PEMF for Lymes disease

PEMF for Lymes disease

Hi all,

Lymes disease and its complications is something that I am seeing increasingly in the clinic.

It is a complex condition, requiring a multi-disciplinary approach of medical support and advanced medical diagnostics, functional diagnostics (e.g. more specific gastrointestinal, hormonal, adrenal, nutrient, or thyroid profiling), diet, nutritional supplements, herbs, osteopathy or cranial osteopathy, optician review and finally energy medicine from both hands on therapy and devices such as PEMF or Rife. This list isn’t exhaustive.

I will not go into a details in the post about specific recommendations, as I believe every patient is highly individual and I take every symptom seriously and on their own context. However, I refuse to put Lymes in a box and I strongly believe in supporting the emotional mind-body link, beliefs and perceptions, symptoms from other perspectives, lifestyle and life path choices and finally to work on healing the condition from the inside out: working on the resilience of the patient and their innate immune strength.

Lymes, just like all bacterial, viral and parasitic conditions is constantly trying to evolve faster than the tactics we use to kill it. This makes it terribly important to avoid solely relying on killing it with drugs and supplements or herbs (ie an outside attack)  but to also raise the bodies natural capacity to withstand and then beat the infection.  Just like it does with many viruses and bacteria that cross its path on a daily basis.

A strong, healthy and resilient body is everything.

Hand in hand with this is healing and repairing the body (ie diet, lifestyle, movement, gut health, herbs, supplements if needed) so that it can recover from any damage caused by the infection; raising its energy to defend and heal, and nourishing the body so that it can thrive once more. Once energy is adequate making the body strong with movement and exercise is important (and for many more reasons); and finally getting outdoors into nature is an important part of the healing journey.

This all is a start!

There are many other strategies and skills that we work on in the clinic. I am not a Lymes expert, but I will take a whole body supportive approach to build you back up again and if its needed for your best care I will also work alongside your Lymes expert or medical doctor. I feel a broad approach is vital.

Here are a few links that you may find interesting or that you may not have come across before:

Dr Pawluk writing on Lymes disease and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency therapy). I have a PEMF device in the clinic.

And here is an interesting article on the mind-body link—Metaphysical-and-Spiritual-Aspects&id=3056426

PS I do think Lymes is real; and I do think physical symptoms are real, and yet I also see a spiritual journey and a person in front of me that is terribly hard on themselves. I think if I was to give lymes a one liner it would be I SEE YOU, I SEE YOU ARE UNIQUE AND GIFTED IN A WORLD THAT IS NOT THE EASIEST TO THRIVE IN AND ONE THAT YOU DONT ALWAYS FEEL SEEN OR ACCEPTED IN.



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