Be the change

Be the change

love “Being all of who you are may seem like the smallest of changes to make

and in truth is the MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE that the world needs right now.”

There is something deep in me, that always has been there, and it is a strong desire to make a difference. And it always overwhelmed me at how was I possibly supposed to do this. I feel I am so small, and my abilities to reach many people or create changes that could even possibly have far-reaching consequences seemed so limited that in my mind I felt that this giant task of ‘making a difference’ was never going to be possible. I think many of us feel this way. And the truth is so far from this limiting notion.


When you consider that every action of ours starts a small ripple effect throughout the people and world that we touch; we can appreciate that in truth we all have the ability to make great changes. I see it as being the finger that pushes the first domino or the first ripple that builds into the most powerful wave.

tidal wave

Isn’t this exciting to think that the smallest of our daily actions and words and beliefs can have the most profound of effects with infinite possibilities.

The acronym for ‘make a difference’ is MAD, and I think many who have this deep burning passion to help make the world a better place (or more accurately create a better world) feel mad more often than not. We are the overly sensitive people who feel pain in the world. We see that every action of ours has an effect on the world and other people. So many negative things in the world affect us to the very core of our hearts. And often times we are subject to jokes, teasing, and bullying for being “different”. So as a result, many carry this deep-seated desire to create change so deeply within them, that it becomes like a lost dream and life goes on…… life goes on and something feels like it is missing.


I love my work, I get the chance to sit with people and get to know them. I have a knack of seeing right into a person and well, in solving health problems we also play the dance of rediscovery. I see so many people find themselves as they restore their health to optimal. It is almost as if they had no clue that they were in a self-made box, feeling miserable and lost and just going through the day; albeit apparently very successfully for some. One big façade. 

We can all be good at playing the game of life. Many times health symptoms or negative behaviours and addictions often distract from the true core of the issue. It feels amazing as a therapist to see a person find that passion again and move forward into knowing that they truly are a significant part of our universe and re-finding what they love doing.

When you are doing what you love; you are making a difference. Just look at how a child lost in wondrous play has the ability to transform the energy of everything in their surrounds. As adults we lose this…we do far too many things that we don’t like and not enough of what we love….Passionate people inspire; why else to people pay gurus a fortune to attend their conferences?

Soak this up for a few minutes and observe how you feel!

Making a difference in the world  does not mean leaving your job, selling your home and moving to a tree house in the jungle. (Not unless this feels like your calling or something that is necessary because certain changes feel right.) It means being the teacher, mother, sales person, therapist, cashier, accountant, business entrepreneur, doctor, or banker, etc. that lives by their spiritual rules and soul compass and makes a difference through the people they touch in their daily lives.

Making a difference in the world means being awake in your life to the endless possibilities to share love and support and create change in every encounter that crosses your path. This may be the smallest thing; like smiling at someone in a crowd, or simply sharing your good vibes without one word, or being the person that is there at the right time to see the pain in another’s day and brings them your sunshine.

You can shine your light in every encounter; people crave connection. Connecting to others is very important to us on a deep level.

“We have become  impersonal to the person we encounter in our day-to-day life. 

I LOVE meeting people in all sorts of circumstances. I take my time to talk to the person serving me coffee (and pretty quickly I benefit from their sunshine when I revisit), the cashier, the person walking their dog on my route, the business man or woman who I have a lunch meeting with. Endless opportunities for beautiful encounters bless my day because I am open to them.

When did we forget that every person we meet has a story and often something important to share with us? I firmly believe that no meeting is by chance. And oh my word the elderly in our lives; they have a lifetime of stories and experience to share; how did we come to believe that we in our modern fast world  know better??

Bali native
Meeting the elder of a compound in Bali

Your influence may nudge the most powerful one person or even lots of people to go on and create great changes. You may be the mediator to great change and not even realise it! When we truly are at peace in ourselves we see no requirement for acknowledgement for the things that we do and the people that we help. It is enough to simply smile on the outside and hold it in your heart on the inside.

“Consider that taking the time to speak to our elders, play with our children, and widen our experience to people we would never talk to…. opens our minds and with it opportunities.

And shatters our beliefs and conditioning and most importantly grows our hearts….”


Musings on spiritualism:

I believe that true spiritualism is a deep respect to all humankind, all animals, all plants, mother earth, and an ability to listen to the divine messages of heart, soul, and spirit.

“In essence being your best person in any moment of your being.”

As I come from a science background with therapies added and (a little) experience to boot I have come to develop some thoughts on how I see that this spiritual path and for each and all of us this path is individual. These are only my thoughts, to add to yours. We are all our own teachers 🙂


Pay attention to the people gifted to you in your life:

I believe strongly in the power of synchronous meetings. These are the meetings we have with random people, lovers, friends and work colleagues that teach us an abundance of lessons. These lessons come in the form of  brief yet profound and meaningful random meetings; unhappy relationships, happy relationships, strife and struggles, and in the beauty of love and friendships. As they say a relationship may be for a reason, a season or a lifetime and I think many of us experience this to be true. I feel being grateful for every experience is important, and when appropriate forgiving and accepting.

Nature is a reset button for connecting to ourselves and the bigger picture:

I see the power of nature as a strong call to self. Spending time in nature or with animals; beside running water or amongst trees; or sitting by the sea has profound effects on soul. We FEEL good, we SEE clearly, we HEAR intuitions and most importantly we BECOME love.

Andrea by darren 1
Spending time out on Mount Rose, Tahoe in January. The warm sun on my face with the snow underfoot was such an incredible feeling.

Other ways to connect to nature include keeping house plants, planting a flower or herb garden, bringing an animal into your home, feeding the birds, or volunteering in an animal shelter. I am sure that there are many other ways also.


Be in nature and stop and look at the sheer beauty and perfection of it:


Get creative:

When was the last time you did something creative and imperfect? It is time to get back doing some of the creative hobbies that you did as a child, or to learn new skills. The secret is to do them for freedom and joy; not perfection and practicality.

Become more environmentally conscious:

We all have different ways to express our sense of connection to the environment and our own unique ways of giving back to mother nature so that, as best we can, we can ensure a better future for our kids and future generations. Consider recycling, buying items with less packaging, using less chemicals in the home and our toiletries, buying organic or locally produced fruits and vegetables; consuming less gas or fuel, and clocking up less air miles; and so the list goes on.

The following clips provide deep and moving insights into just where we are in the cycle of evolution and how it is time to step up and develop a greater sense of respect for the resources that we share in our world (with more than just the human species), and also discusses the natural laws that deserve our attention.

Be true to yourself:

Ah this is the scary one; what will people think?!!!  I personally have found that finding who you are and rediscovering your passions, and stepping into being your true and honest self, while following the decisions and directions that feel right… leads to a happy life and a place where everything starts to make sense.

This also feels utterly terrifying and risky.

There may be a period of transition and feeling like your life is in turmoil and is less certain and certain friends may fall by the way. Stand strong and have faith as very soon  life will feel more comfortable and new friends and colleagues will cross your path and enrich your life in ways you never thought possible: true friends and positive people.

The greatest of changes can be made by you just being YOU… baring your soul, believing in your beliefs, and walking the path of your truth…and this is so very simple to do.

It means following what feels right in your every decision. And what feels right, feels good and light and bright in your heart; follow what makes your heart beat that little bit faster.

the fone who follows the crowd einstein

Our beliefs are continually changing and evolving and do not necessarily come from travelling the easy path in life. It is the contrasts and experiences that help us to see the many sides of life and encounter people of all walks and conditioning. I most certainly came the route that resulted in my feeling every step of the way that I was odd or different or inadequate; and boy did I add some sabotage to that mix. It is often far easier to believe what others say, and worry about what others think, than to mould your own beliefs and grow your own self-confidence and express your own unique voice and share your gifts.

As these beautiful words by Marianne Williamson from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles say:

Our Deepest Fear

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Keep your happy vibe:

Choose what you read, watch and listen to wisely; it should leave you feeling elevated and not depressed.

Continually challenge your thinking:

Seek new angles on your current views, read in abundance, watch stimulating educational shows, join groups that challenge your current opinions, seek controversial friends and colleagues (yes they will drive you nuts and you will learn a lot!), seek contrast, explore other spiritual and religious beliefs.

Challenge yourself to see the truth in all differences of opinion and to see with pure eyes and less ego. And be gentle with yourself and others; we all get caught up in defending an opinion from time to time.

Cherish your body; it is the temple for your soul in this lifetime:

Eat well, drink pure clean water with life (I recommend restructured water), sleep deeply, move often and sensibly, take time outs to rest and recover, limit negative environmental exposures from all sources, and laugh often.


The following is an extract from a post that I placed on my Facebook page today to stimulate some thinking and debate about our health and toxin exposures:

So you think that you are not taking DRUGS? Just because you are not taking heroin or crystal meth? Well think again!

the definition of a drug is :
noun: drug
a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

So what drugs are you taking? And who is the dealer and who is the pimp? Is it that someone doesn’t care? Or is someone turning a blind eye? Or is it that something more profound is going on not for the welfare of us or future generations?

We are exposed to substances toxic to our health from food and beverages (again these have way more in them than you think once the food industry and agricultural industry gets their hands involved), water (ditto, water may also contain added chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemical run-off, toxic metals, bacteria and parasites, and intentionally added fluoride and chlorine and more), toiletries, vaccines, medications, and so on.

This is serious folks; we are ALL BEING DRUGGED UP.

We could even say that this is without our consent HOWEVER it is us doing the buying and consuming. We are being drugged up by substances in unprecedented amounts that our detoxification systems have never before experienced. The body is a truly adaptable phenomenon that we will never be able to break down into a text-book definition, but wow we are truly stretching the limits on what she can do to stay healthy. And this is why we are seeing so many chronic degenerative or cognitive or cancer related health conditions. Do you think heart disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and obesity are naturally presenting age related conditions? Um nope!

SO…. where do we start? Well I suggest first that we focus on the WATER. We simply must demand pure drinking water free from fluoride as a human right. This is being debated currently in governments and by companies like Nestle; they are debating that free access to water is NOT a human right…. what????

We are handing ownership of our water to big global companies! If we were to demand fluoride is removed from our municipal water supply then we have automatically raised our IQ several points = clearer thinking. This is no time to sit back….

THEN what? Well nourish yourself with clean honest to goodness home-cooked food… from scratch…. from clean veggies and fruits, ethically reared meats, fresh seafood from clean running waters, you know the drill. No more fast food, or foods adulterated by the agricultural, chemical (eg GMO and Monsanto), and food industries. Also look at how you are cooking this food; microwaves and non-stick pans can create some health stumbling blocks right there in our own homes.

THEN live cleaner and greener. Remove as many of the chemicals in the home, bathroom, and makeup bag as you can. These ALL absorb into our systems.

Oh and Wi-Fi, mobile phones and electromagnetic frequencies I bet you forgot about these. The sad truth is that Wi-Fi and EMFs affects us and it is worth doing what you can to minimise exposure in the home and when out and about on your mobile phone. Be especially vigilant when children are concerned as your children are especially vulnerable to the effects of EMFs in the home and school.

Then once our bodies are running more efficiently and health is improved and thinking is clearer we must reduce the stress load.

We can achieve this through daily practice and personal growth (personal responsibility) and also as a group (collective responsibility) and this means at some point SOON we must take a stand against the fear based thieves in the governments that are stealing our money, forcing us to repay their invented bills, pushing us to feel so afraid that we have to insure ourselves for XYZ in the event of FEAR!! and also the power we give to the pharmaceutical industry who are increasingly manipulating us into the belief that drugs heal, that vaccines are crucial and that conditions are a deficiency of drugs that must be healed by drugs… um no!

No health condition is related to a drug deficiency.

Then what? Well I suggest educating yourself on some truths about the world and not what is fed to us on the media channels to continue and perpetuate racism and wars and that we are all fighting some war against someone else ….

“We are ONE race, ONE world…..

We have this lifetime to life, breathe, experience, love…. and learn….

We are here to make the world a better place in our own small ways.

 And this needs you to be all that you are in health and vitality, creativity and joy….

I am so excited that I will be meeting Dr Mark Shauss author of Achieving Victory over a Toxic World next week and as synchronicity would have it today during my business meeting with Allen, a lovely representative from Spectracell, he quoted Dr Shauss saying that the solution (for environmental toxicity) isn’t to be angry and abhorrent of the toxin producers in this world but to focus on solutions and also optimising our excretion of the chemicals and toxins from our bodies. This is so very true and is an area that I have researched for years while developing nutrition and testing protocols for my patients.

Focusing anger, hate, and judgement on circumstances and actions of others doesn’t make us any better. We must ourselves create changes; so that little by little the world becomes a healthier and more conscious place. You never know, some day you may be in the coffee queue ahead of the CEO of a company who is literally blind to the environmental consequences of their practices and one word you may say to the lady behind the counter serving you may trigger something deep within him; or you may be teaching children in your class about recycling and the child, inspired by your fun and playful approach and practical solutions to recycling, may change the way a whole family reduce their landfill mark… you never know!!!

Listen to music:

Music is another way to hit the reset button and bring us to a place of heart. I suggest listening to anything that you love and that makes you feel good. However you may also like to listen to the Solfreggio frequencies. or see here Numerous clips are available on YouTube. I also recommend if you live local to Reno, NV, visiting Steamboat Hot Springs for sonotherapy.

Play and be silly:

I don’t need to describe this one; do what makes you giggle!


It is my true feeling that the more you become you; the more open and aware you are to feeling from a place of heart. And this is the most beautiful place to come from when seeking to make a change in not only your life; but in every life you touch with your beauty.

You already are the change who is so much-needed in this world. What are you waiting for?

With Love



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