive to gourmet chefs….
Just start with what you are familiar with and make it better”.




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Herb Blitz
Herb blitz

Herb Blitz

Herb blitz.3

Recently I invested in a Nutribullet from Argos.


It cost me €129.99 and is far superior to the other less expensive option called the Magic Bullet. Why? Having used both I can say that the Nutribullet has a more powerful motor and hence is better at dealing with more challenging vegetables, nuts and seeds. It pulverizes everything!

If you would like to read more about the Nutribullet follow the link here (; I believe that in Ireland Brown Thomas and Argos supply the Nutribullet; I am unsure about other places. A quick search on Harvey Normal only showed me the Magic bullet.

I had been saving for a super dooper juicer and in the interim decided to trial the bullet and wow oh wow I would rate it as one of the best kitchen gadgets on the must have list and for the moment I will not be investing in a separate juicer?

Why? The Nutribullet thus far has demonstrated the following advantages:



Beef Tongue Vegetable Curry

Finished beef tongue vegetable curry

This has been a great week for me as I have been writing several blogs and this is truly what I love doing best; reflecting on life and adding my two pence worth on paper, that and cooking!

Love seems to be topical for me as well as many close to me currently. Truly I think it is indeed love that makes the world go round, provides the meaning for our existence, and the strength to fly. If you would like to read more please follow these links and there are many more musings to be found on this blog site. Please send a little time getting lost in thought here.

Before we kick off into the curry recipe maybe stop a moment to fill your heart with gratitude for all that blesses your day; what we are thankful for grows.



Frugal eating, Offal, and Paleo Truths


Before we head on into offal

organ meats

I wanted to say a few things about food and being frugal for more than just financial reasons but ethical ones also.

Is frugal eating how it always should have been? That is before we lost the run of ourselves in the Big Boom and saw steak on our plates more than once a year or at the posh folks BBQs.

Of late I am truly attempting to walk the talk with food not only nutritionally to be an example of health to my clients but also as a nudge of gratitude to the environment and my wallet. I have been fortunate this summer, in that while I am writing and developing new healing programmes, I have some spare time on my hands to play a little with food more so than usual and really push some boundaries. Time that has allowed me to experiment with new foods, simple and fast cooking methods, and to discover some short cuts to including these new foods into your normal meals for those of you that are busier with commitments and have limited time for cooking.

If we wish to be truly healthy we have to put time aside for play (exercise), nourishment (food) and rest (recovery and creativity) in addition to investing in time exploring what it is that is meaningful for us in life; our path so to speak. So it is true to say that health doesn’t just come by sitting with your ass on a sofa; but neither should it be a chore. We owe it to ourselves to tune start tuning in to what it is that best serves us along our path to wellbeing.



Lambs liver and lambs heart casserole with a spicy twist

Lambs hearts

More from my experimentations with organ meats as I investigated not only in the books and on the internet about their nutritive properties but also just what these babies taste like in cooking! It is important to be authentic and walk the talk 🙂

I have never eaten heart before so I was tentative adding heart to this dish choosing to use mostly liver which I am more familiar with. Now that I have tasted this creation I recommend more heart (e.g. two) and less liver as the heart tastes divine and isn’t as strong as the liver. Lamb heart doesn’t taste too far off a pricey cut of steak; happy days! The vegetables that I selected for this dish were a selection from what I had available to me with no preconceived recipe only the one that formed in my head from what was available to me.




Hearty Heart Bolognese


Hearty Bolognese straight out of the oven

Lambs heart in my hands


By Andrea Cullen

August 3rd 2014

I have to admit I was sceptical about eating hearts and now that I have cooked and tasted heart I am converted; it tastes amazing. I mean close to if not better than steak! As heart is lean it does well slow cooked, marinated, or in dishes such as casseroles, chilies, and curries.

This recipe is a result of an e-book that I have written for clients all about frugal eating, organ meats and offal, and come with a good dose of education as I will always do! Email me on if you would like a copy.


This is a very flexible recipe and I have added some options that you may like to try using additional ingredients; this leads to deviation from the more traditional Bolognese but does add further nutritional clout from added vegetables or beans.

If you prefer you can choose not to braise/ brown the meat and just chuck the other ingredients all together in layers in a casserole dish to cut back on unnecessary oils. Browning the meat and onions etc. will however add greater depth of flavour.

This dish will work very well in a slow cooker also known as a crock pot.


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