You Never Walk Alone….

You Never Walk Alone….

primal painter
Primal Painter

It is far too long since I have put pen to paper (sounds so much nicer than fingers to keys; despite the reality) and I have missed blogging and reaching out to readers. The truth be told, work has been busy, end of year taxes created a forced hibernation, and then I gallivanted off to San Diego for the Institute for Integrative Medicine’s 3rd Annual Conference in Integrative Medicine More about this in a future blog about the whole fabulous experience.

I wanted to reach out and touch a few hearts today; and centre you back into feeling universal love and support. To remind you how you never walk alone and that in the moments where you may feel dreadfully and utterly alone in this world truly you are not; you are always supported and surrounded by love.

How do I know this?

Well for me it took learning the hard way; who said the easy way was the best route! Most certainly you learn more lessons on the bumpy roads. So many times in my life and particularly when I was in my twenties and living alone in the UK I felt desperately alone, unsupported, isolated, and frankly fearful. I felt so separate to everything and lost; and no amount of being busy could distract from that utter terror of feeling alone and scared.

The only way to truly reconnect into a feeling of love and support, I discovered, is to drop back into yourself and to reconnect back into feeling a part of the world instead of feeling that the world is separate and often against you. To feel a part of the whole and not like a dark empty hole in the part! I travelled many winding roads using various distractions such as food, alcohol, activity, extreme ‘busyness’, shopping, over-work and basically never stopping so that I would not feel lonely. Guess what? It doesn’t work.

We are living in an ever distracted and extreme world; from youngsters to adults we never stop. Work is harder; sport and activity more aggressive; body battering, gym going and plastic surgery push the limits; the media onslaught is never-ending; the partying, drinking, and drug taking increasingly hedonistic; sexual encounters merely a temporary numbing pleasure; the distractions from iPhone, iPad, Facebook, social media, gaming, and TV completely brain dominating; and the frighteningly fearful financial situations as more lies and deceit are exposed on a daily basis spins us completely; and in the middle of all this there is still a person asking themselves:



In the middle of the craziness and drama is a person feeling increasingly lost and asking themselves when they fall back to earth from the dizzy heights of distraction:

“Who am I?”

“Where are true connections and meaningful encounters?”

“What happened to work that is driven by heart passion?”

“Where is the path when I cannot even see a trail towards “What feels like the right direction for me?”

“I have no clue what real intimacy flowing between heart to heart feels like?”

Here is a person that knows deep down that there is more to life than this; and I know this because I see it in my clinic. I see people who are fed up with the way it is and know deep down that there is so much more to life….. it’s just that they aren’t quite sure where to place the first step.

So at this point it appears that everything sucks. In truth it does; if you choose to look at it this way and continue to follow a path that feels all wrong and see only the negatives. And the answers lie in this contrast as when we are fully aware of what we don’t want, it gives us the opportunity to seek and create what we do. When we are at what feels like the bottom it means that the next steps are up. And the biggest part of shifting this is in our thoughts and beliefs and allowing ourselves to dream again and to feel positive and worthwhile.


Changing our thoughts and perceptions moves us from feeling alone to feeling connected; to shifting from feeling hopeless to having control over our destiny; to focusing not on what we don’t want but what we do, and then how to start getting there. To moving our perceptions from what we lack, to the abundance that surrounds us.

After all at this very minute your heart is pumping; oxygen is moving into your tissues; your mitochondria are creating energy; your cells are healing thousands of cancerous mutations, your skin is protecting you from the environment; your liver is detoxing, building, transforming and nourishing; your eyes are letting the light of the world in all its colours through; your ears hear the soothing sounds of nature (or clatter!); your mind is a phenomenon which we will never truly fully know; and your body holds your soul….for a start….. You are AMAZING.

It is almost too big a concept to get your head around. And the next time you see an expectant mother, just think that a miracle of life, a new human being is forming in her womb… astonishing.

unborn baby

The way to heal the loneliness is to reconnect back into your heart and yourself; and to find out (again) that you really are a wonderful person. And that no matter what; you can and will, always be able to cope and thrive in what the world throws at you. The first steps are to find what it is that your heart is telling you….Don’t ever be afraid, as you can always, at any point in time, handle what the universe hands you. When you are the bright light in the room, there can never be any dark.

” Your universe is within;

and the more you seek to find this;

the more you will see that within,

is reflected without”.


So I guess this bring me to now, a point in my life where I have unravelled some truths about myself and my path and my gifts and it turns out that the scariest things for me were being myself, fear of failure, and what would people think? I was terrified by the fact that there was a part of me that could feel stuff, know stuff, and see stuff and I had no rational way of understanding it all, and every left brained part of me thought this was crazy! So I ran from myself until I couldn’t run any further and exhausted myself from feeling and thinking. However, how I believed, thought and acted wasn’t working. So I changed how I believed, thought, and acted… and low and behold things started to change.

“Don’t run from yourself and the beauty and perfection that you are. Don’t skip a heartbeat or a hold back a foot stepping towards what feels like the right path for you. The doubters will catch up (possibly), the disbelievers will fall by the way, the negative people won’t be able to cope and will carry on their own (negative) path… and for many you will blaze a trail for others to follow.

What you will find is that many new (positive) friends will enter your life, meaningful connections will form with astounding people, and the pages will start to fill up with the words, the words of the story that you so carefully visualised… never give up on your dream.”

Follow your dreams

Also know that you do need to take action; no one else is going to live your life for you OR know how to live your life with meaning. Stop looking for answers outside of you and start looking within and then get on with it… your life is waiting to start!

A big part of my journey was learning and accepting that there are certain psychic gifts that I have. And increasingly I am no longer afraid to say this. As these are tools that I am now able to use in my therapies to help me not only determine more accurately what is going on for someone but also to speed the healing process.

I have always had a strong knack for knowing what is going on. I guess you could say that now I know why; and just like one practices to play the piano I am developing these skills. For example, using intuition and an ability to body scan I can focus in even more on what may be going on and  narrow down the number of diagnostic tests for example that are required as I simply ‘know’ in advance what is going on. Similarly I can focus healing such that recovery is speeded up. And yes, I will always use science to verify, and support the healing work that I do. Call it left brained Andrea!

Science is increasingly documenting the validity of energy work and healing.

So why am I revealing this; well very often and increasingly of late, I have known that when one client enters my office more often than not, more than one person has come through the door if this makes sense. For me to see, feel, and know that there is this incredible loving support surrounding my clients is one of the most beautiful gifts that I have been blessed to experience in my clinic. I have felt lost children that are surrounded by gold light, and passed parents that are filled with pride and support for their children sitting with me, lost friends that only want love and laughter to be in the hearts of their friends, and messages from spirit for clients that completely make sense to them even if not always to me! Or messages for me about the health or a client; this is always astonishingly right on the mark. And every time I am given intuitions that I could not possibly make up, to give validation not only to my client but more importantly to me, so that I can with confidence share what I am channelling.

“For me to see, feel, and know that there is this incredible loving support surrounding my clients is one of the most beautiful gifts that I have been blessed to experience in my clinic.”

So I want to share the following, and this is the reason I am writing this blog tonight…

Never doubt that you are surrounded in love and light by spirit. Spirit is the one that often gives you the nudge, the truth, the insight, the forewarning, and encouragement ,and that feeling of love and hope when you feel that there is no possible hope.

When you are unable to fuel the fires of belief and hope in your own self, spirit connects you back into your soul and your soul holds a strength, love and belief that no other can match.

You are cradled in the loving arms of spirit; be that  lost loved ones, angels, God or the universal energies. It doesn’t matter what name you feel comfortable to say, rather that to know there is love all around you. And despite being superstitious, we all ‘know’ why else would we say things like “I can feel mother here’, or ‘father definitely had a role to play in a certain circumstance’, or “I can feel my brother laughing his ass off’…. Deep down, we know…

“All the love that you need is simply within.

Let that feeling of love flow forth from your heart;

and simply be with it.

Pure love.

Pure light.

Pure hope.

Pure faith.

Pure trust in your own inner truth and guidance

and a knowing that all WILL be just fine.”



Please enjoy this very special clip; that I frequently fall asleep to as every time it connects me back into my heart.

Tell everyone you know: “My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.” And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they’re doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel — and then, you’ll love them all. Because the only reason you don’t love them, is because you’re using them as your excuse to not feel good —- Abraham; Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC on Saturday, April 30th, 2005 # 26




PS I wanted to share also a post that I wrote on my Facebook page earlier in the week.

Of late (and in recent years) it seems that there is an increasing number of deaths due to suicide. This is a terribly uncomfortable subject for any of us to discuss or even for most of us to bear thinking about. However in light of several tragic losses of life to very young people and with several insights into the energy of what appears to be going on I would like to say a few words. it is so very hard for me, or anyone to put the right words to paper… please understand that I am also doing my best here. I have not personally lost someone very close to me in this way so I cannot understand completely how it must feel; although being highly empathic I can in ways ‘feel’ what it feels like.

Please always surround those families that have lost loved ones or anyone that has been affected by the deaths, with love and support and hope. (I mentioned this before in a post; the difference of how the feelings of love and support feel in the body compared to the feelings of tragedy and sadness… how these words and feelings feel in you; impacts the energy that you emit to others). If people would like to talk and share how they are feeling; simply open your heart and focus on sending them love while listening. You don’t have to say much; just be there rather than avoid the encounter. Continue to be there….. healing takes time. You will be strong enough to provide them with love and support and this makes all the difference.

As best you can, avoid getting into sad, tragic, negative thinking. Yes this is exactly what the circumstances are, but it creates a dense, heavy, hopeless feeling even if this is only how you are thinking from a distance. send love. focus on love and send more love every time they cross your mind. also send love to those passed. Healing happens with time, and love. it feels like moving forward is possible when one is surrounded with love.

Please be watchful for your friends, family, work colleagues and children; or more correctly observant. Be ‘present’ when you are with them… so they know you are there for them and also so that you can feel and sense the smaller cues should someone require your time, support, or simply an ear. Be aware of changes in mood, them just not being themselves, bursts of emotion, avoidance of social situations, anxiety, jitteriness, being ‘lost’ or just noticing that they seem to want to connect with you or are unable. We are social creatures and this ever ready increasingly chaotic world can be a challenge for some.

Perhaps open the doors for conversation by talking about an experience going on for you. Keep it light. For example last week I had the worst insomnia and full moon jitteriness and I could say “gosh I was all over the shop last week, scatty and jittery and just not myself; and so I went for a hike in the hills and it passed”. Perhaps the person I said this to may have been experiencing the same and was until then afraid to admit to me and themselves that the anxiety was crippling them. so I opened a door for them… to talk about it knowing I could empathise. Simply asking someone ‘are they all right’ may lead them to feel a sense of failure in admitting that all is not ok… and so they hide how they are feeling. we ALL have bad days. Be a friend that open doors…

Help your friend or colleague to see that we all have struggles and that they are not alone and that there are empathising people out there with time for them. So that when they have a tough day they can pick up the phone and reach out..

If you know someone and you are worried…. try to not worry (worry achieves nothing) and use nature to reground and heal. go for a walk, get outside, get out of built up crowded places and aim to get yourself and your friends back rooted into the energy of mother earth. In the grand scale of things…. we are never too busy.

If I can ever be of help… I am a good ear also.

x Andrea

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