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Hi healthy peeps,

I recorded a quick video blog earlier today to let you know a little bit more about my approach for athletes in the clinic. Mostly because there isn’t really an adequate title to cover what I do and provide to athlete clients.

Firstly my qualifications; I am a pharmacist, Nutritional Therapist, and Senior Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

This means that I have trained in pharmacy and health care, functional medicine and functional and medical diagnostics, nutrition and sports nutrition, and also have been gifted a high level of sensitivity to the energy of people and what is going on in their bodies.

Science and a little bit more!

Some call this being psychic, medically intuitive, an energy healer and so on. I just see it as a nice way to help you even more because I sense what you and your body need on a day-to-day basis. This can come in handy when assisting you reach your goals! I don’t have a crystal ball, I don’t want to see anyone’s future; I simply sense what you need in the moment that I am with you or before I meet you which can be interesting.

It can be as simple as just saying hey I think your body will benefit from a probiotic in the month before your race, and then all the facts will point to this. Or it will give me a sense of what is the most immediate concern for you when the paper and science will tell us we need to do fifty things; sometimes it is best to keep it simple and go on what the body needs in that moment… and then work from there.

Something that this does give me is a knack for feeling your energy, and the state of health within the muscles and what you need to do to assist their recovery; so if you are open to it and I sense it is needed I may suggest some energy sessions, a go on the PEMF machine, some healing aromatherapy oils (I use Vibrant Blue oils; here is a nice blog on how oils work and Panaway by Young Living oils is a favourite for those with sore or tired muscles) or some other helpful strategies.

Secondly what I really do?

Well think of me as your support team; regarding diet, nutrition, explaining the ins and outs of health and sports supplements (IF needed and how to determine what is worth your while), your functional health and the monitoring of this, your energy and rest-recovery balance, etc.

Basically I sort of act as that support system that provides more than just nutrition. I prefer to see nutrition as just one of the tools we use as more often that not all you require here is guidance (most athletes and active person know what to eat; and if they aren’t then this is where we must focus!).

But when it comes to other issues such as how to practically manage this within your training week, for what sessions and when and in longer term within your racing year, how to get to your best competitive weight and safely, how to optimise your health and energy, and support for issues such as coughs and cold, stomach symptoms, injuries, poor recovery and so on… this is where the real work gets done between you and me.

It’s not just about a healthy diet; but an all-rounded healthy, strong and resilient body.

So here is a few words on what we do, should you feel we can work well together as a team then please fill in the contact form below.


First and foremost every athlete is different; I don’t believe in or use a one fits all plan. In fact it is both you and I that will let the plan evolve organically based on your needs so don;t come to me expecting me to tell you what to do! I feel that this is important as a key goal of mine for you is empowerment. The only way that you will gain long-term benefits to your health and sport is by learning to listen to the needs of your body and adapt this day by day. We will work together on honing this skill for you.

The goal is for you to learn the best diet for your training needs, health and body composition; for you to feel confident in the race plan that we will tweak over the course of your racing season; for you to understand how to adapt your fueling and recovery strategies based on the type, intensity, duration, goal and phase of your individual training sessions.

For me to guide you in the direction of resources and teach you the basics of healthy seasonal eating and quick ways to achieve this. So this means that you must be prepared to do some work, to share with me your journey in sports and nutrition such that we can work to improve on this based on your experiences and mine. Why? To find the best plan for you and not the best plan that people tell you! There is a very real difference in this. 

My many years of experience has taught me that science has MANY limitations and it most certainly cannot tell me everything about the unique and individual intricacies of your body. Life has shown me that the innate wisdom of the body has very few flaws and the more we can find your road map to being the best athletic version of you that we can then the better.

Important areas to address for the athlete are functional health check, diet assessment, cooking skills and home-life, training overview, lifestyle factors that may get in the way and hence practical strategies to work around these, sleep-energy-rest-training-recovery balance, injuries; the list goes on and this gives you the jist. I tend to forget all that I do with each individual as I don’t go to a plan; instead I choose to run with what is intuitively relevant to each athlete (I have been gifted a nice knack for this); so I may have missed a few off this list here..

Please do enjoy the video; pop over to this page to read more about my Bio and who i have worked with and this page to read more about our clinic services, this one to read about our triathlon mentorship programme and the functional diagnostic tests that we offer in the clinic. I have more video blogs on my YouTube Channel so you can knock yourself out there too!

Hope to see you soon and assist you on your journey to many of your best races and events.

Love, Andrea

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