Pause for thought….before you think health is $$$$$$$$

Pause for thought….before you think health is $$$$$$$$


Today I was told that to make the necessary changes to be well will cost too much and it got me thinking about a few things.

Firstly my time; I spend HOURS working on each and every clients file with the view to not stop until everything is uncovered. I am sure that when you compare a typical private medical consultants fee to mine my fee may start to look like value per minute 🙂

However then a thought struck me:

“The next time someone complains about the cost of getting well I will ask them how much they have spent thus far getting unwell….

Add up those unhealthy foods, take-aways, poor food choices, negative lifestyle habits, and doctor and consultant visits etc. and then come back to me…

I will guess the cost to get you unwell is far greater than the “investment” in returning to and maintaining health.


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